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Selena Gomez has been admitted to a mental health facility following an emotional breakdown. It has been reported that the Wolves singer is receiving treatment at a centre in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the former Disney star has been hospitalised twice in the past fortnight due to a low white blood cell count, which may be due to her kidney transplant.


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“We're told Selena was released days later but had to be re-admitted late last week because her low blood cell count persisted, and it threw Selena into a downward emotional spiral.”

It is believed the actress asked to leave the facility shortly after arriving, but the medical team advised against it.

The Back To You singer supposedly ‘freaked out’ when she was not allowed to return to her home.


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Selena is receiving dialectical behaviour therapy at the psychiatric facility. The singer has received this type of treatment in the past.

Following news of Selena’s hospitalisation, fans have been honouring her online. #PrayForSelena has been trending across the world with thousands of fans sharing supportive and very moving messages on Twitter.

“Stay strong. Hope you get better soon. I wanna your smile,” one wrote.


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Another added: “You do not have an idea of ​​how nice and dignified it is to have someone like you in our lives.”

“I wasn't expecting this at all. My heart hurts. I'm asking God to send u all our positive vibes so you can feel the immense love we have for you,” one shared.

Stay strong, Selena.



Less than a day after cancelling the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour, Kanye West has been hospitalised with a “medical emergency” in LA.

According to TMZ, the rapper was taken to UCLA Medical Centre for a “psychiatric evaluation” after he began “acting erratically” while visiting his trainer’s home.

A combination of management and law enforcement convinced the 39-year-old to agree to medical assistance. 


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He was assessed for severe sleep deprivation before being transported to hospital.

The Mirror has reported that Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, has cancelled her first red carpet appearance since her traumatic Paris Fashion Week robbery to be by her husband’s side.

Kris Jenner admitted Kanye was left “exhausted” by his “gruelling tour” while attending The Angel Ball in New York shortly before the news of his hospitalisation broke, Perez Hilton states.


Date night

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Last week, the Famous hitmaker hit headlines for admitting he supports Donald Trump at his San Jose show and for criticising Beyoncé and Jay Z before walking out of his Sacramento concert.

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Geordie Shore’s Gary Beadle has been hospitalised after a night out in Loughborough.

The popular reality star sparked concern among fans last night when he posted a series of Snapchats from Leicester’s Royal Infirmary after injuring his knee while making a nightclub appearance.

The 28-year-old shared a picture of two ambulances with the caption “Not how you want your night to end” before uploading a video of himself being pushed around A&E in a wheelchair.



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Earlier today, Charlotte Crosby’s ex took to Twitter to provide his followers with an injury update.

He wrote: “STILLLLL in hospital #RIPgazsknee.”

Hours later Gaz tweeted: “Fractured knee tho.  MRI scan on Friday…House bound for me.”



X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she was hospitalised in LA last year because she was experiencing a secret breakdown.

Speaking on The Talk, the 63-year-old television personality confessed that her family “put [her] into a facility” while she was suffering from a bout of extreme depression.

In a bid to help others in similar situations, the mother of three candidly explained how she had “a complete and utter breakdown” during which she could not physically or mentally function for a period of three days.


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She said: “I had a complete and utter breakdown.  I woke up in Cedars-Sinai Hospital and for probably three days I knew nothing.”

“I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk.  I could do nothing.  My brain just shut down on me.”

The British star – whose relationship with husband Ozzy was dragged into turmoil earlier this year by cheating revelations – explained how her depression had followed a period of prolonged stress, during which she had an extreme amount of commitments to attend to.


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“I was doing too much of everything, thinking I'm a superwoman, ‘I'm so strong. I can handle this, I can handle that’.  My brain just totally fused.”

While in hospital Sharon had the opportunity to avail of a range of therapies. 

She claims to have found group therapy most effective because there were several people involved who were undergoing the same experience she was.

Fair play to Sharon for opening up in such an honest way about her personal experience.



Former Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has reportedly received hospital treatment for wrist injuries after an incident in a South African prison on Saturday.

According to the BBC, a spokesperson for the prison service described the runner’s injuries as “minor” and confirmed Pistorius was sent back to prison shortly after receiving treatment.

The Irish Mirror has reported that Pistorius denied trying to kill himself before claiming his injuries had been caused by a fall out of bed.

The sprinter's brother Carl has echoed this claim by tweeting: “Jenna and I have just seen Oscar and he is doing well given the circumstances.  He was in good spirit.”

“I know there are reports saying that he had tried to injure himself – they are completely untrue and sensational…He slipped in his cell and injured himself, nothing serious.”

However a source told City Press that blades were found in Pistorius’ cell when it was searched after the incident.

The Paralympic gold medallist received a six year prison sentence this July for the 2012 killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. 








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Her personal struggles have been well-documented in recent years – but witnesses say Amanda Bynes was looking better as she made a rare public appearance in Los Angeles this week.

She was spotted yesterday in Craig’s, a seriously hip steakhouse in West Hollywood which is a favourite of celebrities – as well as the paparazzi.

​She was wearing a pair of giant sunglasses and an oversized grey jumper. Notably, the 29-year-old still sported her bright blonde hair, worn in a long, straight style, and she had bejewelled acrylic nails. 

She was also accompanied by her life coach, a woman who has been helping her get back on track.

Amanda hasn't been seen in public since November.

It is thought that the former child-star, who has battled mental health issues and had been exhibiting worrying behaviour, is now in a much better place.

One eye-witness said that Amanda yesterday seemed quiet and reflective during her time at Craig’s. She and her life coach left together.

"Amanda is doing great. She appreciates all of the love and support she receives from family, friends and fans," her spokesperson told PEOPLE in response to the sighting.

Legal representatives for her parents, Lynn and Rick, also told the same website: "She is doing great, working on her fashion design and staying focused on living a balanced and healthy life."

It has been reported that Ms Bynes has made sufficient improvements to move out of her parents’ home and into her own apartment.

It is believed that Amanda’s relationship with her mum and dad, which at times has been hugely strained, has also improved significantly since late last year.

As recently as last October, the star was being treated in a psychiatric facility.

In 2012, she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and two years ago she was involuntarily hospitalised because of her erratic behaviour.

Two sets of hit and run charges against her were dismissed when she made financial settlements out of court.

She has also been caught shoplifting and in a series of worrying tweets, she made several incredible accusations – including that she had been sexually abused by her father.

It was a comment she later retracted, saying that a "microchip made her say it".

The former Nickelodeon star remains under the temporary conservatorship of her parents. A court hearing later this month will assess her current condition.