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We could only imagine what Kendall Jenner's bank account must look like.

Particularly, as the 23-year-old was announced as the highest paid model in the world by Forbes.

The publication stated that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians' gal made a MASSIVE $22.5m in the 12 months to June.

Can you imagine all those zeros in her account? – It's wealth that we could only dream of.


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Amassing the fortune was allegedly down to contracts with brand names like Estee Lauder, Adidas and Calvin Klein.

And Kendall had some stiff competition for the top spot, she bet fellow supermodel Karlie Kloss.

According to Forbes, Karlie's earnings from June to June came in at $13m. 


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Chrissy Teigen and British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were a joint third, raking in $11.5m each. 

Cara Delevingne also made the top ten highest paid models. 

Cara made a cool $10m and was joint in fifth with Gisele Bundchen, who also pulled in the same amount. 


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Sister duo Gigi and Bella Hadid also graced the list in seventh and eighth place, respectively.

Gigi made a staggering $9.5m, whilst younger sister, Bella earned $8.5 m. 

Despite Kendall owning the top spot, her fortune is a drop in the ocean compared to Kylie.


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Get ready to weep, because what the 21-year-old made in the same period is just insane.

Kylie before tax, according to Forbes made an enormous $166.5m. 

The paycheck has been largely credited to Kylie's Cosmetics make up brand.

We just can't get our heads around just how much money she has made. 


They might have been at the centre of controversy not too long ago, but it seems that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are fully embracing the Christmas spirit

After Kylie slammed fake photos claiming Travis has been unfaithful to her, she uploaded a video of his and hers Christmas presents.


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In a clip posted on her Instagram Story on Friday,  the 21-year-old showed off the “first two gifts under the tree” this year.

She zoomed in on two gold-wrapped gifts, one with a “Daddy” tag and the other with a “Wifey” one.

The video, which has since been deleted, has gotten fans talking about whether or not the pair are married.


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However, the couple frequently refer to each other as wifey” and “hubby,” and seem to be in no rush to tie the knot, rather they are focusing on raising heir 10-month-old daughter, Stormi.

Kylie has been posting regularly about her little on on her Instagram.

She uploaded a gorgeous snap of the tot on a plane, captioning it, ''Stormi takes the snow'' with a bow emoji.

She also posted several pictures of her carrying the little one, both of them wearing matching beanie hats. 

Being Stormi's first Christmas and Kylie's first as a mum, we're sure they are all so excited to spend it together. 


You know THAT mansion, where Keeping Up with Kardashians was born? The one you see in the OG episodes.

Well it's officially off the market as it was bought for a cool $5.25 million.

Although it's beyond iconic, it took 11 YEARS to be sold.


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We aren't quite sure why it took so long for the property to be moved off the market – like who wouldn't wanna live there?

But it was the fake home used by E! to shoot sequences of the house.

The Kardashian/Jenner's real home wasn't in the filming to safeguard their privacy. 

Despite the home being used as a prop, according to TMZ, it took "19 agents and 9 brokerages before finally selling."


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In addition to having the Kardashian history, the house was also used for a Victoria Secret ad campaign. 

We are still confused as in why anyone wouldn't want to live in this gaff.

It looks unreal and Kris Jenner has walked the halls, so you can try to absorb those money-making powers.



This week, Travis Scott was forced to take to social media to deny reports that he cheated on Kylie Jenner, after a photo of what appeared to be him kissing another woman went viral.

Last night, a YouTuber released a video claiming responsibility for the creation of the images.

The YouTuber, who goes by the name Christian Adam G, admitted to staging the photo, dressing and posing as the rapper and even cutting and styling his hair to mimic Scott's trademark blonde-tipped dread style. 


A post shared by Christian Adam (@christianadamg) on

The video was inspired by a recurring trend of Youtubers creating false images of celebrities doing weird things ( see: Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways) in an attempt to have them picked up by traditional media. 

