22 signs you really want to break-up with him

You’ve wanted a boyfriend for ages, you’ve fancied this guy for months but as soon as he acts like he genuinely likes you, you realise you’re just not that into him…oops. 


Here are the signs that you were in it for the chase and you are sooooo not that into him:

1. His hand feels dirty holding yours and you immediately want to wash after holding hands for more than 5 minutes

2. After doing ‘the deed’ all you can think about is how sweaty he feels

3. His clothes annoy you

4. His texts ending in xxxx kind of make you feel sick

5. He texts all the time – You feel nothing

6. You feel like he’s smothering you

7. When he snores you use it as an excuse to kick him really hard

8. You couldn’t care less about what you eat in front of him

9. The granny pants are out and you really don’t care

10. Girls night is far more fun than date night

11. You pray for rugby weekends so you don’t have to spend time with him

12. You chat to other guys, keeping a few interested

13. You shave your legs for girl’s night only

14. You embarrass him in front of his mates without guilt

15. You cut your toenails in front of him

16. You fart in front of him as if he isn’t there never excusing yourself

17. You refuse to share anything you’re eating with him. It’s your’s

18. You make sure your ‘needs’ are met. His are irrelevant. Sure he can do that himself in his own time

19. You’ve your eyes out for something better

20. His jokes are not in any way funny anymore


21. The way he eats, drinks and breathes drives you insane

22. The way he bites his nails makes you want to slap him

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