We all know Kris Jenner likes to see herself as the best mother in the world, so we weren't really surprised when it was reported she wanted to trademark #ProudMama.

She uses it on loads of her Instagram and Twitter posts, but it seems there's another proud mama on her case now.

TMZ has reported that Jenny Present, who owns a jewellery company and who has already trademarked the phrase 'proud mama' gave a warning to Kris when she first attempted to trademark the phrase for herself. 

Jenny says that Kris won't back down (no wonder), so she has issued an cease and desist letter to the reality star's company.

Kris is in the midst of launching her own jewellery company, so tensions are definitely rising to see who will be the proudest mother of all. 

We're guessing Kris might come out on top of this one, though.