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So as of about 45 seconds ago, the sun was (and still is) shining – HURRAH. 

This sheer glimpse at the possibility of summer has me all excited.

I'm excited for beach holidays, packing my coats away, and of course, all the deadly music festivals coming to Ireland. 

Whether your a Longitude lover, or more of a Body & Soul kind of gal, you'll defo be thinking about the style. 

What will you wear? What makeup look are you going for? WHAT will you be doing with your hair? 

Lucky for you, I'm here to help. 

Last summer, the gorge humans at Babooshka got me all glittered uo for Longitude, and it has got me thinking about groovy hairstyles. 

And so to Pinterest I went, and found some serious festival hair inspo, for your viewing pleasure:

1. Boho chic

Okay, I need this chick's hair immediately. Boho waves, paired with a fishtail plait and ruffled up space buns? Perfection.  

 2. Hair tattoos

So, you probably be finding gold flecks in your hair for weeks, but I honestly think it's worth it! How groovy does this look? 

 3. Alternative ponytail

For many of us, long hair can be a slight hindrance when you want to dance and enjoy yourself. Enter: the ponytail. But when it comes to the festival pony, why not add a few plaits, and be a bit different? 

4. Flower Power

I'm honestly SO over floral crowns, but that doesn't mean I'm over flowers in general. I love the idea of popping a few cute daisies along a plait! 

5. Top knot.

Ah, the simple top knot. You just can't go wrong. 

6. Glitter. Always.

Big dirty YES to smothering ourselves in glitter this festival season. Embrace your inner unicorn.  

pinterest: @ nandeezy †

7. Few feathers, be grand. 

Keep your look simple enough with straight locks and a few feathers thrown in. Can't go wrong. 

Festival hair inspo

 8. Go all out.

Colourful dye? Check. Loads of glitter? Check. Mad looking space buns? CHECK! 

Festival vibes @briteorganix @angelaheng_ @kassandrakashian @loveisinthehair_byjanet

9. Fab fishtails.

We are LOVING these soft fishtail plaits, paired with cute flowers. Also, the colour of her hair is divine. 10/10.

Pinterest: || aseth ||

10. When in doubt… boxer braids.

A classic. They keep your hair out of your face, and you'll look groovy. What's not to like? 

GOLD FLAKES & FESTIVAL BRAIDS ✨ Dutch x 4 into Fishtail x 4 = Festival boxer braids✨by @mirellamanelli! . . #behindthechair…




They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I am here to tell you that the real winner of that title is Champagne. 

Cuvée Beauty is a new line of hair products, and their main ingredient is Champagne… because, DUH! 


The morning after. #cuveebeauty

A photo posted by Cuvée Beauty (@cuveebeauty) on

Rachel Katzman, the founder and CEO of Cuvée Beauty, was doused in Champagne at her 21st birthday, and noticed that her hair was "soft, shiny, and textured". 


On the sixth day of Chanukah, we ask for a box full of Cuvee. #cuveebeauty

A photo posted by Cuvée Beauty (@cuveebeauty) on

So, naturally, she decided to use this knowledge to create an AMAZING hair product.

Cuvée Beauty offers its customers a wide range of Champagne-filled products, from shampoo to styling spray. 

Prices start at €30, which seems fairly reasonable, in our opinion. 

We SO need to try these products. 


Are you lucky enough to be getting married this year? Well, if you are, you're in the right place! 

Planning your nuptials can be a very stressful time, with every little detail being as important as the next. 

Image result for bridal hair

One thing many brides struggle with is how to style their hair for the big day.

Whether you want a gorgeous up-style or a more relaxed look, we have come up with some of the most amazing wedding hairstyles on the Internet!

