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We love a sweet treat here in the SHEmazing! office, from unicorn cake pops to Christmas bagels, we rarely meet a confectionery treat we wouldn't try.

Which is why when we stumbled upon these Disney macaroons on Instagram, we knew our lives were complete. 

The epitome of cuteness, these treats inspired by our favourite childhood tales are making us seriously nostalgic for our old VCR machine.

Unfortunately you wont find these macaroon morsels in Ladurée any time soon, as these treats are currently only being created in speciality bakeries the world over. 

From Disney princesses and princes to anthropomorphic animals, the Disney macaroon trend left no characters out. 

Here's some of our FAVES: 


A photo posted by SY.T (@sy.t_bakery) on


A photo posted by SY.T (@sy.t_bakery) on


Just Eat, Ireland’s leading online marketplace for food ordering and delivery has announced its sweetest signing yet with the addition of Ladurée to the Just Eat service.  

The addition of the specialist macarons provider to its platform meets the growing interest from customers who want to have the option of enjoying a sweet treat after a meal or just because they deserve it!

Ladurée will be available for delivery in Dublin 1, 2, 4 and  8 .

The new addition to the Just Eat platform comes just in time for Mother’s Day with Ladurée offering some delicious and bespoke gift options which can now be delivered directly to your door by Just Eat.

80s s GIF

Ladurée is one of the world’s best-known premier sellers of macarons and prides itself on luxury bakery and sweet options. The distinctive and romantic packaging along with the luxurious baked treats mean it’s the perfect gift option for either a special occasion, for a special person, or even just to treat yourself.

Speaking about the latest signing, Managing Director of Just Eat, Amanda Roche Kelly said: “We are delighted to announce that the delicious and delicate macrons from Ladurée are now available to order on the Just Eat app.

This is perfect timing for Mother’s Day as Ladurée specialises in beautiful macaron gift boxes. Why not surprise your Mum by having Macarons delivered  straight to her door by Just Eat! The unique offering from Ladurée represents our continued diversification, as we endeavour to provide new, exciting and innovative cuisine types  on the Just Eat platform.

 Delivery locations include:

  • Christchurch
  • Irish Town
  • Grand Canal Dock
  • Arbour Hill
  • The Coombe
  • Stoneybatter
  • Harold’s Cross
  • South Circular Road
  • Ringsend
  • Smithfield
  • Rialto
  • IFSC
  • North City Centre
  • Ranelagh
  • Rathmines
  • Rathgar
  • Maryland
  • Portobello
  • Warrenmount
  • Donnybrook
  • Ballsbridge

 Order from Ladurée on Just Eat now: https://www.just-eat.ie/restaurants-Laduree-Dublin/menu-21977?test=true


If 2016 were to be defined by any mythical creature, it would have to be the mermaid.

From the body positive mermaid thighs movement to dreamy mermaid crowns and hair, this mystical figure of beauty has been busy dressing our newsfeeds with all sorts of sea-sourced magic.

This trend reached previously unseen levels of glory this week when mermaid inspired macarons appeared on Instagram.

Created by YouTuber Meghan Rosko, the Mermaid Macs feature turquoise macarons, multi-coloured mermaid tails and a luscious lilac filling, all of which, when combined, looks nothing short of mesmerising.

Check them out below:



Don't get us wrong, we LOVE McDonald's. Nothing cheers us up more than launching into a Big Mac and getting burger sauce all over our hangover clothes.

But recently the fast food chain has been making a lot of changes to its menu… And we're not sure we like the latest.

Every blogger and Instagrammer's fave sweet treat has made it into the restaurant – macarons.

Yep, the French fancy has been welcomed in South Korea and are available in chocolate, vanilla and caramel.

While we love our macarons, we're just wondering how fancy Maccy D's is going to get. Will we no longer be able to rock up in a hungover state and eat until our heart's content?

The pastries are only available overseas at the moment, but if all goes well they'll be making their way to our shores.


We love sweet treats here in SHEmazing! HQ (just check our Instagram page for proof), so when we came across these new baking inventions, we had to share the delightfulness with you all.

Whether you want to try to bake these at home or just plan to eat them, here are five sweet trends to get your teeth into:

The Biskie

Part-biscuit, part-cake, it’s the buttercream filling of a Victoria sponge sandwiched between two chewy cookies.


The M'hencha

Crisp flaky pastry surrounds a deliciously moist frangipane, orange, cinnamon and date filling. They’re made to share, but we won’t judge if you don’t.


The Ice-cream Macaron

Part ice-cream sandwich, part fancy French macaron? We think all of our dreams have come true!


The Canelé

The canelé is a caramelised sponge filled with custard but the new version is infused with chilli-spiced ganache and lavender custard.


The Paris Brest

A traditional French wheel-shaped choux pastry with a praline cream centre has been given a make-over of a banana créme brulée filling. YUM!