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Prague is undoubtedly one of Europe's most beautiful cities, so it's easy to see why so many of us flock there for our weekend breaks. 

Spend the afternoon walking through the streets of the old town before dancing the night away in some of Europe's most alternative clubs and bars.

We've rounded up the top five hidden gems that'll have you covered from day to night during your next trip to the Czech capital. 

1. Kavárna Místo cafe 

Located close to Prague castle, this minimalist cafe is the perfect spot to refuel during a day of sight seeing.

The quirky, contemporary menu offers some familiar options along with more daring dishes for the adventurous foodie in you.

With some of the best coffee the city has to offer, and a huge range of vegetarian and vegan options, Kavárna Místo is sure to be a crowd pleaser, no matter how picky your travel buddies may be. 

2. Naplavka Farmers Market

If you're more of a street food kind of gal, head down to the Naplavka Farmers Market.

Located close to the New Town, just beside the river, this fresh food market is a favourite with locals and tourists alike.

Soak up the atmosphere, feed the swans and enjoy a Czech beer and wine – if you figure out a more perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, let us know 

3. Vzorkovna underground bar 

Widely referred to as Prague's most alternative pub, this unique underground bar provides a space for the artistically talented to showcase their abilities.

Everyone is welcome and crowds can vary from night to night but the general consensus of anyone who has visited is 'be ready for anything!'

Oh, there's a lovely Irish wolfhound that calls this place home. 


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4. Divoká Šárka Nature Reserve

Fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle?

Prague may not be famous for it's walking trails, but that be about to change.

Belive it or not, this gorgeous park is located out the outskirts of Prague – just a 30 minute walk from Wenceslas Square. 

In summer, you can even take a dip in the park's natural swimming pool called “Dzban” (The Jug).


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5. The Meetfactory

Discover the best of Prague's alternative art scene at The Meetfactory, a refurbished slaughterhouse that has been repurposed to house studios for young creatives.

It's also home one of Europe's coolest concert venue and theatres.

The whole project was created under the leadership of the Czech artist David Cerny.


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So 2015 was not the year we were going to see the WORLD. but maybe we were just holding out for 2016!

This year, we are starting early and making a list of the dream destinations we just have to visit in the next twelve months. If we wish hard enough, it could happen? Right? RIGHT?

Some are perhaps more achievable than others but you'll get no where unless you dream BIG. 

So pack your bags and slap on the sunscreen, we are going on a fantasy holiday for the next five minutes. 

1. Santorini, Greece 

2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia 

3. Burano, Italy 

4. Ghent, Belgium 

5. Koh Samui, Thailand 

6. Mount Cook, New Zealand 

7. Uluru, Australia 

8. Edinburgh, Scotland 

9. Yucatan, Mexico

10. Kauai, Hawaii

11. Prague, Czech Republic 

12. Glacier Bay, Alaska

13. Surrigao, Phillipines

14. Iguazu Falls, Argentina

15. Halong Bay, Vietnam

16. Harry Potter World, Florida