Doing your makeup is more complicated than ever, with a new technique or product being released every other day. 

We ignore many of the beauty tips we see online, but canvassing should NOT be one of them. 

Recently, MUA and blogger, Rachel Leary, posted a video to her Instagram, where she showed her followers how to canvas. 

Rachel only used one product to achieve her flawless look, and upon further inspection we discovered that this product only costs €15.

So that's good news…

The Master Camo Colour Correcting Kit is an amazing new creation by Maybelline, and it is a makeup bag essential. 

Image result for facestudio master camo color correcting kit

The kit contains six shades, that allow you to correct, conceal, highlight and perfect your base… using just one product. 

The best thing about Maybelline's latest offering? It won't break the bank, costing just €15

Yep, we need this.