OMG! These UNICORN makeup brushes are too gorgeous for words

Hands up if you secretly wish you were a unicorn!

Now, while that may be physically impossible, these stunning makeup brushes may help you feel like the mythical creature you truly are! 

The lovely ladies at Unicorn Lashes have created a collection of makeup brushes, and they are the COOLEST thing we have ever seen. 

The handle of each brush resembles a unicorn horn, while that hair of the brushes are dyed a rainbow of beautiful pastel colours. 

To top it all off, the brushes are actually brilliant quality, AND they come in a diamond shaped brush bag… because DUH! 

For the reasonable price of £45, you get 10 gorgeous unicorn brushes, and the groovy carrier case to keep them safe. 

Sadly, the brushes are currently sold out, but the will be back in stock in December… just in time for Christmas. 

We'll be waiting…