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Whether you have a big Halloween party to go to, you want to impress at your own, or even if you're sitting in to answer the trick or treaters, these clever re-vamp hacks will make your costumer better than ever.

We all have these odd Halloween bits lying around the house, so why not make them into something new: 

Devil's Pitchfork to Mermaid's Trident

1. Spray both sides of your pitchfork in a green or blue colour and let it sit for an hour to dry.

2. Next, glue on any embellishments you have. You can use anything like sea shells, pearls, sequins and ribbons.

3. To finish, use a glitter spray to add a bit of sparkle to your new mermaid trident and it's good to go!


Rabbit Ears to Mouse Ears

1. You can really make these into any animal of your choice but if you want to achieve cute mouse ears, first fold down the bunny ears to make a circular shape.

2. Cut pieces of felt to cover the headpiece. Make sure to measure how much you'll need before cutting.

3. Stick the pieces of felt to the ears with a strong glue (so you're able to party your socks off).

4. Cut off any loose ends and if you want, dazzle your ears with some sequins or jewels. 


Cat Mask to Masquerade mask

1. Cut the ears off your mask.

2. Paint the mask in a colour of your choice.

3. Glue on any embellishments, like feathers, flowers, sequins or lace.

4. To finish. attach a stick or rod to the corner of your mask so you'll be able to hold it up at the party. 


Christmas is coming, and we are getting super excited about going shopping! 

Whether you're browsing around the shops for your sister, your BFF or yourself (too right), there is something for everyone. 

Do you happen to know a mermaid, or someone who LOVES them? Well, you have come to the right place. 

2017 has been the year of all things mer-tastic, and we have compiled a list of some seriously amazing goodies that will make the perfect Christmas gift for that siren in your life. 

Thank us later…

Clockwise from top left:  Gold Shell Necklace, Skinny Dip;
Mermaid Tail Trinket Dish, Sass & Belle;
99% Mermaid Handmade Earthenware Cup, Notonthehighstreet;
Mermaid Tail Blanket, Amazon


From left: Mermaid Shell Tee & Short Pyjama Set, ASOS;
Ocean Shell Hair Brush, Topshop;
 I Swim With Mermaids Zip Top Purse, New Look


Clockwise from top left:  Wight Mermaids Gin, Isle Of Wight Distillery;
Pink Enamel Pin, Etsy;
Mermaid Scale Pillow, Etsy;
Iridescent Shell Bulldog Clips, New Look


From left: 
Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow ​​​​​​, Stila;
Mermaid Lagoon Scented Candle, Flamingo Candles;
Ciate Mermaid Glow Highlighter, ASOS



We can all admit that we fell in love with mermaids when we first watched Ariel swimming around with Sebastian under the sea.

The Little Mermaid inspired many Halloween and fancy dress costumes, but since then, a mermaid has taken on a new iridescent lease of life.


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With pretty hues of pink and purple, we all go wild for anything with 'mermaid' in front of it now; mermaid lattes, mermaid shimmer, and even mermaid toast.

You'd think we had enough of it by now, right? Well, not so, because we are currently freaking out about this mermaid cafe in Thailand.


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The Mermaid Island Cafe is a dreamy dessert shop in Pathum Thani, and is embellished with mermaid scales on its walls, and even The Little Mermaid characters.

Oh, and they also give you a mermaid tail to wear while dining in the restaurant.

And it's not only the decor that is inspired by the magical sea creatures; the menu is also kitted out with mermaid cupcakes, cheese cakes, waffles, smoothies and coffee.

BRB, getting our mermaid tail on…



Sometimes, you have to throw the idea of night cream and collagen patches out the window, and simply embrace your inner child when it comes to makeup. 


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Truthfully, we all have a special place in our hearts for the magical and the mysterious, so when we saw these makeup brushes – we HAD to share them with all you wonderful ladies. 


