9 thoughts that cross every single girl’s mind


Most single girls can be broken down into two main categories: those who secretly (or not so secretly) want a relationship and those who love being single more than Kim Kardashian loves her own arse. But whether you think you want a relationship or you think love is vile, you are likely to think about it in some shape or form.

Here are the thoughts every single girl will have about relationships:

1. “Thank God that’s not me”

tumblr_mn685xGtpU1s9knz8o3_250This is usually said about those couples who, for some unknown reason, are still together despite holding on to a large amount of hatred for their respective other halves. This is nearly always brought out in force on a night out, resulting in everyone else just feeling a bit awkward and wishing they weren’t there. Totes awks.

2. “I wish that was me.”

tumblr_n5sfwe0XoL1r6qtnno1_500Usually uttered (hopefully not aloud) in the company of those horrifically perfect couples that everyone secretly hates. They look perfect together, so perfect that you know that the one child they’ll have three years into their marriage will be a beautiful culmination of two beautiful gene-pools. They get on perfectly together, they are perfect. Now we can all feel perfectly nauseous together.

3. “Men are pricks”

tumblr_n5f4tg31lZ1sfhy94o1_500There comes a point in all womens lives when we detest men with every fibre of our being. This is especially true of single women. The wanker brigade is usually out in force on a drunken night out and the slurs fly faster than Sonia O’ Sullivan around the tracks down in Mosney. Insulting us is uncalled for. You’re not that hot anyway. Fool.

4. “I’m going to die alone”

tumblr_n0r27wOQ801s6ic8bo1_500Women are not being dramatic when we think we’re going to die alone. For all intents and purposes, this really amps up when we hit old age, usually around 23. You just have to log on to Facebook and boom, oh there’s another damned person in a relationship.

5. “Where do people FIND these men?”

tumblr_inline_mt2lg60lg71ry3wlgHave you ever just gone for a stroll around town and noticed how many couples there are? Of course you have.

6. “All the good ones are taken”


Well that is just nonsense and you know it. There are very many beautiful men out there with manners and they’re just waiting for you girl, you just need to get out there and mingle like the single Pringle that you are.

7. “Please don’t ask me if I’m still single”

tumblr_m3u62jMohg1qebseoo1_500Any single girl out there will know the pain of family events where, religiously, one-by-one, your aunts will line up and enquire about your love life.

8. “Is there something wrong with me?”


There will come a stage, a stage during which you’ve probably got zero action, when you’ll begin to think “is there something wrong with me?” There is nothing wrong with you. It is the men that are to blame of course.

9. “I’d definitely be bored”


Once you’ve been single for a while, you almost forget what it’s like to be with the same person for a long stretch of time. You’ve been in your single stride for quite some time now, on the pull on nights out, being free and always on the prowl. You look at couples who’ve been together for ages and wonder how they’re not bored of one another. Just reassure yourself that they most definitely are. In fact, they probably detest one another.

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