Feeling fancy af? You NEED these GOLD unicorn makeup brushes


When the lovely ladies at Unicorn Lashes brought us unicorn makeup brushes, we thought our lives were complete.

If you didn't get your hands on the exclusive collection, never fear, because the brand's latest offering is just as gorge. 


While our love for unicorns is still going strong, we also have a magpie eye for all things that glitter, so these brushes are right up our alley.

The new Royale collection has the Midas touch, with gorgeously gilded handles that still resemble a unicorn horn.


The new collection wont be available until the New Year, but if you're still lusting after the pastel-perfect unicorn brushes, Unicorn Lashes is planning a mega re-stock in December. 

Nabbing the unicorn collection is as mythical as the creature itself, so get on the pre-order list ASAP. 

Nicky Rojo unicorn hooray galloping art