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Let's be honest – whether you were a fan of the Twilight franchise or not, it's no surprise to learn that the atmosphere on set was far from welcoming at times.

And if anyone was going to spill those deets, we knew we could rely on Anna Kendrick who played Bella's pal Jessica Stanley.

Reflecting on her time on the set in her memoir Scrappy Little Nobody, Anna revealed that while the stars of the movie attempted to make her feel welcome, weather and general morale kind of prevented it.

"Kellan Lutz is the sweetest guy, but that day I think he might have strangled me if he’d had the energy," Anna admitted while explaining that the cast and crew were attempting to shoot the movie in freezing conditions in Canada and Oregan.

Anna then turned her attention to Kirsten Stewart, writing: "[She] – one of the most committed actors I’ve ever worked with — made a valiant effort to be friendly, but I could tell she was putting her back into it."

"Underneath every word, I heard 'You don’t know, man, you don’t know what it’s like out there.'" Anna added.

It sounds like Anna happily would have sacrificed her part in the franchise had she known what she was in for.

"If you told me I had to be in that weather with no relief, I would have bailed like the little b***ch I am. Extreme cold messes with you," she insisted.

"The elements don’t discriminate. And no amount of ‘you’re getting paid to do this’ matters when your body’s basic survival requirements are in play."

Christ, that sounds like no picnic.


If you wants the goods on a celebrity, you watch Ellen, and if you really want the goods, you watch her Never Have I Ever segment.

Lobbing intimate questions at her A-list guests, Ellen is a pro at getting them to spill the deets, and her latest one with Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick was no different.

But while Twitter is in meltdown that domestic goddess, Martha, has sexted and lived it up at a nudist beach, personally we think Snoop was the unsung hero of that segment.

From happily revealing he's returned items to a store after wearing them – "Those shoes were hurting my feet!" – to admitting he's used his fame to get out of trouble – "Oh boy!" – the rapper definitely hasn't been given enough props in the Twitosphere.

Thankfully, it looks like the studio audience is with us on this one.



It seems comedian James Corden can do no wrong when it comes to viral hits and his latest venture with Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick is another absolute winner.

Appearing on The Late Late Show, Anna joined James on stage to perform an awesome musical mash-up of some very famous love songs.

In keeping with the romantic theme, the pair work through falling in love with The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face, get married to Bruno Mars' Marry You, break up with Shaggy's Wasn't Me and eventually reunite to the classic ballad I Will Always Love You.

Take a look:




This seems like a slightly odd pairing but we love it all the same!

Hollywood heart throb Zac Efron and funny girl Anna Kenrick are BFFs – according to Anna in her latest interview.

The actress spoke to InStyle over the week and told them all about their mountain hikes and BFF status.

During the summer the friends were spotted in Hawaii, hiking through Oahu, a top tourist spot on the island.

While this friendship seems to be out of the blue, Anna and Zac were filming an upcoming movie, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, where they star alongside Adam DeVine.

In Anna's interview she was asked whether her and Zac are now besties, to which she replied, "Totally".

"You know, I'm just glad he could keep up with me because I'm so in shape, and he is so weak." 

 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is due in cinemas in 2016.


OK so we very almost fell off the stage (yes, it’s an imaginary stage) when we heard this one: everyone – you, us, your friend's neighbour’s cousin who got 550 in the Leaving; your cousin who failed his – is being given the chance to appear in a Hollywood movie.

And not just any Hollywood movie, no siree: only one of the most eagerly-anticipated releases of 2017… namely Pitch Perfect 3!

Yes, we just died a little and went to a-ca-heaven. But don’t worry, we’ve recovered sufficiently now to get our lip-syncing game in proper order.

That’s because virtual auditions are taking place RIGHT NOW via the DubSmash lip-sync app.

It’s time to kick off rehearsals too because you only have until September 20 to submit your entry – which then needs to be uploaded onto Twitter, Instagram or Vine along with the hashtag #PitchSmashUK.

