Have you been friend-zoned? Here are the signs


Ah, the friend-zone. It’s not only boys it happens to you know!

Here is a few of our favourite things that happen when you’ve been put in the friend-zone:

1. They’re never short of telling you about all the best bums and boobs in the world. Including those of your best friends and how incredible they are. But of course, never yours.


2. You keep thinking life is like a movie and one day you will gain the courage to  proclaim your undying love for him. Never gonna happen. 


3. You guys flirt more than you make normal conversation, but it doesn’t mean anything  because you’re best friends *gritted teeth*

4. Every time people pick up on your high pitched voice when around the person that’s friend-zoned you, you have to reassure them you’re just friends and you would “never like them like that … gross.” *GULP*


5. On nights out, they are so much craic and you guys have so much fun together but they’ll always find someone else to go home with

6. You painfully see them with someone who does not deserve them and is annoying, desperate and clingy (at least that’s how you see them). But you can’t say anything.


7. Every time you have good news or something’s happening in your life they are the first person to come to mind.

8. They have called you “Bro,” “Pal ” or “Mate,” and for the ultimate friend-zone, “Sister.”


Admit your love, the worst that can happen is they will say they don’t feel the same … and that’s not so bad, right?

via our content partner CT