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In a year that has seen children and adults across the land seek refuge in books and films, what better theme for this year's Late Late Toy Show than The Wonderful World of Roald Dahl? 

The secret is out, and this Friday night presenter Ryan Tubridy will prune his whiskers, brush that tail and lead the charge as the enigmatic Fantastic Mr Fox in a spectacular opening number featuring favourites from the world of Dahl including Matilda, Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas, and a nod to James and the Giant Peach. 

The opening number, some of which was filmed at The Library of the Royal Irish Academy against the beautiful and fitting backdrop of endless shelves of books, will then be bouncing over to Ryan and dancers live in studio this Friday night to kick off the biggest night of the Irish television year.

Favourites from the worlds of Roald Dahl — including Veruca Salt, grasshoppers, The Twits, Miss Trunchbull, Charlie and Grandpa Joe, as well as Mrs Fox, the little foxes, and Badger from Fantastic Mr Fox — will join Ryan for the opening spectacular. However, the song they will be performing will remain a surprise until the show airs on Friday night!

"This has been a year like no other, and therefore requires an opening like no other," Ryan exclaimed, adding, "The Wonderful World of Roald Dahl is one that understands children in a way that no one else ever has. He knew that there could be a sadness to the world at times, but that there's also great love and mischief and fun to be found."

"All of those factors have been combined to bring what we hope is a joyful, beautiful, and wonderful opening like no other to this year's Late Late Toy Show. "

"This is the dream theme for a bookish person like me, I've been talking about my love of reading since I was a little boy.
I love Fantastic Mr Fox and I'm rather enjoying being a fox for this opening because it's so different from what has gone before."

"What we have in store really captures The Wonderful World of Roald Dahl… everybody is welcome, it's going to be a night of nights in a year of years."

The show will feature not one, but two musical performance from Ryan, with the second taking place mid-show on Friday night. There is also a new international element to the show, with a selection of talented children from around the world joining together for a special one-off performance, accompanied by a very special guest singer.

Get the family together, prepare the snacks, order the takeaway and don your favourite PJs, and make sure to tune into The Late Late Toy Show this Friday night, November 27 at 9:35pm on RTÉ One.



Late Late Show presenter, Ryan Tubridy spoke at the RTÉ virtual autumn launch, all about what viewers can expect from this year’s Late Late Toy Show.

“I think, without question, that it will be the most important Toy Show that we’ve ever done – for obvious reasons,” Ryan said.

“The kids have been so good. They’ve had the weirdest year of their lives and it is absolutely up to us to make the sun shine for them again. We are determined and excited.

Ryan went on to talk about the extra precautions they’re taking, given the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. “We’re operating at the moment with the view that everything will be social-distanced. Everything is, as we know it now, in terms of Covid rules.”

“I don’t anticipate that changing between now and Christmas to be quite honest. I don’t see some kind of miraculous move towards people gathering. We made a decision quite early on that there will be no audience.”

Ryan admitted he was worried about the show’s lack of audience atmosphere, saying, “The idea of doing a Toy Show with no audience is very daunting because you feed off of that. But I feel quite supported by the public and their patience and that’ll help fuel the madness.”

He confirmed, “It’s going to be a radically different type of Toy Show. The opening of the Toy Show is going to be radically different. My character is radically different. The song is radically different… this is going to be a Toy Show like no other.”

Will this mean that there won’t be any of the usual ‘One for everyone in the audience!’ exclamations though? Ryan reassured us that they would come up with a suitable alternative to tackle every element of the show and make it suitable for a COVID-19 world. When someone suggested delivering gifts to frontline workers, Ryan replied, “That’s exactly along the lines of where we’d be inclined to go.”

“I mentioned in the middle of August that applications for the show were open and they had about 1,000 entries in the course of 24 hours. There’s a hunger for the Toy Show this year that is very different for obvious reasons,” the presenter claimed.

Ryan also hinted at this year’s theme, suggesting that it will be “delicious, and different.”


RTÉ's most closely-guarded secret was today unveiled by Ryan Tubridy ahead of Friday night's eagerly anticipated Late Late Toy Show. The magical, mystical wonderland world of Frozen has been revealed as the inspiration behind this year's show-stopping production, and Ryan said that his opening number is his "most outrageous" to date. 

It's his 11th year in the driving seat on The Late Late Toy Show, with Ryan's opening sequence performance fast-becoming one of the most-eagerly anticipated parts of the show.  

"There will be a lot of goof this year and that will be obvious as soon as I step out in the most outrageous of costumes,” Ryan said.“It involves a very toothy grin…even my own weren't sufficient for the occasion!”

"Family, nostalgia and the experience of watching the show together are at the heart of this year's show, Ryan added. 

"This year, viewers will get a sense of family, drawing from Anna and Elsa in Frozen and Frozen 2. A lot of the emphasis this year is on family and coming together and gathering to watch the show, as they have done for decades. It's not a picture perfect portrayal of family, because every family is different, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

"It doesn't matter, once you are there together and are happy and surrounded by people you love, that's what it’s all about. People of all ages, sizes and walks of life come together. I'm asking everyone to put down their phone or tablet for two hours and talk about the show with each other."

Over 200 children from all around the country will participate in the live production from RTÉ's Studio 4 – as singers, performers and toy demonstrators. From the opening sequence, right until the very end of the show, a number of incredible surprises and special guest appearances are also in store. Hundreds of toys have been tested and will feature throughout the live production, and, of course, there will be a special nod to the late Gay Byrne.  

This year's spectacular set is set to melt the coldest of hearts, and was created by the RTÉ production Design Department, led by Marcella Power. RTÉ's Costume and Make-Up departments, with costume led by Brigette Horan, have also been busily prepping the cast ahead of Friday's extravaganza. 

Last year's show was the most-watched programme on Irish television for 2018, with more than 1.5 million people tuning in for The Greatest Showman themed extravaganza.

As with The Late Late Toy Show each year, a number of charities have nominated children to experience the magic of the set for themselves in advance of tonight’s show. This year children from the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation, Laura Lynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin and Temple Street had a sneak preview of the set and played with the toys. All toys featured on the show will be donated to charity following the broadcast.

The Late Late Toy Show airs on RTÉ One on Friday, November 29 at 9.35pm




With just over one week to go until the most eagerly anticipated production of the Irish TV calendar airs, The Late Late Toy Show trailer will premiere on RTÉ from this evening. 

Marshmallows, Christmas jumpers and popcorn angels are the order of the day, as one little boy and his family prepare to settle in to watch the show, and there's also a special appearance from Gabriel, The Late Late Show owl, named after the late Gay Byrne. 

Created by the RTÉ Marketing and Promotions team, the trailer will premiere on television tonight, Wednesday, November 20, just before the Six O'Clock News bulletin on RTÉ One. The promo will air in rotation across RTÉ One and RTÉ2 in the lead up to the show on Friday November 29, hosted by Ryan Tubridy. 

This year, for the first time, RTÉ News Now will simulcast The Late Late Toy Show with Irish Sign Language. Presenters Daniel Crean and Amanda Coogan will sign on the night. 

Over three evenings leading up to the biggest TV event of the year, The Late Late Toy Show Unwrapped team will bring viewers on a trip down memory lane of Toy Shows past, with a sneaky behind-the-scenes look forward to what The Late Late Toy Show 2019 has in store. 

Remember JohnJoe the horologist from Ryan's very first Toy Show? The team has tracked JohnJoe down to where he now resides, in Paris, studying law and still loving clocks. Stella McGirl from Leitrim also returns to talk about her two stints on The Late Late Show, and gracing the front page of The Leitrim Observer. 

The Late Late Toy Show Unwrapped airs Wednesday, 27, Thursday, 28 and Friday, 29 November on RTÉ One at 7pm.

Next Friday's theme remains a closely-guarded secret. 

The Late Late Toy Show airs on RTÉ One on Friday November 29 at 9.35pm.

Watch the trailer below:


Last night, Ryan Tubridy won hearts as the greatest Late Late Toy Showman ever.

The iconic show opened with a musical number from the beloved family film – The Greatest Showman.

Ryan, alongside a cast of talented kids, performed the song in the ringmaster’s red coat and black top, showing off his singing skills.

Over one million viewers tuned into watch what some are calling the best toy show yet.

However, it was the kids that stole the show this year, bringing us to tears and then uncontrollable laughter all in the same night.

Little Davey’s Mary Poppins mishap is making us think he’s not too excited about the upcoming film.

Future businesswoman Alyssa charged the host a whopping €100 for his coffee with ketchup.

And Cormac’s determination to build his mum a floating house in the future was beyond sweet.

The gardaí's newest member is going to keep a safe eye on Donegal for us.

One to rival the show’s opening was Rachel Coyne’s fantastic performance of Never Enough.

The 15-year-old wowed the audience as she received a standing ovation.

Later in the show, hearts were moved when young Scott (nine) revealed that he donated his bone marrow to save his cousin Grace’s life (6).

Scott was then surprised to see his rugby idols Sean O'Brien, Tadhg Furlong, and Rob Carney turn up with gifts on stage.

Rob called the boy a “real life hero” and said all three of them were really proud of Scott for his selfless act.

What an amazing Late Late Toy Show this year! One thing’s for sure, we don’t know how next year will top it.



The theme of this year’s Late Late Toy Show has been revealed as host Ryan Tubridy and a cast of hundreds prepare for the most magical night on Irish television.

A million dreams will be keeping viewers awake tonight as The Late Late Toy Show does The Greatest Showman. The Late Late Toy Show airs tonight, Friday, November 30, at 9.35pm on RTÉ One, and will be available to watch worldwide for free on RTÉ Player.


A post shared by Ryan Tubridy (@instatubridy) on

Host Ryan Tubridy said: “Having The Greatest Showman as our theme this year is helping to emphasise the essence of what I believe the Toy Show should be – inclusive. This year we are celebrating the kid who doesn’t get Snapchatted, or who doesn’t always have someone to sit beside on the bus. These kids aren’t lonely or unhappy, they just find joy in their own way. This year’s show will be wrapped up in kindness and warmth and humour, so, as the song goes, see you on The Other Side!”


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This year’s Late Late Toy Show boasts a huge cast with more than 200 young performers and over 30 talented toy testers taking part. The children come from all over Ireland with the youngest just three and a half-years-old

As always, Ryan and the Late Late Toy Show elves have a few surprises up their sleeves and all will be revealed as the show goes on.

The circus themed set has been created by RTÉ production designers Marcella Power and Caroline Wade, and the elves in the RTÉ Costume and Make-Up Departments have been busy rewriting the stars over the past weeks as they ready the cast for Friday’s spectacular.

As with every Late Late Toy Show, a number of charities have nominated children to experience the magic of the set for themselves in advance of tonight’s show. This year children from LauraLynn Children's Hospice, The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation, National Children’s Hospital at Tallaght University Hospital, Our Lady's Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, and Barnados will get a sneak preview of the set and get to play with the toys. Their visit will be captured onscreen and will be aired during the show. All toys featured on the show will be donated to charity following the broadcast.


A post shared by Ryan Tubridy (@instatubridy) on

Earlier in the night, The Late Late Toy Show Unwrapped will give viewers a chance to look back at some of Ryan’s standout moments in his 10th year at the helm of the Toy Show at 7pm on RTÉ One.

No matter where you are The Late Late Toy Show will be available to watch worldwide for free, both live and on demand for up to 30 days, on RTÉ Player across Desktop, iOS and Android. Last year the show was viewed live in over 100 countries outside of Ireland. In the lead up to the main event, viewers from around the world can also watch a host of clips and extras on RTÉ Player featuring some of the best moments from The Late Late Toy Show over the years in The Late Late Toy Show Collection.


He first burst onto the screen on the Late Late Toy Show in 2009 in what is a now iconic piece of Irish telly. 

John Joe Brennan warmed the hearts of the nation when he we told host Tubs about his love of clocks.

The eight-year-old announced that he wanted to be a ''horologist'' and stole the show, and our hearts. 

But where is the little boy from Roscommon now, you might wonder. 

Well, it turns out that he is now 17-years-old and living in Paris – but he still loves clocks just as much as he did almost ten years ago.

John Joe's parents, Neil Gurry and Karen Brennan have said that they still can't believe what a sensation their son became after the show.

Neil said, "We didn't think anything of it. And then the next day, on the Internet, it was, you know, 'I want John Joe to fix my clock'. He had more hits on The Late Late Show site than Tom Cruise.''

John Joe is now studying for his baccalaureat and is also bilingual speaking as fluent in French as English. 


While he still is mad about clocks, horology isn't the career he wants anymore – he would rather be an auctioneer.

We're sure that whatever he does, he will be a hit. 


You could win tickets to this year’s Late Late Toy Show!

The show is giving away two tickets to a baked goods competition winner – whoever can create the country’s most festive baked treat.

To have a chance of getting your hands on two golden tickets to this year’s Late Late Toy Show grab your apron and high-tail it to the kitchen to create a Toy Show inspired Christmas treat.

Then simply take a picture, and post it to the RTÉ One Facebook page, on Instagram or on Twitter using the hashtag #ToyShowTreats.

If it’s good enough to impress the Late Late Toy Show team, your creation could bag you two tickets to the biggest night on Irish television. It really is a piece of cake.

The holiday show's host Ryan Tubridy said: “Is there anything better than the smell of festive baking? Maybe tickets to the Toy Show?

“I want you to dust off your rolling pin and create something inspired by the most fabulously festive night of the year – The Late Late Toy Show.

“Send pictures to us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and if you have flour power, the whisk might just pay off and we could be seeing you on November 30th!”

This year’s toy show will take place on Friday, November 30 and will definitely be one you won’t want to miss.

And you could be in the audience! Just upload a photo of the most festive treat you can bake (get creative).

Remember to add the hashtag #ToyShowTreats.

Best of luck, and we hope one of you mums is the lucky winner!



Penneys and RTÉ have released this year’s limited edition Late Late Toy Show collection and it is too cute for words.

The Late Late Toy Show range will be on sale in Penneys stores nationwide from Monday, October 22, with Penneys donating a total of €75,000 to Temple Street Foundation, CMRF Crumlin and The National Children’s Hospital Tallaght.

Stay up past your bedtime for the best Friday night of the festive season and embrace The Late Late Toy Show with novelty sweaters and loungewear sets emblazoned with the iconic owl. For the littlest viewers, there is the ‘Wake me up for the Late Late Toy Show’ sleepsuit, bib and hat.

When you are wrapped up in your owl blanket and the tree is dressed in Late Late Toy Show baubles make sure to sharpen your pencil for the new bingo set that will allow you to play along at home, marking off your card as the traditional Late Late Toy Show frivolities unfold.

Once the show is over make sure to write that all-important letter to Santa using the letter pack and then slip on the owl eye mask for a perfect festive dream-filled sleep.

“We are delighted to be the chosen charity partners for the Penneys Late Late Toy show collection,” the children’s hospital foundations at Crumlin, Tallaght and Temple Street said in a joint statement.

“The range is not only fun and engaging but the donations from this initiative will help so many children and their families. Our aim is to continuously deliver the best possible care to the children who come through our doors every single day, and as a loyal corporate partner, the team at Penney's help make this possible.”

