5 things in your home you never clean but really should


You may have thought emptying the bin, keeping the floor clean and the counters clear was enough to keep your home bacteria free – well think again!

Here are some things in the home you should be cleaning but probably aren’t.

1. Hairbrushes/toothbrushes/make-up brushes
Anything that goes in your mouth or on your skin in any way will benefit from regular cleaning.

2. Shopping bags
Your resuable shopping bags should be thrown in the washing machine or wiped out about once a week to get rid of any nasties.

3. The phone
Whether it be your mobile or a landline, you speak into it on a regular bases so wipe it down. Also, those with touch-screens are texting and then pressing the phone to their faces. If that’s not a way to transfer bacteria to your face then we don’t know what is!

4. Shower curtain
To get rid of any mildew throw your shower curtain into the washing machine.

5. Any door or press handle
Everything you touch with your hands could benefit from a clean. Door handles, press handles, oven knobs etc.