‘It’s cos we care about you’ Lea Michele’s Insta is panicking fans

When members of the public begin expressing concern over a star's Instagram page, you might assume that that particular celebrity is struggling with serious issues.

But when it comes to Hollywood's good girl Lea Michelle, it's a little harder to imagine what might have her fandom up in arms.

And thankfully for the former Glee star, it's nothing more than her liberal use of bronzer before a night out.

No, seriously. And frankly if that's as bad as it gets, we've little to worry about with good ol' Lea.


Celebrating this happy couple tonight! @itsbeccatobin & @z.mart love you both! Thank you @figandolive

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After sharing a snap of herself alongside two friends on Instagram, Lea was subject to an onslaught of comments from fans concerned about the star's skills in the cosmetic department.

"No no no Lea. You are so beautiful but make sure you blend," wrote one follower. "It's only because we care about you."

"Too much contour, kill contour," added another while someone else remarked: "Not a great job on your contouring this time around. Usually you do much better."

Ah lads, if that's her biggest problem…