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As the former President of the United States, Barack Obama seemingly can do no wrong.

He was golfing in Hawaii recently and met young mother Chelcie Edwards and her adorable seven-week-old daughter Paisleigh, and the cuddling that followed is something special to behold.

Obama takes little Paisleigh into his arms and kisses her on the forehead, and it's fair to say we would have passed out if we witnessed it in person.


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Joseph Edwards filmed the meeting and it's attracting the attention of the internet, naturally, because it's TOO DAMN CUTE. 

"I am baffled the President was holding my sweet baby girl. Ever since she entered the world our cup has overflowed with blessings," the overwhelmed father wrote on Instagram. 

Chelcie spoke to Because of them we can about the personal meaning behind the meeting, and said;

"To have the First Black President ever to initiate holding our daughter, let alone kissing her on the forehead, has to be one of the most pivotal moments of any parents life."


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"For our little girl to be in the hands of a man that is so influential, yet still so humble, and allowing her to experience something many will never get to experience is a blessing from God within itself," the mother continued.

"It’s just one of those things that’s just indescribable. This memory is one she will listen to for many years to come, as well as have for the rest of her life," she added, clearly cherishing the meeting wholeheartedly.

"As parents, we plan to share this monumental moment with our daughter through pictures, stories, and instilling in her who exactly he is and was before her time." She's certainly met some influential people for a seven-week-old.


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"These are memories for her all while being able to live in a place Barack Obama calls home, Hawaii. Furthermore, I pray one day my daughter appreciates and understands the magnitude of what she was able to experience."

The former president also revealed to Paisleigh's father Joseph that he loved his own parenting experience;

"You can’t beat having daughters!" he said.

Simply wonderful, now someone hand us a newborn baby so we can meet him too please.



Juli Briskman may have lost the support of her employers after making a lewd gesture as she cycled past President Trump's motorcade in recent weeks, but the same certainly can't be said of the general public.

In the wake of Juli's dismissal from government contracting firm, Akima LLC,  a member of the public named Rob Mello established a GoFundMe page entitled 'Thank You Juli Briskman' which has raised almost $60,000 in just six days.

"Juli Briskman is an inspiration to us all," Rob wrote as part of his introduction to the fundraising page. 

"This week we learned that she was fired from her employer for exercising her first amendment rights. You can show your support by donating here."

"I have connected with Juli and she has been officially setup as the beneficiary on this GoFundMe campaign. All proceeds are being donated directly to Juli."

"As the campaign beneficiary, she will be able to post updates and comments, so stay tuned!"

Juli's dismissal came after she chose to share the motorcade image on her social media pages in the days that followed her encounter with the President of the United States.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Julie explained the circumstances surrounding her dismissal, saying: "Basically, you cannot have 'lewd' or 'obscene' things in your social media. So they were calling flipping him off 'obscene.'"

Speaking to The Washinton Post, Juli insists that she does not regret her decision despite it costing her her job.

"I flipped off the motorcade a number of times," she admitted before adding: "I'd do it again."



Andy Hemming, Press advisor and Director of Rapid Response for Donald Trump, has stepped down from his role.

And what was that role exactly? Well, to find positive news about the POTUS. 

Mr Hemming was tasked with searching for positive news about the President, and then distributing it out to other news sites to promote the POTUS in a good light. 

It was a 'mutual decision that he could best help promote the president’s agenda on the outside,' Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Politico.

'Andy is smart and very talented and we wish him all the best.'

It is not hugely surprising, due to the intense level of mistrust Mr Trump has voiced against the free press during his presidency and campaign trail. 

Regularly referring to journalists as 'bad people' and the press in general as fake news, Mr Trump has encouraged his supporters not to believe the news as is reported from mainstream media outlets. 



It's fair to say that countless people are still struggling to come to terms with Donald Trump's ascension to the Oval Office.

And while we all know his feet are firmly under the table at the White House, many are reluctant to award him the same level of respect garnered by his predecessors by acknowledging his official title – President of the United States of America.

