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Wea ll know smoking is a terrible habit, but it's still normalised in Irish society. 

In Hawaii, however, there are already some very strict laws regarding cigarette sales, and a proposed new law could see the legal age to be able to purchase cigarettes raised to 100. 

Democratic state representative Richard Creagan is highly anti-smoking, and a law he has proposed would essentially eradicate legalised cigarette sales on the island

Creagan is proposing raising the cigarette-buying age to 30 by next year.

The following year, the legal age would be raised to 40. 

In 2022 the legal age would be 50, and  2023. 

This phasing out will see the legal age jump to 100 in 2024, essentially banning the sale and purchasing. 

'Basically, we essentially have a group who are heavily addicted — in my view, enslaved by a ridiculously bad industry — which has enslaved them by designing a cigarette that is highly addictive, knowing that it highly lethal. And, it is,' Creagan told The Hawaii Tribune Herald.

Currently, the legal age to purchase cigarettes is 21 in Hawaii. 


As the former President of the United States, Barack Obama seemingly can do no wrong.

He was golfing in Hawaii recently and met young mother Chelcie Edwards and her adorable seven-week-old daughter Paisleigh, and the cuddling that followed is something special to behold.

Obama takes little Paisleigh into his arms and kisses her on the forehead, and it's fair to say we would have passed out if we witnessed it in person.


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Joseph Edwards filmed the meeting and it's attracting the attention of the internet, naturally, because it's TOO DAMN CUTE. 

"I am baffled the President was holding my sweet baby girl. Ever since she entered the world our cup has overflowed with blessings," the overwhelmed father wrote on Instagram. 

Chelcie spoke to Because of them we can about the personal meaning behind the meeting, and said;

"To have the First Black President ever to initiate holding our daughter, let alone kissing her on the forehead, has to be one of the most pivotal moments of any parents life."


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"For our little girl to be in the hands of a man that is so influential, yet still so humble, and allowing her to experience something many will never get to experience is a blessing from God within itself," the mother continued.

"It’s just one of those things that’s just indescribable. This memory is one she will listen to for many years to come, as well as have for the rest of her life," she added, clearly cherishing the meeting wholeheartedly.

"As parents, we plan to share this monumental moment with our daughter through pictures, stories, and instilling in her who exactly he is and was before her time." She's certainly met some influential people for a seven-week-old.


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"These are memories for her all while being able to live in a place Barack Obama calls home, Hawaii. Furthermore, I pray one day my daughter appreciates and understands the magnitude of what she was able to experience."

The former president also revealed to Paisleigh's father Joseph that he loved his own parenting experience;

"You can’t beat having daughters!" he said.

Simply wonderful, now someone hand us a newborn baby so we can meet him too please.


Due to the news of a potentially devastating hurricane, President Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency in Hawaii.

Hurricane Lane was predicted to be the worst storm since Hurrican Iniki in 1992, which claimed the lives of six people and injured over 100 more.

Thankfully, contrary to this dangerous forecast, Hurricane Lane has been downgraded to a tropical storm.

Its blustering winds weakened slightly as they drew nearer towards nervous residents but were still charted at a forceful 70mph.

And now, the storm’s impact can be seen wreaking havoc on the islands’ shores, especially hitting the state’s main island, Hawaii.

Floods poured into cities, and families were forced to flee their homes in search of higher ground.

Dedicated surfers refused to let the threatening waters deter them from their daily ride and ignored emergency official’s warning to stay out of the tossing waves on Waikiki Beach.

Three feet of rain covered the Big Island in just 48 hours, shutting down roads in the main town of Hilo as floods rose to waist-deep levels, according to Hawaii News Now.

The National Guard have been working alongside firefighters to rescue tourists and residents from rising waters.

Employees are placing sandbags in front of store fronts in preparation of the floods as they sweep towards their stores.

Emergency shelters have been opened to the public as they are encouraged to seek safety away from unstable homes and beachfront properties.

While Hawaiians are relieved at Hurricane Lane’s downgraded status, its effects are still causing disaster and damage across the state.

Hopefully, newly sent relief crews from other states will help minimise the devastation and aid in rescuing as many people as they can.


