6 ways to create a shabby chic look in your home


Shabby chic is the new ‘must-have’ look for homes.

However it may not make much sense to redo your home just for the sake of home style – especially if you are renting. There are some easy ways you can add the shabby chic element to your home.

1. Antique frames
Old photo frames with an antique look will give a sense of shabby chic and if they aren’t expensive you can add lots to your collection!

2. Distressed wood
If you have a chest of drawers that is a dark wood colour that you are sick of looking at, why not undertake a shabby chic DIY project? There are many ways to paint your chest of drawers and then give the feel of distressed wood.

3. Flowers
Flowers give a sense of ambience to any room. Pick some up and put them in a pretty vase to instantly uplift your home.

4. Vintage furniture
Get into vintage shopping and you are sure to find some gems for cheap.

5. Pastels
Shabby chic is all about light colours and pastel hues with a retro, vintage feel.

6. Teacups
Think of a vintage tea party and create a whole new teaset for yourself. You can build it up slowly as mismatched pieces are even more trendy.