Related image

If these don't inspire you, we don't kow what will…

1. Relaxed up-do

2. A vintage feel 


Bride #bridal #bridalhair #flowers #retrostyle #vintage #brunette

A photo posted by Aleksandra Muszynska-Aszyk (@aleksandraaszyk) on

3. Low ponytail

4. Twists and turns


#Updo inspo for the weekend – have a good one

A photo posted by Nina Starck | Hairstyles (@n.starck) on

5. Massive messy bun

6. Curly Sue


#bridalhair #softcurls

A photo posted by rachna b (@rachnaab) on

7. Add some jewels 

8. Flower power

9. Plaits are King

10. Simplicity



Once the exclusive territory of 'Dublin girlos' with hoop earrings and spice bags and teenagers stressing over the Leaving Cert, the 'hun bun' is being resurrected as one of this years hottest hairstyles.

Whether you're heading to the gym, doing the weekly shop, or even hitting the town for a night out, the hun bun can be a saving grace when you just don't know what to do with your 'do. 

It's also a savior for two or three day old hair that needs a wash but you just can't bring yourself to wield the blow dryer.

One spritz of dry shampoo and a hun bun later, and everyone's none the wiser.


A photo posted by allison (@saoirsercnan) on

Superstar Irish actress Saoirse Ronan paid homage to the hun within and opted for a tousled hun bun at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards earlier this year. 

The slightly deconstructed bun looked like it was twisted atop her head without a second thought (though we're sure there was a glam squad involved) and it's this casual, laissez-faire style effect that makes the hun bun so popular. 


A photo posted by Jules.N.Co (@jules.n.co) on

All you need to achieve the look is a hair tie, bobby pins and a spritz of finishing spray, if you're feeling fancy.

Hungover hair has never been so stylish. 


Remember when glitter roots were a thing, and we were all totally obsessed?

Well, there is a brand new metallic hair trend sweeping the nation, and it is even prettier than it's glittery counterpart.

People are putting gold and silver tattoo transfers on their hair to create festive looks!

During the week, our favourite Pretty Little Liar, Lucy Hale teamed up with Teen Vogue to demonstrate this gorgeous beauty look… and the results are fabulous.

Image result for gold hair tattoo

This amazing hair style can be achieved by cutting shimmery tattoos into strips, scattering them along your parting and dousing with water. 


We really want to give these tats a whirl…

What do you think ladies?


We love hair trends, and the more outrageous they are the better. 

The latest hair trend to hit Instagram is inspired by Lisa Frank illustrations, an ode to the nineties. 

Imagine rainbow hair, but done with more of a ballyage technique. 

The results are absolutely AMAZING, and we sort of want to try it out. 


A photo posted by Blake Reed Evans (@blakereedevans) on



We all know that braids are everywhere right now, but corset braids are slowly taking over.

Vancouver Fashion Week - Day 6

Think your standard pretty braid, but with gorgeous ribbon intertwined in them… sign us UP! 

Vancouver Fashion Week - Day 6

We fell in love with these corset braids this month when they hit the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Vancouver Fashion Week - Day 6

This latest trend can also be seen on Instagram, where people have been trying out the runway look!

We are really obsessed with these hair styles! 

What do you ladies think? Would you try corset braids?  



Kendall and Kylie are complete opposites when it comes their hair. We all know by now that Kylie can't commit to just one colour and is constantly changing up her locks from long to short, blue to brown and then back to black. 

Kendall, however, has stuck with her silky, flowing brunette hair for all of her teenage years… until now that is. 


me as Alice. December Vogue @mertalas @macpiggott @therealgracecoddington @voguemagazine

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

The model completely changed up her dark locks for a recent photoshoot, and we have to say, she looks great. 

The 20-year-old It-girl is doing her best to don Alice in Wonderland for Vogue magazine, which features the season's most "fantastical looks" alongside the cast of wonder.land, a new London musical inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic. 


me as Alice. December Vogue @mertalas @macpiggott @therealgracecoddington @voguemagazine

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

The reality star does look quite different from what we're used to, but one thing's for sure, she can certainly pull it off. 


She was the poster girl for the pixie cut throughout the early 2000s, but Frankie Bridge is rocking a completely different looks these days. 

