16 signs you’re addicted to Instagram


Doesn’t life just look better through a filter?  People everywhere have decided that everything in their lives should be photographed for the world to see but some have taken it further than others. Here are the signs you’re addicted to Instagram.

1. First thing you do in the morning is snap your breaksfast – only three hashtags required #eggs #benedict #eggsbenedict


2. #Hashtags have become the easiest way for you to express your feelings. But you obviously only express the positive ones because no one likes a #moaningmichael


3. All of your food is now eaten at a tepid temperature due to your uploading, hashtagging and filter application having to be perfect before you even thinking about the first bite.


4. You find it hilarious that while Instagraming your coffee, you are putting a filter on a drink that was made by dripping liquid through a filter… #OMG #mindblown


5. Half your followers have followed you due to your over excessive use of hashtags #getsomerealfriends


6. Quotes mean nothing to you and are now only throw away words that are strung together – it’s the #totesamazeballs image in the background that’s the real inspiration..


7. Filters are your #life


8. You curse the quality of your phone’s camera constantly but not enough to even contemplate that you would get a decent camera that is actually built towards achieving quality photos


9. Your friends are constantly asking you to take pictures of them down from your Instagram account #notwithoutmypermission


10. From browsing your account I can tell exactly how many brothers, sisters, cats, dogs, mothers, fathers and bread bins you have in your house #toomuchexposure


12. The best way to show #loyalty to you is to like anything and everything you post #bffs


13. You secretly think you’re a pap for TMZ and follow Kim Kardashian to the levels of stalkerism.


14. You think the followers of Instagram created brunch so they had more meals in the day to put #filters on


15. You’ve abandoned Twitter and Facebook to the degree that you only use them to share your twitpics as they don’t give you enough scope to edit your images.


16. You take a photography course and when asked on the first day why you chose to undertake said course, you reply “to understand why (in your opinion) the different filters of Instagram have changed the photography world forever”. You are instantly thrown head first out the window. #filters #instafilter #twoinstabrokenlegs



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