Your style SOS kit: what to carry in your handbag!


If you're planning for a big event, be it a party, a wedding or a work Christmas party, you can get so caught up in outfit choices and hair styling that it's easy to forget the little things.

A few unwelcome drops of rain or a spilled glass of wine can be the difference between a great night and one that you'd rather was over ASAP.

Here are a few things to carry in your handbag next time you're prepping for a night out!

1. An umbrella
Handbag umbrellas generally aren't the sturdiest but they'll get you from A to B without leaving you soaked. Avoid the really cheap ones and spend a few extra euro to avoid having to dump your wind-battered umbrella in the bin after two minutes. We love this geisha style one from Dunnes!

Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Geisha Umbrella, Dunnes Stores, €12

2. A mini sewing kit
It might seem excessive now but you'll be thanking your lucky stars if a seam splits or a button pops off in the middle of the evening! This cute kit from Hickey's has needles, thread and all the other essentials.

Daisy Mae Sewing Kit, Home Focus at Hickey's, €9

3. Blister plasters
New shoes – our best pal and worst enemy. You just KNOW when putting on those new stilettos that they're going to be a killer, but the reality doesn't really sink in until you're silently screaming in pain one hour into the night. Stay pain free with some heel-friendly gel plasters – the Scholl Party Feet range is our fave.

Scholl Party Feet Sore Spots, €5.79

4. Baby wipes or make-up wipes
A mini pack of wipes will be a lifesaver for spills and make-up stains, and they'll tidy up smudged eyeliner or mascara too – so these are key if you sense it'll be an emotional night!

Nivea 7-pack Make-Up Wipes, €1.79

5. Double-sided tape
That dress might have looked fab in the shop but you neglected to notice that peeping bra strap sticking out underneath. Double-sided body tape can fix all manner of style woes – from closing gaping necklines to keeping bra straps in check! 

Eyelure Body Tape, Boots, €6.50

6. Instant stain remover
Avoid a coffee, chocolate or make-up related disaster with an instant stain remover. Simply apply some of the small bar to the affected area, then sponge or rinse with water and blot off the excess. This bar can also be used as a pre-treater for really stubborn stains the next day – just apply with water before putting in the washing machine.

Vanish Stain Remover Stick 75g, Tesco, €3.90