Emergency shelters have opened, mobile alerts have been received and the rain is pouring. 

Hawaiians are now bracing themselves for landfall of one of the worst hurricanes to hit the Islands since Hurricane Iniki in 1992.

The path of the hurricane is forecasted to pass very close to the north-west of the islands today and tomorrow. 

As Hurricane Lane draws closer, emergency shelters on Wednesday opened their doors on the Big Island and on the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai. 

In fear of the roads becoming impassable on the south coast of Molokai, officials warned residents who require shelter to get there sooner rather than later.

Shelters were made available today on the island of Oahu, as the island received a weather warning late yesterday. 

The Mayor of the Island, Kirk Caldwell, issued a warning this morning for Islanders to brace themselves for the impending weather event.

"O'ahu us now under a Hurricane Warning, meaning that we are now less than 36 hours from potential hurricane weather conditions. Please ensure that you and your family are prepared," he said.   

Currently, Hurricane Lane is ranked as a category four storm out of five on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

It means the storm has the potential to bring winds of 130 to 156mph.

Officials have said that the storm could be downgraded to a category three by Thursday afternoon.

However, that is still a major weather event and could bring winds of 111-129 mph causing devastating damage. 

The impact of the approaching hurricane is already being felt on the Big Island.

Flash floods warnings are in place.

Over the last 12 hours, it has been reported that 8" of rain has fallen on the Big Island.

The slow movement of the storms increases the threat for prolonged heavy rainfall, said NWSHonolulu.

Governor David Ige issued a warning to residents this morning, saying:

"Due to potential hazards & emergency vehicle operations, travel in coastal areas & ocean recreation should be avoided. Large breaking surf, significant shorebreak, & dangerous currents make entering the water extremely hazardous and could face significant injury or death."

Hawaii doesn't usually get hit with central Pacific storms as bad as Hurricane Lane.

The last major hurricane was Iniki in 1992 which claimed the lives of six people and injured more than 100.

The 1992 storm caused an estimated $3 billion in damage.  

Public schools will remain closed for the rest of the week.

Local government workers are urged to remain home unless they are essential employees.



Britney has been showering her Instagram feed with bikini pictures and stunning views, but her holiday in Hawaii last month wasn't all sunshine and roses.

The singer has revealed that she had a near-death experience on the tropical island where she nearly drowned. Eeek!


Another great day!

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While chatting to Scott Mills on Radio 1, Brit said: "I went out and I thought it was like a wave pool, and I as like, 'This is so nice and refreshing and just beautiful'.

"But the thing I didn't think about is when you come back, the waves really come in hard," she recalled.


Still dreaming a mile a minute…

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"I got sucked under for like five minutes. I almost drowned. And I'm like, 'Where is my security? They are just going to let me die here.' And then I came in again and another wave took me under."

Thankfully Britney's team ended up saving her, but my God, that must have been scary!



So 2015 was not the year we were going to see the WORLD. but maybe we were just holding out for 2016!

This year, we are starting early and making a list of the dream destinations we just have to visit in the next twelve months. If we wish hard enough, it could happen? Right? RIGHT?

Some are perhaps more achievable than others but you'll get no where unless you dream BIG. 

So pack your bags and slap on the sunscreen, we are going on a fantasy holiday for the next five minutes. 

1. Santorini, Greece 

2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia 

3. Burano, Italy 

4. Ghent, Belgium 

5. Koh Samui, Thailand 

6. Mount Cook, New Zealand 

7. Uluru, Australia 

8. Edinburgh, Scotland 

9. Yucatan, Mexico

10. Kauai, Hawaii

11. Prague, Czech Republic 

12. Glacier Bay, Alaska

13. Surrigao, Phillipines

14. Iguazu Falls, Argentina

15. Halong Bay, Vietnam

16. Harry Potter World, Florida



Congratulations are in order for one Glee star! 

Harry Shum Jr. and his long-time girlfriend, Shelby Rabara, tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Costa Rica this past weekend. 

Us Weekly reported that photos were posted to social media in which fellow Glee alums Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale were spotted in the tropical paradise over the weekend.

