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Today, multi-platinum selling songwriter and mental health activist, Niall Breslin announced the launch of his own podcast series, Where is my Mind?. Available to listen to today across all streaming platforms, the six episode podcast series will guide listeners on how to navigate the manic, always-on and head-melting world they find themselves in today.

Where is my Mind? will follow Niall discussing what impact today’s society has on individuals, discussing a variety of coping techniques on how to deal with the overstimulated mindset people find themselves in by introducing the basics of mindfulness practice and meditation. Each podcast episode will enable listeners to learn the skills to help with breaking that autopilot mode, how to navigate constant distraction, how to be a more skilful stress-head and even how to get good at Jenga.


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Speaking on the announcement, Founder of Where is my Mind?, Niall Breslin said ‘We all share a lot of the same issues and insecurities and to ask are there practical things we can all do to lessen the impact of the lightning-fast, high pressure world on our ability to be able to sleep soundly at night? For me the podcast platform is the most intimate way to explore this context in more detail and perhaps support people in the internal and external difficulties they will inevitably face in this life’.


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Available to stream today, the first episode of Where is my Mind? discusses how individuals end up zoning out and living on autopilot in today’s hectic world, while looking at various techniques to overcome this habit ensuring to stay present in everyday life.

Other episodes within the podcast series will discuss various topics helping to create a healthier mind space when dealing with various issues such as distraction, chaos in today’s modern world, communication and perspective. Each episode is accompanied by a structured mindfulness programme and a guided meditation where Bressie leads the listener in the principles of mindfulness practice.


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Working exclusively with Acast across the podcast series, Jennifer Dollard, Acast’s Content Manager for Ireland said 'Where Is My Mind? is such a beautifully-crafted podcast around mindfulness. It really taps into the power of podcasting – an intimate and engaging environment that helps you to switch off from the world around you. We’re proud to have such a progressive show as part of our network’.

The Where is my Mind? podcast series will be released weekly on Mondays and is available on Acast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all other channels.


It’s been a month since Roz Purcell acknowledged her relationship with Zach Desmond on 2FM, and now – finally – she’s released their first Insta pic as a couple.

Having split with Blizzards singer Bressie in May this year, the Tipperary native was first spotted with music promoter Zach at Electric Picnic.

And it now seems the pair are ready to make things Instagram official, as over the weekend the stunning model used social media to document their date night in London.


NFL with a serious amount of snacks. Neither of us had a clue what was going on #nygiants #london

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The casual snap shows the couple at an American football game and is captioned: “NFL with a serious amount of snacks.  Neither of us had a clue what was going on #nygiants #london.”

Sounds like a great date to us!


As the Voice of Ireland has been cancelled to make way for the new Dancing with the Stars, Bressie has revealed that he'd done with TV shows.

When asked by the Irish Mirror if he’d take part in RTÉ's Dancing With The Stars, The Blizzards frontman said, "100 percent done with those TV shows – I am out.”

“I cannot dance to save my life. I am pathetic. I have two left feet. I am so bad. I am not a dancer and I will not be on the Irish Strictly,” he told the paper.

The Voice was huge for me but I’m glad it’s over and it came to an end when it was doing well. It’s the right time,” he said.

Ah, never say never Bressie!



Bressie is great for sharing the odd throwback snap, but this one is definitely something we can all relate to.

The singer took to Instagram last night to post a photo of his younger self standing beside The Blizzards drummer, Declan Murphy.

In the snap, the lads had just received their Leaving Cert results, and like many of us, they weren't happy with what they got.

Bressie captioned the pic: "Myself and Declan receiving our leaving cert results and making realistation that perhaps our dreams of quantum physics were shattered and we would have to be musicians instead."

Well, we're delighted things worked out the way they did!


When the news came out last week that Dancing with the Stars is going to take over The Voice of Ireland, many were surprised and wondered what would happen to the judges and presenters.

Will they move on? Will they just hop over to the new TV show?

Well, Bressie cleared up some rumours on Twitter yesterday, which didn't exactly make his fans happy.

He wrote: "Those asking will I be appearing on new @rte dancing show, I am afraid RTÉ can't get the adequate insurance to allow me dance in public."

Let's just hope RTÉ can sort out their insurance problem because it would certainly be a sight to see. 

Twerk, Bressie!



We were all shocked when Bressie and Roz Purcell announced that they split up back in May.

It was totally unexpected, but now Bressie has revealed that he found it difficult because he's a well-known figure in a small country – and everybody wanted answers.


Back in the studio. #tunes #theblizzards #gigs #hooks

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He told Today FM: "It's part of what you do. We had to spend a few weeks getting used to the idea ourselves.

