15 things guys secretly think about women


There is a lot that goes on in a guy’s mind, but not all of them you can say to us girls. Here is a list of things guys think, but don't say: 

1. “Why do you wear so much makeup?"
It’s actually a compliment, but if you said it to a girl you don’t know how they would take it. 

2.  "I wish you would make a move”
Though many women these days are brave enough to make a move, so many more of us think it should be up to the guy. 

3. “Your friend is hot”
You know he is thinking it but God help him if he says it…!

4.  "I would rather hang out with my mates”
Sometimes guy’s  need to just hang out with their friends, but they don’t want to upset things and so they stay in with their girl. It’s ok to blow them off every now and again, but a guy needs to see his mates just as much as a girl needs to see her besties.

5. “I’m actually broke”
When a guy pays for a meal usually he is just doing it to be courteous and a lot of the time he is actually broke. If a girl offers to pay her share of the meal, guys will always be grateful.

6.  "I’m so immature”
As the saying goes “boys will be boys” and no matter how grown up they get, there will always be some immaturity in there. As much as they put on a front of manliness, once they get with friends any maturity goes out the window. 

7. “I have no idea what you’re talking about?"
They simply have no idea what is actually coming out of your mouth most of the time. Just go with it. 

8.  "Why do you bitch about other girls so much?”
They may think this, but at the same time they'll be giving out yards about their bro's new girlfriend. Pot. Kettle. Black. 

9.  "I don’t know what to do when you cry”
Guys don’t deal with drama well and if a girl is crying, sure they will comfort us, but inside they have no idea what to do. 

10. "I don’t know which looks better on you”
Girls insist on asking guys which outfit looks better on them, and they generally have no clue. 

shrug animated GIF

11. “That dress does make you look fat”
Thankfully, if you are with a good guy, he won't think it, let alone say it. 

12.  "I actually don’t want to watch a chick flick”

13.  "I get really jealous when I see you with other guys”
If a guy likes a girl of course he is going to get a bit jealous when he sees her with other guys, it’s only natural. Even if you have been together for a while, there is always that seed of doubt that is planted in a guy’s mind.

14. “I don’t want to meet your parents”
Your dad used to be a bouncer? See ya!

15. “Stop stressing out so much about how you look"
Well, we kind of wish they would say this one…

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