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Since it started getting in on the likes of sweet potato fries (fancy pants alert), Abrakebabra has evolved from guilty pleasure on a night out… to just straight up pleasure.

Case in point being its most recent announcement: festive fries.

We think of it as Christmas dinner with a chipper twist – pretty much perfect for the discerning Irish palate. 

Boasting Abra fries – natch – the dish is loaded with tidings of turkey and ham, as well as stuffing and a pretty perfect gravy garland. 

Launching tomorrow, suffice to say we're sold!


There's notions – and then there's notions that we're actually rather fond of.

Case in point being the launch of SWEET potato fries at Abrakebabra – a menu addition that here in SHEmazing! Towers we are actually ALL sorts of excited about. 

Of course, the eatery has long been a fail-safe soakage option at the end of a long night out: taco fries, quarter pounder, and a meat feast kebab ftw, after all. 

However, lately the much-loved establishment has been getting seriously fancy… a move which has only made us love it even more. 

Step forward the likes of crunchy falafel kebabs, chicken club burgers – and now sweet potato fries, which – as everyone knows – are totally healthy and therefore not something to feel remotely guilty about scoffing large quantities of.

The Irish-owned Abrakebabra also says Naomi Campbell, Colin Farrell, Jimmy Carr and Cheryl Cole are among its mega-fans, and frankly we're very much hoping to see Chezza tuck into a large bowl of sweet potato fries very soon.