So, with a nod to the press and public's abbreviation of the title (POTUS,obvs), some wily sorts out there in the Twitosphere have set about re-working it to illustrate their disdain for his position.

Ladies, without further ado, we give you SCROTUS – So-Called Ruler of the United States.

And Twitter is, unsurprisingly, having a field day over it.









The Obama's are pretty cool people, so it's no wonder they were honoured last night with a musical celebration called Love & Happiness.

A whole host of acts got together to sing to the POTUS and FLOTUS, and among them was Usher.

The singer sang many of his hits, including Yeah, Caught Up and You Make Me Wanna. And it was the latter that got Michelle up on her feet.

Mrs Obama looked the picture of cool and sassy as she grooved along to the beat, and didn't even miss a word to the 1997 track.

And then the GIFs came rolling in:

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Image result for michelle obama usher gif

Image result for michelle obama usher gif

Image result for michelle obama usher gif

We don't think there could be a cooler FLOTUS, ever.



It was the result Clinton campaigners were dreading, but as of this morning, Donald J Trump is the new President of United States.

And while Twitter has been awash with posts deriding American society for voting in an openly racist, sexist and misogynistic individual with no political or military experience, the man himself hadn't taken to social media… until now.

Nine hours after his last tweet, the Republican paid tribute to the momentous event in American history and vowed to unite the county.

"Such a beautiful and important evening! The forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. We will all come together as never before," read the tweet.

And while it has racked up a staggering 50,000 likes in less than half an hour, social media users have wasted no time questioning the validity of Trump's sentiments.

""We"* *except from everyone, wo is not a white American man," responded one Twitter user.

"Obama to Trump is the worst downgrade ever. Give the world back to the dinosaurs #RIPAmerica," added another.

Referencing the countless racist remarks and xenophobic comments Trump made during the course of his presidential campaign, another individual replied: "Hey Sir, I am a Muslim and I would to report a man working in the Oval office responsible for spreading hate speech."

This morning's result brings to an end one of the most controversial US presidential campaign in history.


Completely defining the meaning of #couplegoals, Michelle and Barack Obama have always melted our hearts with their love. 

Well, today is no exception as the POTUS celebrates his 55th birthday. 

Michelle took to Instagram this afternoon to wish her dashing husband a very happy birthday, and it made us all cry. 

Michelle shared a beautiful image of herself and her husband in a loving embrace, with the words: "55 years young and that smile still gets me every single day. Happy birthday, Barack. I love you. -mo"

Followers were quick to comment on the pic with their well wishes… 

"Happy birthday to the best Commander in Chief I ever had!" wrote one particular fan of The Obamas. 

"Happy birthday World"s Best! Keep being an Inspiration!"

Michelle and Barack met in 1989, and the couple married three years later in a small ceremony. 



It was a rousing speech by any – even his own – standards: Barack Obama implored the USA to make sure that Hillary Clinton becomes the nation's first female president when voters go to the polls in November. 

And, as the current US president is delightfully want to do, Barack veered away from the prepared script somewhat while addressing the Democratic party national conference yesterday.

"Nothing truly prepares you for the demands of the Oval Office," he said. "But Hillary’s been in the room; she’s been part of those decisions. She knows what’s at stake.

"No matter how daunting the odds; no matter how much people try to knock her down, she never, ever quits," he added.

Sitting proudly in the audience of thousands was, of course, Bill Clinton, Hillary's husband of 40-odd years and a former POTUS himself. 

"That’s the Hillary I know. That’s the Hillary I’ve come to admire,"  Barack continued to applause.

"And that’s why I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman – not me, not Bill, nobody – more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.

Significantly, when Mr Obama offered up the "not me, not Bill" line – which wasn't actually in his speech – Mr Clinton's face broke into a sheepish grin.

And when the cheers had died down, Obama added: "I hope you don't mind, Bill, I was just telling the truth!"