The couple got engaged nearly two years ago while on vacation in Hawaii, confirming the good news in February last year.

“They have been together for years and are so great together,” a source told Us of the couple at the time.

The 33-year old actor is perhaps best known for his role as dancer Mike Chang on Glee. He currently plays Magnus Band a new series Shadowhunters

Shelby, also 33, is a dancer and actress, and most recently had small parts in 17 Again (alongside Zac Efron). She has also made appearance on shows such as Community and CSI.

She co-starred with Shum in several episodes of Glee. She played fellow high school student Shoshandra in the series.

Kevin McHale took to Instagram and shared a snap of the beautiful destination for the pair’s nuptials and we are decidedly envious. 

The newlyweds have been living together in L.A for the past several years with their beloved pooch Charlie. 

It has not been confirmed he acted as the official ring bearer but we feel that it could have been a possibility. 



This seems like a slightly odd pairing but we love it all the same!

Hollywood heart throb Zac Efron and funny girl Anna Kenrick are BFFs – according to Anna in her latest interview.

The actress spoke to InStyle over the week and told them all about their mountain hikes and BFF status.

During the summer the friends were spotted in Hawaii, hiking through Oahu, a top tourist spot on the island.

While this friendship seems to be out of the blue, Anna and Zac were filming an upcoming movie, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, where they star alongside Adam DeVine.

In Anna's interview she was asked whether her and Zac are now besties, to which she replied, "Totally".

"You know, I'm just glad he could keep up with me because I'm so in shape, and he is so weak." 

 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is due in cinemas in 2016.


If you aren't planning a holiday this year, let us just warn before you read on… you're about to get seriously jealous.

While hot spots like Lanzarote or Ibiza might be fine for us normal folk the elite of Hollywood have a completely different view on where to take their holidays.

From the luxurious to the secluded  here is a list of the top A-list holiday destinations:


Dubai is an A-listers dream with visitors including Kim Kardashian, the Beckhams, Rita Ora and Kelly Brooks. Boasting hot weather all year round, the city is renowned for its luxury resorts.


French Riviera

Kate Moss, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are all fans of this popular destination. It is famous for it's fine dining, white beaches and glamorous hotels. The Hotel du Cap is a celeb favourite, with signatures in its guestbook from stars including Johnny Depp, J-Lo and Colin Firth.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora's glorious blue seas and breath-taking scenery is an star studded favourite. Known for it's seclusion and privacy, guests including Eva Longoria, Nicole Kidman and the Kardashian family have all stayed there. You might even remember Kim K freaking out after losing an earring in an episode of KUWTK. 



Hawaii's paradise-like views make it one of the most romantic spots for celebrity couples. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley enjoyed New Year celebrations with boyfriend Jason Statham on the island while Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa chose Hawaii for their wedding destination.


St. Barts

Full of luxurious spas, hip bars and gourmet restaurants, St.Barts is a favourite star spot. Victoria's Secret shoots its catalogue there every year while it also boasts a guest list of Zac Efron and Paris Hilton. Queen Bey and Jay-Z are also big fans – taking Blue Ivy there for her first holiday. And of course the Kardashian-Jenner clan have been enjoying a vacation there of late.


Cabo San Lucas

This hugely popular Mexican town has an array of stars flooding to it throughout the year. George Clooney owns a secluded villa in the spot where he invites guests such as Jennifer Aniston, her hubby Justin Theroux and BFF Courtney Cox. Justin Timberake, Oprah and Will Smith are also fans of the destination. 



This Caribbean island is flooded with A-list stars all year round. As megastar Rihanna was born on the island, she often invites friend Cara Delevingne over to join her while on holiday. The SEVEN star Sandy Lane Hotel is a celeb hot-spot with a guest list including Simon Cowell, Gwyneth Paltrow and Claudia Schiffer. 


With filming currently taking place for their next project in Hawaii, it seems that the comradeship of actors Zac Efron and Adam Devine has officially graduated to a full-blown bromance.

Not content with spending all day together on the set of Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, Zac, 27, and the 31-year-old Pitch Perfect star even opted to hang-out during their down-time on the tropical island.