New in store Pearl Rainbow Mermaid Brushes 6pcs kit Click link to shopGlamourshopb.com • • • #toofaced #makeupforever #maccosmetics #makeuponpoint #makeupobsessed #makeupaddiction #makeupartist #makeuplovers #makeupjunkie #makeupoftheday #makeupaddict #makeupartist #anastasiabeverlyhills #colourpop #toofaced #milani #violetvoss #ootd #desiperkins #vegas_nay #makeupmafia #theglamourhouse #glamourshopb #makeupmafia #lashesfordays #lashesoftheday #maccosmetics #makeupforever #milanicosmetics #toofaced#toofaced #makeupforever #maccosmetics #makeuponpoint #makeupobsessed #makeupaddiction #makeupartist #makeuplovers #makeupjunkie #makeupoftheday #makeupaddict #makeupartist #anastasiabeverlyhills #colourpop #toofaced #milani #violetvoss #ootd #desiperkins #slave2beauty #makeupslaves #mermaid

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The six-piece mermaid makeup brush kit looks like it has fallen straight out of our glitter-filled Disney dream world, and we all of sudden feel like kids again. 

The 6-piece set of Pearl Mermaid brushes is cruelty-free and synthetic-free and will set you back a very reasonable €25, which seems like a small price to pay for magical joy. 


Pear Mermaid Brushes 6pcs kit Click link to shopGlamourshopb.com • • • #toofaced #makeupforever #maccosmetics #makeuponpoint #makeupobsessed #makeupaddiction #makeupartist #makeuplovers #makeupjunkie #makeupoftheday #makeupaddict #makeupartist #anastasiabeverlyhills #colourpop #toofaced #milani #violetvoss #ootd #desiperkins #vegas_nay #makeupmafia #theglamourhouse #glamourshopb #makeupmafia #lashesfordays #lashesoftheday #maccosmetics #makeupforever #milanicosmetics #toofaced#toofaced #makeupforever #maccosmetics #makeuponpoint #makeupobsessed #makeupaddiction #makeupartist #makeuplovers #makeupjunkie #makeupoftheday #makeupaddict #makeupartist #anastasiabeverlyhills #colourpop #toofaced #milani #violetvoss #ootd #desiperkins #slave2beauty #makeupslaves #mermaid #mermaidvibes

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The brushes come in a number of different shades, and shapes – but we are mainly in love with the sparkly and iridescent mermaid fins, that have Ariel written all over them. 


"A L A N A" Makeup Brushes Kit 10 pcs Click link to shop • • • #maccosmetics #makeuponpoint #makeupobsessed #makeupaddiction #makeupartist #makeuplovers #makeupjunkie #makeupoftheday #makeupaddict #makeupartist #anastasiabeverlyhills #colourpop #toofaced #milani #violetvoss #ootd #desiperkins #vegas_nay #makeupmafia #theglamourhouse #glamourshopb #makeupmafia #lashesfordays #lashesoftheday #maccosmetics #makeupforever #milanicosmetics #toofaced#toofaced #makeupforever #maccosmetics #makeuponpoint #makeupobsessed #makeupaddiction #makeupartist #makeuplovers #makeupjunkie #makeupoftheday #makeupaddict #makeupartist #anastasiabeverlyhills #colourpop #toofaced #milani #violetvoss #ootd #desiperkins #slave2beauty #makeupslaves #anastasiabeverlyhills

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The wonder doesn't stop there though, as Glamour Shop also have unicorn makeup brushes on offer, and we kind of need them too.

Also on offer are rainbow makeup brushes, that will genuinely make you enjoy putting your face on n the morning (we promise)!

You can get your claws on these majestic utensils on Glamour Shop's website, and they will deliver worldwide. 

*Spends entire pay check in one sitting*




The black heart emoji was probably our favourite addition to the last emoji update, and now it's time again to welcome a few more on board.

Nearly 70 new emojis are coming our way later this year, including a mermaid, a dinosaur, a genie in a bottle and a woman in a hijab.

However, some of the new additions are probably not needed. When are we ever going to use a can of tomatoes?!

Refinery29 reports that Unicode, the company responsible for approving all emojis, will release the new set in June 2017.

We just can't wait to use the mermaid! *Just keep swimming*

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Our obsession with all things mermaid-themed will probably never cease, especially if we keep finding amazing mermaid products to fuel the fire.

The most recent store to give us all the Atlantis feels is Mermaid Salon, an Aussie-based brand that knows a thing or two about mimicking a mermaid. 

The chubby mermaid carve and contour brush is a multipurpose, vegan makeup brush that's pretty damn versatile.

It can be used to apply powder foundation, blush, highlight or contour. Nifty!

Because who wouldn't want to contour like a pro while simultaneously getting one step closer to being a real life mermaid? 

The handles are shaped like little mermaid tails and are available in silver, rose gold, and black (we might have to get one in every colour).