The former girlband singer made her new-look debut on Monday night as she attended the Mind Media awards in London and shocked on-lookers with a very different hairstyle.

Gone is the short and spiked do' and in it's place is a feminine shoulder-length cut. Looking super shiny, Frankie wore soft curls in her hair to add a little bit of drama. 

Her outfit was also quite different from her Saturdays look, as instead of wearing something short and tight (because that was the look of the 2000's, right?), the 26-year-old was covered up from head-to-toe in a very chic ensemble. 

Wearing a vintage-style military jacket, which featured gold detailing, the chart-topping singer finished off her look with a pair of thigh-high boots. Very #OnPoint Frankie!


A pixie cut is super chic – but it takes a lot of upkeep. 

And growing one out can be seriously awkward too. You may feel like your hair has a mind of it's own and is growing out at majorly weird angles. 

But there are a few simple tricks to keep you on top of your hair-game and prevent an unflattering look for months on end. 

Strategic trimming

Hold onto as much length as possible so you can style your stands into a short bob. Going an extra three to four weeks between hairdresser visits is ideal for getting back some length. 


Add texture (and A LOT of it)

Use some products to camouflage uneven layers or strage re-growth. Play around with your do' to find new ways of styling it during the growing-out period. If volumising products don't seem to work, use a curler and setting spray to add a bit of edge. 


Amp up your braid game

Even if you have just a little length, braids are your new best friend. They can really hide that awkward in-between phase. You can be really creative with plaits and twists these days. Look at some YouTube videos or bloggers to gain some inspiration. And if pieces start to slip out, just use a bobby pin or clip to set them straight. 


Hair contouring – yes, you heard that right. Hair contouring is the new beauty craze that loads of stylists have grabbed on to in recent weeks.

As we all know, contouring is an outline to bound and change the shape of something else. Gone are they days of using contouring on your face (that's so last year) as we see a new method which could change your face shape without even having to wear make up!

This optical illusion, which we can thank Kimmy Kay for, took the world by storm as every girl and woman tried their hand on highlighting and bronzing specific areas of their face to make them appear slimmer. All we have to change up is our bronzers for lowlights and shimmers for highlights.

The creator of the hair contouring method, hair stylist Marc Trinder, recently spoke to Harper's Bazaar about what it actually is and how to achieve it.

Marc said: "by using light and dark tones to create shadow and depth to the face, as well as applying colour in specific areas of the hair, you can completely alter either an entire face shape or specific areas".  

So if you want to try the new trend here's a how-to guide on what suits various types of faces.


Round faces: Most round faces have really good bone structure so light tones are applied from ear to ear and around the hairline. Darker pieces are placed at the bottom of the ears and lower ends of the hair.

Square facesUsually square faces have wider facial features so to slim that down multi-tonal layers of light and dark are applied to the corners and around the jaw line and temples.

Oval faces: Oval faces are one size fits all as they suit most styles and colours. So ovals, go crazy with your hair! You can accentuate it even more by adding depth with darker colour, thick texture and shine.

Heart faces: This face shape can sometimes look like an inverted triangle so to soften the overall shape lighter pieces are woven around the jaw line and ears.

And there you go! If you want to achieve a more chiselled and defined face, maybe it's time to opt for hair contouring.

You're guaranteed to have a completely bespoke style that no one can copy, so it's a win-win from us!



Having short hair can often mean that you are left with a limited amount of things to do with it.  However, there are a few things you can do to switch up your style.

Try these tips to funk up your short hair:

Blow dry your hair straight

Use a round bristle brush and dry your hair straight making sure you have no knots.  Don’t roll it instead you should pull it down to help smooth out you locks.

Spritz it with a little shine

Run a little serum through your hair or use a spritz to add some much needed shine

Use wax to style it up

Mold your style into your desired spiky shape by using your chosen wax. You can make it as spiky as you want – go wild!

Add a clip

Prettify it with a clip or hair band.

Now off you go and wow your mates!