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Do you know any especially wildly cranky siblings or grumpy but chilled out friends that you reckon deserve to have a massive winter storm named after them? We can think of a few.

Now is finally your chance to get a storm named in your honour, or as a tribute to a pal or member of your family. You could even get one named after your worst enemy, if that's the mood you're in.

National forecaster Met Eireann have joined forces with the UK Met Office to launch their new 'Call for Storm Names' scheme this winter, and want our help. 

The 'Name our Storms' scheme aims to raise awareness of severe weather before it strikes.

A storm warrants a name when the Met Office or Met Éireann will issue an orange or red weather warning, and you buy all the booze and bread from Tesco and barricade your gaff.

The names are chosen based on the public's submissions every year, and memorable weather events in recent years include Storm Emma, Storm Ali and Storm Ophelia.

Remember when Lidl was raided by a JCB during Storm Emma in Tallaght last year? Mad times, they were.

Storms are named in alphabetical order in the sequence they occur, with each storm alternate between the first letter of a male name and female name, similar to the pattern created by the US National Hurricane Centre in the 1970s.

Storms starting with letters Q, U, X, Y and Z won’t be used, unfortunately. The first storms last year were named Ali and Bronagh, but this winter the first storm will be female. 

Forecasters will avoid names with 'resonance' in the weather world, like 'Katrina' or 'Charlie' and famous/notorious names will be avoided. There'll be no Storm Greg (O'Shea), Storm Boris or Storm Trump. 

Use the hashtag #IrishStormNames on Twitter to send your suggestion, email Met Éireann at stormnames@met.ie or write to Evelyn Cusack, Met Éireann, Glasnevin Hill, Dublin 9.

We deserve a Storm Maura after her explosive entrance into this year's Love Island villa, don't you agree?


So last week, the vast majority of us were cooped up at home, basically snowed in for the best part of 5 days. 

Seems dreamy, right? 

The perfect opportunity to relax for a few days, sleep, and enjoy a bit of seclusion. 

Well, the novelty very quickly wore off, and I learned a lot about myself in the process. 

1. Netflix in our generation's most important creation. 

Genuinely lads, what in the name of GOD did they do in 1982 when the big snow storm hit? I an confidently say I watched at least 6 hours of Netflix each day, and I honestly regret nothing. 

bored edward norton GIF

2. I am a bottomless pit.

So, apparently I can eat and eat and eat, without ever getting full. Seriously though, I literally ate everything in my home for the last week. Maybe it was my survivor instinct? The human form of hibernating for the winter. Anyway, I should have shares in Lindt to be honest. 

night court eating GIF by Laff

3. Personal hygiene is not always relevant. 

I just was not arsed washing my hair. It just seemed so so unnecessary while the storm ransacked the outdoors. Even when I braved the elements to hit the local pub… I just kept my hat on (something I would NEVER do under normal circumstances). 

baroness von sketch GIF by IFC

4. I am a sloth. 

Holy Jesus, I can SLEEP. So, I kind of always knew this, I am a massive fan of the bed, but last week really took the biscuit. I can actually count on two hands how many times I actually got out of my bed, and at least half of them were to procure alcohol. Fair. 

tired sloth GIF

5. Working from home is not fun. 

You would think having a few days away from the office would be sensational (and it is, trust me), however, it gets kind of lonely. You start missing your work wives, and the general human contact involved in a 9-5. 

shiba inu dog GIF

6. Booze heals all!

It's cold outside… drink. The water has been turned off… let's drink. Red weather warning nationwide? Ah sure, we'll head to the pub! I hot the local on more than one occasion last week, and it was the BEST craic. They blasted Christmas music and everyone was just in great form (and happy to be out of the house, tbh.)

drunk bottoms up GIF by Laff

7. I have the patience of an actual God. 

Honestly, I don't recall the last time I spent so much time with my family. Don't get me wrong, they're excellent humans, but when cabin fever hits, everyone and everything starts to seriously get annoying. I suppose that's why we all just drank the annoyance away.

stressed out community GIF

 8. I love snow, but man, it gets old. 

It is magical, and for a time our country was a winter wonderland, but wow, I am happy to see the back of the snow. It was fun while it lasted, but let's get the Spring weather already! 

done over it GIF by Braxton Family Values

Bonus fact: Irish people f**king love bread. 


Lads, some people just know how to bloody well commit, and James Patrice is the perfect example. 

Mere moments ago, the gas man grabbed his blonde wig and his guna, and headed outside to give the performance of a lifetime. 

In what can only be described as Oscar worthy, James did a full rendition of Elsa's Let It Go, and honestly we're still laughing. 

Honestly, it needs to be seen to be truly appreciated, so head over to his Instagram story now

You WILL NOT regret it. 

Stay warm ladies!