8 things that annoy women on a night out

It's not all cocktails and spray tans – there are some really annoying things about going on a girls night out…

1. The pressure of getting ready
While we're excited about our night out, getting ready and choosing our clothes can be SO annoying. 


2.  Irish Weather ruining our style..literally
Quickly doing a make-up session in the back seat of the taxi before disembarking from a vehicle filled with merry girls. And of course, with the inevitabilities of Irish weather, a massive squall of wind comes and sticks your coiffured hair to your lip-gloss. This may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it’s not a good look prior to making your main entrance.


3. Do you know who I am?
Strutting up to the very top of the queue, despite there being an evident and lengthy group of punters waiting to get in. The personality drink you just indulged in at pre-drinks empowers you with the audacity to do so. However, your self- assumed celebrity status is met with the reprimanding words of the bouncer to join the queue with the rest of your peasant counterparts – ‘end of the queue love.’


4. Toilet formalities
Straight to the toilets to be met with another large queue and some awful girls banging on the cubicle door like you’re under attack, urging you to ‘hurry up’ (okay, in reality that may be spoken with some expletives). However, you can’t hurry up because there’s about four of your mates shoved into the same cubicle having an absolute DMC. 


5. Oh no you did not!
You’ve finally fought your way to the bar besieged by a profusion of people. Having received your drink, you turn and make for the dance floor when some girl steps on your toe. I mean it when I say there is possibly no other pain in the world quite like it. An utter sense of rage descends upon you. 


6. Feeling like the bag lady
Being on a cheap one, or in other words being so frugal you can’t spare some change to put your coat in the cloakroom, thus you’re condemned to lugging it around for the night – effectively ruining your entire outfit and disenabling you to ooze any sense of coolness while creeping through the club. You don’t see Carrie Bradshaw bearing the burden of an anorak coat in a high-end LA nightclub do you?


7. Hey Mister DJ!
Surely we all love some classic oldies or a good chart song, but when the same music is played on every night out, it almost drives you to drink more just to drown out the harsh reality that NEYO is playing for the sixth time in a row.


8. Wearing heels is a workout, forget about squats!!
If a nightclub has too many unnecessary staircases, your night begins to feel more like an actual work out more than anything else. Sporting killer heels alone constitutes exercise, and this is something we females are willingly to sacrifice within reason. However, clambering the steps is potentially both dangerous and ludicrous! Elevators are key..


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