And the best thing is, getting one in every colour is actually achievable, seeing as each one rings up at only €11.50 each. 

 We're pretty sure that Ariel would have hundreds of these in her trove of treasures if she had half a chance!

We'll take one of these over a dinglehopper any day. 



2016 was the year that every beauty junkie became obsessed with mystical creature-themed makeup, and independent online makeup brands like Unicorn Lashes and Storybook Cosmetics led the way when it came to creating whimsical, fairytale products.

Unicorn Lashes, which brought us the amazing unicorn horn brushes, just teased their followers with a set of insanely cool mermaid tail brushes. 

The brushes have intricate, brightly coloured handles shaped like mermaid tails, and are giving us aches of Ariel-esque nostalgia.

The Little Mermaid themed brushes have since been removed from the brand's social media without a trace, much to the dismay of their followers.

However, many are speculating that the original image was not the finalised design of the sea goddess set, leading it to be pulled from the online platforms.

The brand then posted a series of beautiful images of fish, titled "inspiration," so here's to hoping the mermaid tail brushes are still in the works.

The prototype picture showed off four different brushes, two seemingly for foundation, one with a sponge applicator and one for buffing and bronzing. 

The brushes are set to come in a shell shaped case, and will be limited edition. 

"Aesthetics will definitely be more important than function," said Unicorn Lashes creator Mel Blue. 

We can't wait to make these mermaid tail brushes part of our world. 


Sometimes, it is the simple things in life that bring us the most joy.

A perfect example of life's simple pleasures would be this AMAZING clutch bag, made by Spectrum cosmetics. 

Most of you will associate Spectrum with gorgeous makeup brushes, but they have way more to offer. 

This clutch is literally the epitome of everything I care about in life, as I actually am half-unicorn, half-mermaid (I admit it). 

Anyway, for the very reasonable price of €20, you can be the proud owner of this glorious bag.

 This is on the TOP of my Christmas list!


Listen closely, mythical creatures; there is a new hair colour trend trending online, and it may be the best one yet. 

In 2016, we have seen countless quirky hair trends, from unicorn locks to phoenix hair… but now we have mermaids. 

Image result for mermaid hair

Mermaid hair has become EXTREMELY popular on social media, with millions of people using the hashtag to share their gorgeous manes.

Image result for mermaid hair

The concept is quite similar to unicorn hair, but the colours are a little bit more sea-friendly AND the hair must be styled with a wave (sea-pun alert). 

The colour combination can vary, but typically any mermaid hair look will include blue, green, purple and pink (not necessarily all together).

Image result for mermaid hair

Anyone looking to make a change in 2017, this might just be your answer.  


If 2016 were to be defined by any mythical creature, it would have to be the mermaid.

From the body positive mermaid thighs movement to dreamy mermaid crowns and hair, this mystical figure of beauty has been busy dressing our newsfeeds with all sorts of sea-sourced magic.

This trend reached previously unseen levels of glory this week when mermaid inspired macarons appeared on Instagram.

Created by YouTuber Meghan Rosko, the Mermaid Macs feature turquoise macarons, multi-coloured mermaid tails and a luscious lilac filling, all of which, when combined, looks nothing short of mesmerising.

Check them out below:



Not too long ago, the internet went crazy for mermaid blankets which let you get your chill on while channelling your inner Ariel, but it looks like things have officially gone up a notch.

Progressing from pro-level flake to pro-level fitness, innumerable women are participating in swimming sessions which lets them realise their secret childhood dream.

That’s right gals; it’s now acceptable to don a mermaid tail and slither into a pool all in the name of health and well-being.

While we all know that standard swimming in an incredible form of cardio exercise, this version actually ticks various other boxes.

By moving your body in unison under the water, you automatically engage muscles which can often go ignored during standard work-out sessions in the local gym.

It seems legs, bums and tums are really put through the ringer as you plot your revenge against that oul wench Ursula.

Ladies? We're sold.

Feature image: Mermaid_Coral_Teacher Instagram



In probably one of the best family photos ever, Channing Tatum posted a picture of his wife and daughter dressed as MERMAIDS. 

The photo he shared on Instagram shows his wife centre stage, donning a rather cool mermaid look with a purple sparkly tail and check shirt.

And hiding in the background is their daughter, Everly, dressed like a mini-version of her mum. How cute!

Many people commented on the photo, saying that Jenna looks preggers – but we'll just put that down to the awkward angle.