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After an acquaintance told 17-year-old Lamyaa that she would likely be beaten by her father if she made the decision to remove her head scarf, Lamyaa decided to prove her family's critic wrong.

"I did feel the need to prove him wrong,” she explained. “And that’s where messaging my dad came in. I didn’t consider taking off my scarf, I just wanted to have a response from my dad to prove that what he said is false."

Contacting her father with a suggestion that she would like to stop wearing the hijab, Lamyaa was met with nothing but support from the man who moved his daughter to the United States from Saudi Arabia more than ten years ago.

Sharing a screenshot of the original remark alongside a screenshot of her conversation with her father, Lamyaa sought to highlight the disparity between the two.

"Since this is a mentality a lot of you seem to have," she wrote alongside the post which showed Lamyaa's father's insistence that her decision to remove her hijab is her's alone.

"Sweetheart, that's not my decision to make," he had replied. "That's no man's decision to make. If it's what you feel like you want to do, go ahead."

"I'll support you no matter what," he added.

Commenting on the interest which was piqued as a result of her post, Lamyaa said: "I expected him to be supportive but not concerned. It felt great to know that I had him and his love and support."

Eager to remind Twitter users she can't speak for anyone except herself and her family, Lamyaa wrote: "I personally chose to wear the hijab, for myself and for God."

"I do not represent anyone but myself. However, I will always stand up for others."

Lamyaa's tweet has been liked 313,000 times in just three days.



The black heart emoji was probably our favourite addition to the last emoji update, and now it's time again to welcome a few more on board.

Nearly 70 new emojis are coming our way later this year, including a mermaid, a dinosaur, a genie in a bottle and a woman in a hijab.

However, some of the new additions are probably not needed. When are we ever going to use a can of tomatoes?!

Refinery29 reports that Unicode, the company responsible for approving all emojis, will release the new set in June 2017.

We just can't wait to use the mermaid! *Just keep swimming*

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