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We know Selena has an incredible end to 2015, with her new songs, her new beaus and her new confidence, so it's no wonder she posted a snap like this on Instagram.

Taking to the social media site yesterday, Selena shared a picture of her and some friends, enjoying the New Year in a very exotic location.

And we have to admit, Ms Gomez is sizzling in her blue bikini.

She captioned the pic, "Left my phone behind to be present! I am so grateful for the people I've met this year but more importantly for the people who have been consistent and by my side through thick and thin. That'd be YOU. Thank you for another year! Love you guys!"

We love you too, Selena.


Three things that make us envious on a wintry November morning: 1) a toned and tanned Nicole Scherzinger; 2) a toned and tanned Nicole Scherzinger on holidays on a beach, and finally – 3) a toned and tanned Nicole Scherzinger on holidays on a beach in the luxurious Maldives. 



#Maldives goofin around!

A video posted by Nicole Scherzinger (@nicolescherzy) on

Yes, the songstress is currently being hosted by the Soneva Fushi resort – all part of its lavish 20th anniversary birthday celebrations.

And when she's not snorkelling in the surrounding turquoise waters, or enjoying a beauty treatment in the on-site spa, a make-up free Nicole made sure to put her selfie stick to good use.

The 37-year-old wore a purple-patterned bikini in the images she shared on her Instagram account – where she furthermore posted two video clips of her incredible-looking Maldivian trip.

Measuring just 1.4km X 400metres, Soneva Fushi has a 'castaway island' feel to it – but is nothing less than seriously five-star.


Our Jungle Reserve private residence at Soneva Fushi #maldives

A photo posted by Soneva Resorts and Residences (@sonevagroup) on

A week-stay with breakfast (but unfortunately no lunch, dinner or drinks) in February would cost from €15,000 for a couple willing to stay in one of the resort's more basic villas – and that's before you factor in flights.


#movingonup ! too much fun @sonevagroup #bestofthebest #Maldives

A video posted by Nicole Scherzinger (@nicolescherzy) on

One the sprawling three-bed villas – large enough to accommodate you and five mates – would set you back an astonishing €200,000 (gulp).

However, for that you'd also enjoy an in-villa wine cellar, a library, gym, direct access to the beach, and a huge private swimming pool (complete with sunken dining table and seating). 

You'll furthermore have use of a butler during your stay. 


Enjoyed hearing @Benfogle tell his stories of adventures around the world. #soneva20 #sonevafushi

A photo posted by Buzz Aldrin (@drbuzzaldrin) on

TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle is currently also on the island – but fans have been particularly keen to grab a snap with Ms Scherzinger. 

Following her split in the spring from long-term on/off love, F1 star Lewis Hamilton, 30, the former X Factor judge has reportedly been seeing 24-year-old tennis star Grigor Dimitrov.


Met an awesome singer here in #sonevafushi @nicolescherzy

A photo posted by Gutxy Bugxy (@gutxybugxy) on

However, he sadly doesn't seem to have joined her during her current paradise break, with Nicole instead opting for some alone-time in the Indian Ocean.

In her very first social media post, shared when she landed in the Maldives on Sunday, the Hawaiian-native described her surroundings as "heaven". She added that her "villa and view is everything! So #thankful and #blessed".


She's always been a major hottie (and a hottie with Ryan Reynolds on her arm too), but Blake Lively has just proven she's pretty much superwoman too.

Yes, just ten months after giving birth to daughter, James, the 28-year-old actress has been spotted filming on a beach in New South Wales.

And suffice to say that her bikini body is in tip-top order.

Donning a flattering orange top and blue patterned bottoms – both from Tory Burch – Ms Lively looked totally gorgeous.

Despite previously admitting that she 'hates' the gym, Blake did admit earlier this year that she's one of the lucky ones when it comes to keeping one eye on the bathroom scales.

"Losing weight is not something I have spent much time focusing on," Blake told the Daily Mail in April. "Your body goes through a lot after pregnancy and birth, so small, gentle workouts feel better."

Ms Lively is currently in Australia for the filming of For The Shallows, which is due for release next summer.



A classically-trained pianist, singer-songwriter and a presenter of repute – not to mention one of reality TV's most successful celebrity contestants – Myleene Klass clearly has numerous strings to her bow. 

Indeed, after being pictured in that white bikini almost decade ago during I'm A Celebrity, she's furthermore carved a career as a swimwear designer and model. 

And she was once again donning one of her own pieces earlier today – looking stunning in a head-turning black one-piece that has now been reduced to just €22 on the Littlewoods Ireland website.

Ms Klass is currently enjoying a sunshine-drenched holiday with her two daughters, and although she undeniably looks beautiful, it's clear that Myleene has also recently been swapping cake for kettlebells: she's lost more weight.


Tan lines on fleek #littlewoods #swimsuit

A photo posted by myleeneklass (@myleeneklass) on

In fact, some fans have now taken to social media to express their concern, with many saying underneath her Instagram snaps that she was "too skinny". 

"That's not a healthy look to be portraying," one stated. "Bit gutted @myleeneklass would think this is a good thing to show. #healthyisthenewskinny."

"Far too skinny," stated another. "Those aren't abs either, she's emaciated. I looked the exact same way when I was suffering from anorexia."

