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Contouring seems to be the one beauty trend that just keeps on giving.  Already it's allowed us to cover sunburn, create chiseled cheeks and draw on better boobs so really it's about time we tried the technique on our eyes.

As most people know, contouring involves a combination of shading and highlighting to enhance desirable attributes while reducing the prominence of our less favourable features and it's because of this the process can be quite product heavy.  But luckily we've found one easy-to-use solution for contouring the eye.

The new Eye & Brow Contouring Palette by Catrice includes one shimmer shade for highlighting the brow bone and three different matt brown colours for adding depth and definition to the eye.

This compact palette comes in two colours (one designed for people with warm skin tones and one for those with cooler complexions), can easily be slotted into any handbag for on-the-go contouring and costs just €4.95.

For added definition, why not apply a line of Catrice’s Glam & Doll Super Black Liner (€3.95)?  The uniquely shaped flexible felt tip on this product allows for the creation of both fine and thick lines and its long-wearing formula means your wings should stay picture perfect all night long.

And for all out glam, stick on a pair of the brand’s new Smokey Eyes Volume Lashes (€4.50).

Catrice’s Autumn/Winter ’16 collection will be available in Penneys stores and pharmacies nationwide this August.


S! TV’s Beauty Expert Odette demonstrates a wonder product promising to cover up those dark under-eye circles and bags we suffer from!



Eye makeup can be the most difficult part of your make-up routine. The only way to make sure you don’t end up looking like you’re a contestant on Toddlers and Tiaras is to practice. Our top tips will help as well.

  • Always use a primer to make sure your eye shadow will stay put. Put it all over the lid and right up under the eyebrow.
  • A cream base will also give your shadow something to stick to. It also helps to bring out the colour of your eye shadow.
  • Don’t brush the eye shadow across your eye, patting it on will help it stick to the lid better.
  • Going in the same direction, use short brush strokes to blend in colours. Don’t move your hand too fast; keep it slow and steady.
  • Never, ever apply eye shadow right up to your brow, unless you are using a highlighter colour…or it’s Halloween.
  • And remember, always apply your eye shadow BEFORE you apply your mascara.