1. The digits ’57’ on a Heinz ketchup bottle
Did you know if you knock on this with your palm the ketchup will come out easier and faster than hitting it anywhere else? Well now you do!

2. The ring-pull on a can of coke
One of the ring pulls on your can of coke (or any other can) is to keep a straw in place. Now you can wear lipstick while drinking a can and not worry about smudging OR getting hit in the eye with a bobbing straw!

3. The little hole at the top of your biro
This little hole is actually incredibly important. It’s is created to avoid asphyxiation if the lid is swallowed. Clever!

4. Two zippers on one bag
If your school-bag or weekend bag has two zippers then you can lock it with a padlock by inserting it into the two bottom holes.

Press the Shift and F3 keys simultaneously for the magic to happen. Press F3 one more time to make the first word of each sentence capital.