The Bahama-based YouTuber said that he is often mistaken for the rapper, and decided to see if he could go viral with the prank, in a video titled We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Travis Scott Cheating Photo.

In the description of the video, he wrote: 'DISCLAIMER: this video was NOT made to intentionally hurt Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner or the entire Kardashian family in ANY way shape or form.'

However, Kylie's big sisters Kim and Khloe have taken to Twitter to express their disgust at the 'prank.' 

Kim accused Christian of intentionally trying to hurt the family, tweeting:

'I hate that I am bringing attention to this but this is absolutely disgusting that you would find this funny to mess with Travis & Kylie who just started a family together.'

'This is really damaging to relationships, families and is just so wrong.'

Khloe, who only this year went through the shock of a salacious cheating scandal with her former partner Tristan Thompson, tweeted:

'People are absolutely disgusting! The mind games this would do to somebody… That is so completely not OK!'

'This person should be so ashamed of themselves! What filth.'



Travis Scott has heavily denied the claims that he cheated on his baby momma, Kylie Jenner.

A picture surfaced online of a man that sort of resembles the 26-year-old, getting cosy with an unknown woman on a balcony.

When they claimed the man was Travis – he wasn't having any of it.

He clapped back at the "trolls" saying that he was "sturdy" in his relationship.


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Commenting on an Instagram post, he wrote: 

"Sh*t cap ass f**kkkk TMZ ain’t post this sh*t. Trolls working hard today.”

“I don’t be on balcony with no thots. That sh*t lame. Try again you trollssss. Me and my wifey sturdy. Back to celebrating!!!”

“Only got love for my wife. No time to be wasting. Think again,” he added in a separate comment.

Clearly peeved about the allegations, Travis took to his own Instagram stories to further deny the rumour.

He wrote: “Trolls always wanna create some fake s**t to destroy real love."

“GOING OVER BOARD TO MAKE SH*T LOOK LIKE IS NOT EVIL. I hate acknowledging sh*t. But quit try to take joy from sh*t that’s good. I pray god blocks out all evil.”

"BACK TO CELEBRATING," he finished. 


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The current celebrations the rapper is referring to is knocking Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next off the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100, with the song ‘Sicko Mode'.

We hope for everyone's sake that the rumours aren't true and in Travis' words, it is the trolls just trollin'.


Travis Scott may have just found his CUTEST fan yet.

Sharing two videos of his daughter Stormi, we just can't get over how adorable she is.

The nine-month-old is seen loving his performance at New York City’s Madison Square Garden.


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Posting the clips on his Instagram, his daughter is bopping along to his tunes. 

Stormi is clearly impressed (as are we) with her dad's talent as you can hear her giggling with excitement.

Kylie has been supporting Travis' music too, as she packed her bags and went on tour with their child – which is a huge deal because let's face it, traveling alone can be tricky, nevermind when you have to look after another baby human.

She announced the bold move back in August and took to her Instagram stories to show off a sleeping Stormi.

Referring to their time on tour, Kylie wrote: "She comes everywhere with me…the favourite little road dog."

The 21-year-old also uploaded a GORGE selfie in orange trousers and white crop top to mark Travis' performance in Madison Square Garden.

She referred to Travis as her "hubby," which of course has fuelled speculation that the pair has tied the knot, but they are known for calling each other hubby and wifey – so we will remain unconvinced. 


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Underneath the bomb photo, she wrote: "The look ya give when ur hubby is performing at Madison Square Garden tonight."

They are such family goals – swoon.


Kylie Jenner shocked the world earlier this year, when she revealed the surprise birth of her daughter Stormi after much speculation.

Kylie and partner Travis Scott have been enjoying parenting their now 9-month-old little girl. 

However, now that the couple have started their family, it is reported that Kylie definitely wants more children,


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According to Celebrity Insider, a source told the publication: 'Kylie definitely wants more kids.'

‘Stormi is so perfect in every single way, and Travis is such an amazing partner and dad, that she would love to have at least another two.'

However, according to the source, the couple are in no rush to start working on baby number two.


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'Kylie is in no hurry to get pregnant right now though,' the source told CI. 

'Despite Travis being more than happy to add to the family tomorrow, he’s never felt happier or more content in his life than he does now with Kylie and Stormi in his world,'

The source also told the publication that Kylie will wait at least another year before trying for baby number two – and that this child will be planned. 

Stormi was a very happy surprise for the couple, who were thrilled to discover that they were expecting. 


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In a social media Q&A with bestie Jordyn Woods in October, Kylie was asked if she wanted more kids. Her response?

'Am I going to have another baby? I want another baby but 'when?' is the question and I'm definitely not ready right this second,' she said.

'And I don't know when I will be, but yeah, when I do, I'd love to share more of that with you guys.'

She also divulged that she would love another daughter. 


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Since the birth of Stormi, the pair have been focusing on their separate career pursuits. 

Kylie has been working hard on her Kylie Cosmetics business, which is now stocked online and in selected beauty department stores. 

Travis Scott has launched his third album, ASTROWORLD, and begins his US tour today. 

We wish them all the best as they aim to grow their loving family. 



Thanksgiving is 90% about stuffing your face and 10% about being grateful for what you have.

And our favourite celebrities took to Instagram to debut their Turkey Day, whether it was showing off their stretchy pants prep or posing with their fam.

Here are  the best celeb posts from last night:

1. Kylie Jenner



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2. Nev Schulman

3. Hilary Duff


4 weeks since our special gift arrived! These two are my greatest joy. #gratefulEVERYDAY

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4. Mandy Moore


Endless gratitude for so much today and always. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

A post shared by Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) on

5. Reese Witherspoon


You know… just preparing for tomorrow. #ThanksgivingPrep (@mariesaba)

A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on

6. Youtuber Kalen Allen

7. Gigi Hadid

8. Jennifer Garner

9. Blake Lively


Thanksgiving: EXPECTATION vs REALITY….

A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

10. Khloe Kardashian


Thankful you picked me

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

11. Oprah


Every time a new girl arrives we sing them home. Makes for an even happier Thanksgiving!

A post shared by Oprah (@oprah) on

12. Chrissy Teigen


in case you are wondering why I didn’t put my finished pie on my instastory

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

An endless feast AND a day off work? 

We seriously need to make this an international holiday.


You know you're not common folk anymore when you make this type of mistake.

The queen of beauty, Kylie Jenner went on the shopping spree – but it didn't really go to plan.

Picking up some of her products, pretending to be an average person, Kylie forgot one crucial element.


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Handing over the basket at the till, she looks excited and stuns in a full pink suit.

However, she quickly realises she has forgotten one important thing, asking: "Does anyone have any cash?"

The moment was caught on video and uploaded to Twitter with the caption: "Kylie went to buy her own product but forgot her money."

That's right, Kylie never thought about bringing money to the store to purchase her own goods.

We imagine that she got them for free anyway – but AWKS.

Kylie launched her new collection earlier this week. 

You know you're living the high life when money isn't something you even think about anymore when you leave the house.


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship seems to be going from strength to strength.

And now the 21-year-old business woman uploaded the most adorbs pics to Instagram of Travis and their baby daughter, Stormi.

She posted three snaps of the pair cuddling, captioning it, ''only the people around you really know how hard you work. i love to watch you make all your dreams come true. your first festival. we’re so proud of you. we love you.''

We're melting. 

Fans were quick to comment on the photos, saying, ''She is the cutest baby. Precious moments.''

Another wrote, ''The way she looks at him melts my heart'' talking abut how baby Stormi looks at Travis 

Travis also commented on the several black and white pictures, saying, ''I love you wifey.''

Sorry, wha?

This is not the first time that either of them have mentioned the word ''wife'' and''husband'' causing fans to believe that they may be in fact married, or engaged.


this icy pink shadow from my Chill Baby Palette 

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie also took to Instagram stories to post clips of Travis on stage where he called her his ‘wifey.’ 

On stage during his concert, the rapper told fans, “My beautiful wife, she came out. My beautiful daughter, she’s here too. I love y’all so much.

So are the KUWTK star and the 26-year-old hitched?


Whatever they are, they have a beautiful family and seem very much in love – plus how gorge is Stormi?


Kylie Jenner is renowned for her killer makeup looks, but when it comes to beating her face – Kylie relies on one MUA more than any other. 

Ariel Tejada, also known as Makeup By Ariel has been working with the Kardashian-Jenners for years, along with Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell, Naya Rivera and Lilly Ghalichi. 

Kylie announced over on her Instagram story that her makeup guru is hosting a makeup masterclass for the public – and this time it's not too far away from us. 


A post shared by ARIEL (@makeupbyariel) on

Ariel has previously hosted masterclasses in Australia, Kuwait, Qatar, The Netherlands and Iceland, but his next one is coming to London, UK. 

The class is being held on December 8th, and we have copped some cheap ass flights with Ryan Air for just €12 quid. 

The exact address of the event has yet to be announced, but it's hinted to be in a London Central location. 

'Ill be teaching you all the Techniques to achieve my signature look that helped skyrocket my career to what it is today,' Ariel wrote over on Instagram. 


A post shared by ARIEL (@makeupbyariel) on

According to the event page, the masterclass will run from 1pm to 4.30pm, with doors at 12.30. 

'During the class Ariel will be demonstrating his famous signature full glam look. There will be a short break after the look has been completed.'

'After the break, there will be a Q&A – this is when you will have a chance to really connect with Ariel. Photos will be taken after the Q&A.'

There are three ticket tiers, Standard, VIP and Exclusive VIP – which give you first access to Ariel in a meet and greet.  

The perfect event for the makeup lover in your life, we think. 



Kris Jenner’s birthday comes just two days after her daughter Kendall’s.

And they are the absolute image of each other!

In honour of their mum’s birthday, Kim, Khloé, Kylie, Kendall and Kourtney penned sweet birthday wishes to their mum.

A few of the girls shared flashback photos of Kris in her younger days, calling her their “hero” and “best friend.”


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

It is clear that all five of the girls look up to their mum as a role model.

Kim said: “Happy Birthday to the best mom in the entire world! What would I do without you!?! My rock, my everything!

“I’m just so grateful for everything you do for us! You really are the best support system and friend anyone could ask for! I love you so much forever!!!”

Khloé also penned a long, thoughtful post, “Happy beautiful birthday mommy!! You make life look fabulous! At every single stage!


A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

“You excite me when it comes to my future!! I can only pray I can leave a mark on people the way you do.”

She went on to thank her mum for where she is today and called her the “biggest inspiration”.

“The list could go on forever. Mom, we ALL love and adore you!!! You are my hero and my heart.”

Kendall and Kylie shared old photos of their gorgeous mum, reminiscing on her younger days.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

“Happy birthday to my favourite person on this planet,” Kylie said. “You make my world go round. there’s nothing that can replace the special bond we have.

“Thank you for all the life lessons and guidance. I wouldn’t be half the woman if it weren’t for you and I’m still learning everyday! I feel blessed to have you as my mommy.”

The model dubbed her mum a “living angel”.

Kendall shared many photos of Kris, starting with her retro modelling days and ending with her journey into motherhood.


A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

“I love you lots you rockstar,” she wrote.

Kourtney told her mum that we was "the definition of living her best life". 

"I love you so much my mommy I don’t even have words to describe it. Thank you for being so fabulous. Happy Birthday!"


A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

We can see where the girls get their gorgeous looks. Kris looks stunning in her bold cheetah-print dress.

Happy Birthday, Kris!

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