Instagram Stories has just released THREE new deadly updates


Instagram Stories has fast become one of our fave social media tools to use, and now it has even more features.

From today, you can customise your snaps in three new ways, which include geofilters and sticker pinning.

Another thing that's new is a sticker selfie. You can get your very own sticker selfie by simply taking a picture or video, then tap the smiley face up top and swipe right. 

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Doing this will let you capture a mini selfie which comes with frames, different sizes and placements, so you can play around with it in your photos.

Custom geofilters are also new. You can now slap a city-centric filter over your videos, and you'll also be able to share other people's geofilters too.

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But our favourite of all is sticker pinning on a video. For this, you choose whichever sticker you want, and then move it to where you want to place it on your pic.

Then all you have to do is press pin and the sticker will move with you!

We can't wait to use these new features.