Your challenge is to recreate your favourite moment from this year’s Pitch Perfect 2 sequel.

The most creative clip with the strongest lip synch will be rewarded with… (drum-roll, please) the trip of a lifetime to the US where filming will take place; the chance to see your name in the movie credits, as well as major bragging rights for life.

The winner will be announced on September 21, to coincide with the DVD and Blu-ray launch of Pitch Perfect 2.

Pitch Perfect 2 stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, and was directed by Elizabeth Banks, aka commentator Gail Abernathy-McKadden-Feinberger.

Thankfully, both Anna and Rebel, as well as Brittany Snow, will all be returning to their roles for the third instalment – which will be unveiled in 2017.



It feels like it was only days ago that we piled into the cinema to watch The Bellas belt their way to the finals of their A Cappella World Championships.

Now it’s being confirmed that stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will be back for a third installment of the franchise.

Universal is setting a release date of July 21. 2017, giving us plenty of time to get in some much-needed vocal rest.

The surprise was almost given away by Rebel herself on Twitter but now that news has officially been confirmed she’s free to tweet about her excitement as much as she likes.

Anna Kendrick also took to Instagram to confirm the news herself, sporting that fresh fringe that sent the internet into a meltdown not too long ago.

Pitch Perfect 2 was nominated for four Teen Choice Awards this year as well as earning almost €62m at the box office in its opening weekend.

The highly-successful series returned for its second film with Oscar-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld playing an important new member of the group.

As of now, there aren’t any plot details (boo!) being unveiled for the third film, but we do know that not only will fan favourite Fat Amy be making her return; Elizabeth Banks will be back to produce the project (hurrah!).

Considering the majority of the Barden Bellas had graduated college by the end of the second film, it’s assumed Pitch Perfect 3 will be following what happens to a super successful a cappella singing group when they leave campus for the real world. 



Ever since she first made it big as strait-laced Natalie in Up In The Air, Anna Kendrick has favoured the same severe hairstyle: dark brown shoulder length locks with a centre parting and – if she was really feeling wild – a few loose curls. 

The actress might favour variety in her film roles but when it comes to her hair she has always taken the safe route. 

Until now, that is.

The 29-year-old star took to Instagram yesterday to show off a totally different new look, and one that REALLY suits her. Posing with auburn curls and a full fringe, Anna looked nothing like the dark-haired lady we know so well. 


A photo posted by Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47) on

While we're hoping her new style is a permanent move, it seems the actress might simply be in character for a new role.

The photo was captioned, "Alice has issues" with the hashtag #MikeAndDaveNeedWeddingDates, presumably in reference to Anna's upcoming film of the same name.

Also starring Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza and Adam DeVine, the comedy film sees two brothers placing personal ads to track down dates for a wedding. 

The movie is currently being filmed in Oahu, Hawaii, and earlier this week the cast were spotted on set, with Anna wearing a hot pink dress that looked very similar to the one in her Instagram snap:

So the mystery of the new hair is solved, but we're seriously hoping Anna decides to take the plunge and keep that fringe for good.



Anna Kendrick and her Pitch Perfect 2 crew couldn't be hitting our screens any sooner, but in case you need something to get you through today's Sunday Fear, we have just the thing for you.

Let’s face it, if there’s anything we need when we’re still in our pyjamas this late into the afternoon, it’s an Anna Kendrick/ James Corden riff-off, right?

The always hilarious duo didn’t pull any punches when they faced each other and riff’ed like their lives depended on it on The Late Late Show this weekend.

From  *NSYNC to Vanilla Ice,  James and Anna absolutely nailed it, but don’t take our word for it- just check this out.




We wonder if the Royals have gotten wind of this…

Anna Kendrick appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to promote her newest film, Pitch Perfect 2, and she had quite a bit to say about the hype surrounding the birth of Princess Charlotte two weeks ago.

