10 ways you shouldn’t react when rejected


There are some way you should not react when you get rejected. Yes, it feels awful and yes your confidence is knocked. Doing the following won't help with any of that: 

1. Wallow
There’s no pity like self pity. You are the only person in the world who has ever felt like this. Not for too long though…

2. Never Leave Your House Ever Again
Darkness is now your only friend. Put down the Gossip Girl DVD boxset and go for a walk. You have yet to meet your Chuck and he may be too out for a walk…

3. Creep on Them
You are never going to see something you want to see, so why bother? 

4. Change Your Whole Outlook on Life
You do believe in true love…you do. 

5. Become A Cynical Arse
Loathing couples and anyone who actually seems to be happy will not make you happy. 

6.Take it Personally
One single person didn't want you, big deal. 

7. Comfort Yourself in the Arms of Another
Do you reeeeaaallly want to do that? 

8. Plot Revenge
Time to drop it now, leave them alone….


9. Stop Taking Care of Yourself
Take off the sweatpants, it's 1pm. What would Karl Lagerfeld say? 


10. Rehearse What You Will Say To Them When They Eventually Come Crawling Back
You don't need to rehearse it because if it should happen, you know better than to say anything at all…All you need is one move:

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