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The rental crisis has been out of hand for months now, but this latest listing proves that in Dublin, things are far beyond a crisis point.

A property on Grove Road, Rathmines appeared on Daft.ie, and quickly garnered plenty of attention on social media due to the sheer, insulting ridiculousness that it entails. 

The property (if you can call it that) is listed as a double bed studio apartment, but there is a major catch. 

For the low low price of €650 per month, you can find out the hard way how much you really roll around at night by sleeping on this mattress perched atop a wardrobe.

Oh, and you can see how resilient your ankles are by slipping down a step ladder each morning when descending from your sleeping shelf. 

Twitter user Pete Kavanagh uploaded the snaps to the social media site with a very apt message.

'€650 a month for a single mattress on top of a wardrobe with access only by stepladder.'

'But yeah, avocados and entitlement. Totally.'

The property has since been removed from Daft,ie, either because it has been rented or the site removed it. 

We sincerely hope it's the latter. 



It doesn’t seem ideal to choose boys over girls when choosing a living partner – but here are some points that might change your mind!

1. You can burp at will (they’ll still find it gross but who cares)


2. You might improve your sports skills/ hand-eye co-ordination, as you will pick up techniques from the sports channel

funny soccer

 3. There’ll be a great team of DIY amateurs on hand to assemble Ikea flatpacks or mend dodgy televisions


4. Their advice tends to be hilarious, if largely useless


5. You can pretend to be a comparative domestic goddess in the kitchen


6. You get to tease them about the girls they bring home

mr bean

7. You might benefit from the batch of home-brew that they’ve been tirelessly caring for throughout the year


8. You’ll always have a drinking partner (see above)


9. You get to learn the truth about the mysterious male obsession with protein shakes, and even taste them! Ooh!

protein wonka

10. They know a surprisingly vast array of drinking games, picked up on various rugby tours / lads’ holidays


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