The Late Late Toy Show collection will launch in Penneys stores Tuesday, October 22.



The official date for this year’s Late Late Toy Show has been revealed and we may be more excited than the kids.

As cringe as it is, the Toy Show never fails to make us smile.

We never thought watching Ryan Tubridy prance around dressed as Woody from Toy Story would get us in the festive mood, but it did.

Watching the Toy Show has become one of the biggest Christmas traditions here in Ireland and we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Presenter Ryan Tubridy announced the date for this year’s show on his RTÉ Radio 1 show and it’s just around the corner.

Fans don’t have too long to wait to see what Christmas jumper Tubs will be rocking this year because the 2018 Toy Show will air on November 30.

“I had to try on my particular outfit this week that will be featuring on the opening of the Toy Show on November the 30th and that means Christmas is in the heads of a lot of people already,” the Late Late Show host revealed.

The Toy Show never fails to disappoint us, even thought we feel extremely jealous of ALL the prizes the audience bring home.

We can’t help but wonder will a certain boyband make an appearance on this year’s show? Westlife did just confirm their reunion tour.

Get your matching PJs and tins of Celebrations at the ready. The Late Late Toy Show airs on November 30.



Fancy yourself as a bit of an entertainer? Or maybe you have a hidden talent you think could rival some of the biggest names in the business?

Well, if so, The Late Late Toy Show wants to hear from you.

Today, the iconic RTÉ show is putting two of the most desirable tickets in Ireland up for grabs with a competition to find the country’s most talented audience members.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of getting your hands on two golden tickets to this year’s Late Late Toy Show, airing on Friday, December 1, is make a video of you doing whatever it is you do best.

Then post it to the RTÉ One or Late Late Facebook pages OR post it to Instagram or Twitter with #ToyShowTalent. It’s that simple.

And ladies, if it’s good enough, that talent could bag you two tickets to the biggest night on Irish television.

Commenting on the competition Ryan Tubridy said: “We’ve seen the kids, they’re great but we haven’t seen you."

"You old people in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 900s, we need you to send us footage of you with your Toy Show Talent. Anything you do: blow a trumpet, bang a drum, tell a joke, as long as it is half way decent Get busy, get goofy and good luck!”

With more than 140,000 applications received for Late Late Toy Show tickets this year, the #ToyShowTalent competition may be your best shot at making sure you’re there on the big night.

The usual terms and conditions apply and audience members must be 18 or over to attend on the night.



Penneys and RTÉ are delighted to release this year’s limited edition Late Late Toy Show collection. 

The Late Late Toy Show range will be on sale in Penneys stores nationwide from Tuesday 7 November, with Penneys donating a total of €75,000 to Temple Street Foundation and CMRF Crumlin.

This Christmas you can fully embrace the Late Late Toy Show with novelty jumpers and loungewear sets emblazoned with the iconic Late Late Toy Show owl.

For the littlest viewers there is the ‘My First Late Late Toy Show’ sleep suit, bib and a Christmas tree bauble.

Cosy up on the couch for the best Friday night of the festive season wrapped in an owl blanket sipping on a hot chocolate or a coffee from one of the two delicious mug sets. 

Once the show is over, hang your Late Late Toy Show stocking by the fireplace and slip on the owl eye mask for a perfect festive dream filled sleep.

Speaking about the collaboration, the charities said: ‘‘The money raised is a vital support to Temple Street Foundation and CMRF Crumlin and will allow both hospitals continue to deliver the best treatments possible to the children every single day. We would like to thank everyone in Penneys and RTÉ who has made this year’s partnership such a great success.’

The Late Late Toy Show collection will launch in Penneys stores on Tuesday 7 November (form an orderly queue lads!) 

The Late Late Toy Show will air on Friday 1 December on RTÉ One – and we are SO EXCITED! 

Oh, and one more thing while we have you! Don't forget that you can catch up on all your favourite shows for free for a month right here, so sign up now!