Okay, lets set the scene – you're in the dressing room of your favourite store trying desperately to decide which dress you want to purchase for the big night out. 

You have sent a snap into the group Snapchat asking which dress looks best, but no one has opened it yet, and you're getting paranoid that the glam changing room attendant is going to be wondering why the hell it's taking you so long to try on two dresses. 

This is where Instagram's newest feature is going to change our lives.

Instagram is rolling out two new features. 

The first will be the introduction of a polls feature on their Instagram stories. 

This means that next time you need a second opinion, you can get it from the masses on Insta.

Choosing that night out ensemble just got a lot easier.

The second new feature is the option to source a colour for your story text from the image itself. 

So if you want the text you're writing to perfectly match whatever you're writing about, this new aspect will ake it all the easier, for aesthetically ideal stories.