"I found the most difficult part throughout the break-up was people trying to find the reason. The reality was, it's no one's business."

However, Bressie did admit that there was "nothing nasty" about the split.


#TBT to #Milan #fashionweek wearing @nataliebcoleman

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"The thing with me and Roz… we never used the media, we never put ourselves out there, like other couples may do. And we felt that because of that, we might not feel the full brunt force of [the media intruding]. And they didn't, there was nothing nasty.

"But it was difficult. As you get older, break-ups are hard. They knock you down. I think only now am I getting back on my feet," he added.



Every Irish man and woman will know the fear of God that their mammy puts in them. Disappoint your mammy, and you are in the bad books which means stinky cabbage and potatoes are for dinner. Not ideal.

And if you wear something that they don't like. Well, let's just say you'll know all about it when dragged to mass at 9am on Sunday.

Now, Bressie may be a big rock star and the frontman of the newly reformed Blizzards, but that doesn't mean he doesn't do what his mam tells him.


My mam has informed me never to return to her home if I am wearing this shirt

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The musician took to Instagram today to share a picture of him wearing a rather peculiar navy, floral shirt, and captioned that pic: "My mam has informed me never to return to her home if I am wearing this shirt."

I kinda like the shirt, but I'd say Bressie obeyed his mother!



Pokémon Go has kinda taken over the world in the last few weeks.

Kids and adults alike are roaming around the earth to catch all of the Pokémon they can, and now it seems like Bressie has become a fan.

Taking to Instagram, the singer shared a video of him searching for the virtual creatures in Lough Ennell in Mullingar.


The most intense game of #pokemongo ever. #swimmingacrosslakes

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He captioned the pic: "The most intense game of pokemongo ever."

But that wasn't game over for Bressie. Nope, minutes later he uploaded another video, telling his fans his search wasn't over.

"Search for pokemon continues across Lough Ennell. I could swim in these magic waters all day," the Westmeath native wrote.

Did he catch 'em all, though?



The LIC (London Irish Crew) started up in 2014, when some of Ireland's biggest celebs met up in London to have a few pints.

This crew included the likes of Niall Horan, Bressie, Laura Whitmore and Eoghan McDermott as well as a few others.

However, in recent times, everyone has been mega busy leading their own lives, so LIC was supposedly no more… until now.

The gang all met back up again this week, and judging by Laura's Instagram snaps, they all had one hell of a time.



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when you have the loveliest friends in the world! X

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Can we be in the LIC, too?!



Niall Horan and Bressie have come together to launch a farming company, which focuses on making hay.

According to the Irish Sun, the two Mullingar men are using Bressie's recording studio, Camden Recording Studios LTD as the name of the company for the time being.

However, the new company’s principal activity is registered as “growing Cereals (Except Rice), Leguminous Crops and Oil Seeds” claims the newspaper.

“Being a country boy at heart, Niall wants to return home to Westmeath so having a farm there growing crops and seeds like this would make sense,” an inside source said.



Despite being with her beau Bressie for over three years, Roz Purcell has no plans to settle down just yet. 

The Irish duo are currently living together along with Roz's sister Rachel and things seem to be going very well with the Voice of Ireland coach. 

But speaking to the Irish Daily Mirror, the 25-year-old model admitted that her family are a bit worried that things are moving very fast with the Blizzards frontman. 

"We got a dog and my parents were like ‘Really? You need to think about that now.'

"They’re so anti anything like that. They’re very much like ‘go travelling, live your life, do everything you want.' "

And when asked if she wanted to have babies at some point, the stunning brunette remained coy, joking: "I would be totally happy with just loads of dogs." 

Roz recently hit headlines over to success of her pop-up shop in Dublin that coincided with the release of her book, Natural Born Feeder. 

The shop was a roaring success and raised over €11,000 for Capuchin Day Centre For Homeless People. 

"From doing the pop-up and even with my friends that run restaurants, it’s something you have to be really committed to and at the moment there are some things I want to do,” she explained.

“I definitely want to do another book and I’m doing some bits and bobs with TV at the moment.

“I’d like to expand outside of Ireland as well." 

We expect big things for this one. 


For anyone heading to the Indiependence Festival this year, get ready to go on a nostalgic rollercoaster.

The Blizzards are making their comeback as frontman Bressie is getting ready to take to the stage at the music and arts festival. The line up was announced yesterday with The Kooks, Bell X1, Hudson Taylor and The Strypes will all be there, too.

It's been about seven years since The Blizzards broke up and while Bressie has been best known for his role of judge on The Voice, he's set to turn back into the rockstar we all know and love him for.

Tickets for the festival are available here, and are priced between €99 and €199.