Henna contouring is now a beauty trend and it is AMAZING

We just a handle on strobing, but now for the next phase in contouring madness, we think we might need a much more steady hand.

This new method may or may not require you to have an art portfolio, but it definitely looks like the work of some people with serious skills.

A makeup/henna artist from Pakistan, Sahur Sleim has changed the game for everyone at this point with her incredibly intricate henna patterns used to map her face for highlighting and contouring.

Usually, henna dye is made from the natural dye that comes from a Henna tree. Instead Sahur uses foundation and concealer with a super thin paint brush. She uses her usual make up sponge to blend the patterns together to get some incredible definition.

"Face painting, henna and makeup have always been dear to me and I saw an opportunity to tie them together and grabbed it instantly," she wrote in an Instagram post.

Her account is currently of major interest after Huda Kattan, a Dubai based blogger, reposted her images to share Sahur’s henna contour with her 6 million followers.

Sahur talked to Marie Claire about the process and how she came up with the technique. She said that when she was practising the clown contouring method with a friend, the idea came to her.

“I practice henna and I have a pretty good understanding of patterns and how to pair them so they look fluid and can fit into certain spaces and end at a certain spot,” she explains that while she has the experience, it’s mostly “intuition and practice.”

She counts Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic as one of her role models, along with Fyza Ali: “All the work they do, especially with contouring is so flawless.”