Wow! Mermaid hair is trending on Instagram, and it is FIN-TASTIC

Listen closely, mythical creatures; there is a new hair colour trend trending online, and it may be the best one yet. 

In 2016, we have seen countless quirky hair trends, from unicorn locks to phoenix hair… but now we have mermaids. 

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Mermaid hair has become EXTREMELY popular on social media, with millions of people using the hashtag to share their gorgeous manes.

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The concept is quite similar to unicorn hair, but the colours are a little bit more sea-friendly AND the hair must be styled with a wave (sea-pun alert). 

The colour combination can vary, but typically any mermaid hair look will include blue, green, purple and pink (not necessarily all together).

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Anyone looking to make a change in 2017, this might just be your answer.