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Selena Gomez has just become the latest celeb to embrace a new, short do.

Clearly the cropped hair cut is the hottest look for the summer, with the likes of Cara Delevigne, Katy Perry and Kristin Stewart debuting uber-short dos. 

Now, songstress Selena has joined the ranks of it-girls sporting the edgy look.


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The Instagram queen has just posted to the social media site to share a snap of her updated hair style. 

The photo she posted shows two printed photographs pinned to a wall, which resemble test shots (possibly for a yet-to-be-announced project).

The photo has gotten 3.2 million likes since it was shared. 


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Selena has been rocking the very popular long bob in recent months, so her new sharp cut is a big step.

We're loving her brand new look. 



It seems to be the style of the moment with Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry and now Cara Delevinge opting to don the trend.

Cara revealed her new look on Instagram last night, captioning the snap: "I'm coming for you @lifeinayearmovie."


I'm coming for you @lifeinayearmovie

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Yep, Cara went for the chop for a movie role she's filming right now, Life In A Year.

Cara has been cast as a 17-year-old cancer patient, who falls in love with her friend, who then decides to take her on adventures for a last year of her life.

Cara most recently went for the platinum blonde look, and then changed it up yet again by dyeing it grey.

We think she look SO fab.



Only a few weeks ago Katy Perry went for a drastic hair change, and now she's after doing it again.

Katy debuted a gorge new look just over a month a go, where she decided to go for a long fringe with shaved sides.


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But, now the fashion maven has gone even shorter, cutting off her fringe and sporting a pixie cut style.

The singer showed off her new do on Instagram last night, captioning the photo, "fifth element flow" (whatever that means).


fifth element flow

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The peroxide pixie cut seems to be a bit of a trend in Hollywood lately, as just two weeks ago Kristen Stewart went for the same style.

Would you have the balls to go for it?!

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Zoe Kravtiz has chopped all of her hair off – and couldn't look more gorgeous.

The actress, who blew us away with her performance in Big Little Lies, debuted her new do on Instagram last night.

Zoe first shared a picture of her long locks on her bathroom floor and captioned it, "oh shit: part 1."


Oh shit : part 1

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Oh shit: part 2 #newhair #whodis? @majormoonn @nikkinelms

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A few minutes later she uploaded the second picture, of her new platinum blonde pixie cut and wrote below it, "oh shit: part 2  #newhair #whodis."

This girl can do no wrong. How GORGEOUS.


If there's ever a woman to push style boundaries, it's Rita Ora. 

Turning heads as she stepped out in Notting Hill in London, Rita debuted a drastic new haircut. Gone are her long blonde locks and instead the singer is rocking a short pixie cut. 

The rest of her look was quite casual, wearing a leather jacket, a grey hoodie and boyfriend jeans as she made her way to Pizza Express. 

Following her low-key night out, The X Factor judge posted a selfie on Instagram to show off her new do'. 


Hmmmmm what to watch while I'm on voice rest….

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She was the poster girl for the pixie cut throughout the early 2000s, but Frankie Bridge is rocking a completely different looks these days. 

The former girlband singer made her new-look debut on Monday night as she attended the Mind Media awards in London and shocked on-lookers with a very different hairstyle.

Gone is the short and spiked do' and in it's place is a feminine shoulder-length cut. Looking super shiny, Frankie wore soft curls in her hair to add a little bit of drama. 

Her outfit was also quite different from her Saturdays look, as instead of wearing something short and tight (because that was the look of the 2000's, right?), the 26-year-old was covered up from head-to-toe in a very chic ensemble. 

Wearing a vintage-style military jacket, which featured gold detailing, the chart-topping singer finished off her look with a pair of thigh-high boots. Very #OnPoint Frankie!


A pixie cut is super chic – but it takes a lot of upkeep. 

And growing one out can be seriously awkward too. You may feel like your hair has a mind of it's own and is growing out at majorly weird angles. 

But there are a few simple tricks to keep you on top of your hair-game and prevent an unflattering look for months on end. 

Strategic trimming

Hold onto as much length as possible so you can style your stands into a short bob. Going an extra three to four weeks between hairdresser visits is ideal for getting back some length. 


Add texture (and A LOT of it)

Use some products to camouflage uneven layers or strage re-growth. Play around with your do' to find new ways of styling it during the growing-out period. If volumising products don't seem to work, use a curler and setting spray to add a bit of edge. 


Amp up your braid game

Even if you have just a little length, braids are your new best friend. They can really hide that awkward in-between phase. You can be really creative with plaits and twists these days. Look at some YouTube videos or bloggers to gain some inspiration. And if pieces start to slip out, just use a bobby pin or clip to set them straight. 


It's the age old question. 

Every woman has wondered this every once in a while – but many are too afraid to take the plunge.

Whether it was Posh Spice circa 2008 or Jennifer Lawrence circa 2013, celebs seems to pull off short hair so effortlessly – but then again, they have stylists doing their do' every morning. 

Cosmopolitan UK reports that Giles Robinson, senior stylist at John Frieda has come up with a special formula that can determine if a short pixie cut will flatter your face shape. 

All you have to do is place a pencil or pen under your chin horizontally, then place a ruler under your ear, vertically. Next, measure the height of where the pencil and the ruler intersect. 

If it measures less than 2.25 inches, go for it girl! 

If it's longer than 2.25 inches, long hair might flatter your face shape more. 

As always though, (like all beauty rules) there are exceptions and in the end you should wear whatever hairstyle makes you feel like Beyoncé. 

But for anyone that has been debating this question for a while, this could be your extra push to go for it – it'll always grow back!