The Into The Woods star was in England recently, and she admits she just couldn't buy into the Royal Baby madness that had swept the country (and the world).

"I don't know why anybody cares about the royal baby. It's a baby," the 29-year-old told Seth. "It hasn't done anything. It hasn't achieved anything. It was just born."

"It"…? Way harsh, Anna!

Complaining about all the hype, Anna continued, "Americans care a little bit, but when I was in England, it was like the city had gone crazy. There were all these flags up and there were people baking special cakes at lunch to have in celebration of the royal baby," she explained.

"I was like, 'The baby doesn't know you're doing that! The baby doesn't care!' And the baby was on a full page of the Daily Mail."

It's hard to know whether Anna was genuinely baffled or a little jealous, but we're willing to give her the benefit of the doubt…


Beyoncé may have arrived over an hour late to last week's Met Gala in New York, but her incredible outfit more than made up for it.

The singer looked every bit the style icon in a beautiful sheer floor length Givenchy dress, but what had many people talking was her noticeably slimmer figure.

Though Bey still rocked her signature curves, the translucent fabric showed off every body part and it was clear she had lost a significant amount of weight since her last red carpet appearance.

Bey at the Grammys back in February 2015

Now, a source close to the mum-of-one has revealed Beyoncé's weight loss process, saying she turned to her favourite detox diet, the Master Cleanse ahead of this year's event.

The extreme diet, which requires followers to subsist mainly on a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, is definitely not a recommended diet plan but it is one Beyoncé has used more than once.

"Beyoncé's… been doing the Master Cleanse diet she's used before – she hasn't forgotten that it gets results when it matters. This time, she lost over a stone, 15lbs. in total. When Bey puts her mind to it, nothing can stop her," an insider revealed to Heat magazine.

The singer famously used the cleanse to help her to drop over 20lbs for her 2006 role in Dreamgirls, and it seems she has decided to revisit it nine years on.

Even when she's not on an extreme detox, Beyoncé is "almost always on some kind of diet," the source said. "She's been really strict for the last month – no carbs and mostly vegan with just the occasional protein cheat."

We agree Bey looked fabulous in that sheer dress, but we hope she's looking after her body too.


On a regular day, Anna Kendrick is possibly our favourite young Hollywood star, but we love her even more for sharing the most perfect anecdote ever this weekend.

The Pitch Perfect star was appearing on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, when talk turned to her recent time in England while shooting Into The Woods.

The 29-year-old went on to recall the cast’s trip to Dover Castle during filming, and a memorable stay at a B&B with quite a well-known owner.

Caught off guard by the epic English accent she was greeted with, Anna went on to create a mortifying and awkward situation with none other than one of the UK’s most popular reality TV stars.

This is just too good. Check out the video for yourself below, and revel in the hilarity of it all.




There are lots of new releases in Irish cinemas this week for you to check out, including Jennifer Aniston's highly anticipated Cake and The Wedding Ringer starring Kaley Cuoco and Josh Gad – who S! TV were lucky enough to chat to at last week's Irish premiere! 

The Wedding Ringer
Feb 20th
This romantic comedy sees Frozen's Josh Gad looking for a best man before his big day and also stars comedian Kevin Harte and The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco who we just LOVE! Check out the trailer for more and check out our red carpet chat with The Wedding Ringer stars at last week's Irish premiere

Feb 20th
There was huge Oscar buzz surrounding this movie for Jennifer Aniston, and she was even nominated for a Golden Globe. Jennifer stars as Claire Bennett, a woman moved by the suicide of a lady named Nina (Anna Kendrick) in her chronic pain support group. Definitely a new character type for Jen and one we can't wait to see her in. 

Feb 20th
An action thriller mystery, Chris Hemsworth (need we say anymore?!) stars as imprisoned hacker, Nick Hathaway. When a group of hackers with sinister motives cause trouble in Chicago, FBI Agent Carol Barrett orders that he be released and help their investigation.