5 most impressive celebrity walk-in wardrobes


Celebs have no shortage of shoes, handbags and clothes.

And they love to show them off, which we love and hate all at the same time. So many emotions.

1. Mariah Carey
It’s no surprise to those of us that saw Mariah’s Cribs episode that she would have the best wardrobe. Everything about that New York penthouse was incredible. Mariah’s walk-in wardobe (more of an entire room really) is very much Marie-Antoinette inspired. We bet little Monroe has hours of fun in here!


2. Olivia Palermo
We are obsessed with Olivia’s style, so it’s no big shock that her wardrobe is equally as chic. We love the shabby-chic feel to this room.


3. Christina Aguilera
Christina’s walk-in is a haven for pink-lovers. Very girly and feminine, we love it! Especially the ladder. Hours of fun pretending to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast!


4. Rachel Zoe
The stylist’s wardobe is of course, vast and extremely trendy – but what’s with the mess Rachel? Ooh, Chanel handbags…


5. Jessica Alba
Jessica has quite the collection of shoes and hats, we love the wood effect! Very classy.