You just NEED to see these guys try out contouring (and totally love it)


We all know that contouring is the holy grail of make-up and we are not going to lie, we kinda feel like a blank canvas without it. 

From chiselling our cheekbones to that flawless shine, contouring is fast becoming a daily ritual for many women. 

But to think that contouring was once just a totally vague and alien concept to us, imagine what it must seem like to totally make-up ignorant man. 

Buzzfeed had three unsuspecting lads professionally contoured by a make-up artist and the results were a bit amazing. 

While they rightly felt ridiculous in their pre-blended face (as we all do), the finished product was more of a surprise. 

"Now I have a lot more respect for people who contour," said one guy who was definitely feeling his new look. 

Watch the hilarious video below: