5 ways to make your home timeless


Trends come and go which is why it is important to make your home classic and timeless – but that doesn’t mean you have to forego the trends forever!

1. Neutral wall and furnishing colours
Painting and buying core furniture pieces only happens every couple of years. That hot pink sofa might not look so hot then.

2. Pick your trends
If you have to indulge in the trend of the moment, be it animal print or bold colours, choose pieces like throws, rugs, artwork and pillows. These can be cheaper than installing a leopard print carpet that will be out of fashion next week.

3. Wood
Wood will never go out of fashion. Though minimalism may be all the rage, wood in a home will always be warm, comforting and look great.

4. Minimal statement pieces
Less is more when it comes to decorating your home. Have a minimal amount of stand-out pieces to allow for a more classic and timeless look.

5. Comfort
Above all, always choose comfort over trend. If it is comfortable now, it will be in five years.