This week, the pair decided that swimming with tiger sharks – the species which is responsible for more fatal attacks than any other – would be right up their street.

Zac, who reckons the tiger shark is his 'spirit animal', posted on Twitter a three-and-a-half minute long video clip of their underwater experiences, something which then generated more than 2,000 retweets.

The High School Musical star said he hoped his efforts would help raise awareness of the shark's endangered plight.

Still, elements of the clip have proved controversial – namely Mr Efron's decision to grab hold of one of the animals (the incident occurs at around the 2:18 mark).

While speaking to TMZ, one expert, Jeff Kurr, even warned that the dive itself was reckless. He explained that tiger sharks are extremely dangerous and unpredictable – and that grabbing a fin is an aggressive invite to a deadly attack.

Earlier in the week, Zac turned heads in a blue unitard costume while on set.



She seems to have stalled her impending divorce from estranged husband Lamar Odom.

​However, and following an on/off romance with French Montana in 2014, Khloe Kardashian has supposedly hooked up with another incredibly tall professional basketball player.

The reality TV star recently enjoyed a sun-soaked trip to Hawaii. There, according to US reports, she met 25-year-old James Harden – the 6ft 5in Houston Rockets star – while partying at Addiction nightclub.

Indeed, feed-back from fellow revellers suggests that while the famous duo made sure to leave the venue separately, they later spent the night together too.

Earlier this year, it was thought that James was dating Amber Rose, the former fiancee of Kanye West – now Khloe's brother-in-law.

Amber Rose even admitted to having a "special friendship" with the athlete during a recent radio interview. 

Meanwhile, he's also been dating dating Sarah Vivan, who has a child with rapper Lil Wayne.

Khloe's frustrated sister, Kim, 34, recently questioned the status of her relationship with Lamar.

During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians which aired earlier this month, the wife of rapper Kanye West confronted her upon realising she was in regular contact with her estranged husband.

"Is that Lamar?" Kim asks when to walks into the kitchen and finds her younger sister on the phone. "So you’re like flirting with him and called of your whole divorce? I just can’t take it."

However, the response was cutting: "Well, good you don’t have to!"

Yesterday, 30-year-old Khloe posted a picture to Instagram which showed her and her BFF Malika Haqq in Hawaii.

"Hawaii, you were great to us! Thank you for the memories.

"Beyond blessed and I thank God everyday for granting these beautiful blessings upon me. Life is good but even better when you experience it with fantastic people."

Earlier today, Khloe received the sad news that Jamie Sangouthai, a close friend of Lamar's, had died, reportedly of a heroin overdose.


A boat captain has been killed after being speared by a swordfish in Hawaii.

Randy Llanes had been trying to catch the 18kg, 1.8metre fish with a spear gun, according to the Hawaii Police Department.

The 47-year-old experienced seaman was in the water at Honokohau Harbor on the west coast of the Big Island when he spotted the broadbill swordfish.

When the animal was hit with a hunting weapon, it began to thrash about – prompting the fisherman to jump into the water alongside it. However, amid the struggle, it fatally punctured Mr Llanes’s chest.

Another reported suggested that "the fish got wrapped around a mooring anchor, came back and swam at him".

Emergency crews attempted CPR, but the man later died in hospital from the puncture wound.

"Randy has been fishing all his life," his friend explained to local media. "He's a pretty accomplished fisherman. He actually caught a 500lb [226kg] marlin yesterday." 

Hawaii supplies much of the rest of the US with swordfish catch. The fish is fast-moving and predatory, often using its long, distinctive bills to attack prey.

Andrew Rossiter, director of the Waikiki Aquarium, told Hawaiian news agency KHON that the carnivore may have been pursuing a school of smaller fish into shallow water or was injured.

Heidi Dewar, a fisheries research biologist with NOAA Fisheries in California, told the National Geographic that reports of swordfish injuring or killing people are incredibly rare. "Normally, you wouldn't see a swordfish swimming around in the harbour," she explained.

"These are open-ocean animals that are more often found over deep water."

Mr Llanes is survived by his wife and two small children.