However, not everyone was so critical and the star was heaped with praise too. In fact, one told those who had called Myleene out for being too thin: "There are people with naturally skinny frames.

"You are trying to promote a positive body attitude but you are actually body shaming @myleeneklass and that's not fair on her or anyone else who has a naturally petite body.

"Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes and they should all be equally praised."

Tomorrow would have been 37-year-old Ms Klass's fourth wedding anniversary – so no doubt the trip away is well deserved. She married Dubliner Graham Quinn on October 21, 2011 but they split just six months later. 

Their divorce was finalised in April 2013. 



She's probably the ultimate beach babe – and not just because she goes on holidays ALL the time (yes, we're just jealous).

And Michelle Keegan reminded us all of said fact this weekend, sharing a GORGEOUS #throwback bikini snap that has us rethinking that bag of chips eaten on the way home last night.

Depicting the 28-year-old actress in a metallic bikini with subtle stud detail, her summer bod is pretty much as perfect as they come.

Not only that, but we also have major hair envy, skin envy, teeth envy, tiny waist envy, accessories envy… well, suffice to say we're fairly envious. 

"#tbf… Until next year summer," she captioned the stunning image – which has so far garnered some 75,000 likes from fans.

Still, Ms Keegan this week in her Hello! magazine blog told fans that actually she's a big fan of festive delights.

"It’s starting to feel a bit more like winter is on its way," she wrote. "I love autumn/winter… You may assume that my favourite season is summer (because I love a bit of sun) but it isn’t!

"I love the rich, deep colours of autumn and the anticipation of winter because Christmas is my favourite time of the year. It’s not long now!"

Michelle furthermore went on to say that next year is already looking promising.

Citing a series of "very important" work meetings, she added: "Fingers crossed 2016 will be a very busy year for me!"


Well, there you have it: up until this point we knew an AWFUL lot about the grooming habits of the Kardashian sisters.

And now, it seems, we know EVEN more. 

Taking to her website yesterday, younger sibling Khloe ahem, laid bare, the family's waxing preferences.

“Let’s talk about the hair down there. No subject is too taboo to touch!” the 31-year-old said kicking off her latest entry.

“You guys know I’m not gonna beat around the bush (no pun intended), so let’s get straight to it: I’m all about the landing strip,” she revealed.

“I like to be clean; I like to be manicured. When there’s nothing there, it’s weird, in my opinion – especially when you have tits and an ass. It just freaks me out a little bit.

“I don't like looking at an adult woman and seeing nothing down there.

“Whenever I'm at the spa, it just makes me uncomfortable when I see that. But then again, it also makes me uncomfortable when I see something wild and untamed.”

But she doesn’t just talk about her own likes and dislikes, no siree.

Ms Kardashian continues: “I know Kim is completely bare, and now she says she wishes she still had a lil' somethin' going on but she lasered it all off.

“I mean, I'm never gonna want hair on the lips of my vag, so I'll laser that! I'll laser other places that the sun doesn't shine.

“But I like that if I ever want to go bare, I can just shave it and change my mind later,” she continued. 

And no, Kourtney, 36, wasn’t spared either.

“Kourtney's with me!” she went on. "I always think of Kourt as large and in charge with a full '70s-style bush – it just matches her personality,” she added.

“Lol, very boho chic. But she swears that's just a joke and has a landing strip… sometimes.”

Khloe also wants her fans to know that she doesn’t “understand people who vajazzle”.

“Seriously, get over yourself,” she continued. “Who has the energy for that? Can’t do it.”

She concluded by telling her fans to do their thing, but be “clean.”


She clearly keeps her 36.6million Instagram followers enthralled with regular snaps of her oh-so fabulous life (case in point – €4,500 Chinese takeway). 

But some of Kylie Jenner's fans were somewhat irate yesterday when the teenage reality TV star shared bikini snaps online.

Not that the 18-year-old didn't look totally amazing – donning a God Save Queens bra and criss-cross knickers (sadly, the items haven't been released just yet – but they will be landing soon), Kylie certainly showed off her amazing figure to full effect. 

And while a head-on snap, which garnered 1.2million likes of approval, didn't seem to cause too much upset – a second image (which incidentally notched up 1.3million likes) shared shortly afterwards proved rather more divisive.

In the controversial shot, Kylie can be seen leaning over a jacuzzi feature by the pool at her €2.2m Calabasas home. 

Her pert derriere and totally smooth, tanned skin are in full view – but some fans questioned whether the image was entirely natural. 

"No one has a bum like that clearly been photoshopped or airbrushed," one stated. 

"Her bum DOES NOT look like that," another claimed, adding, "she's been touching it up."

A third suggested: "Where's the cellulite .. Everyone's got some big or small."

This week, the Californian sun is beating down on the upmarket Calabasas area: temperatures have reached a scorching 36C on some days.

Still, the heat means Ms Jenner is getting plenty of use out of her new pool – a feature which she has just had renovated after moving into the property last month. 


She's know for stunts that demand attention – but reality TV star and teen bride Courtney Stodden really raised eyebrows this weekend.

Posing up in a skimpy bikini – hardly anything new – what the swim-wear was constructed from nevertheless proved to be a talking-point.

Taking a roll of purple duct tape, the model made underwear from the DIY stable – telling her fans that they could even buy signed items on her website for €8.75.

"Tear off a piece of Courtney with this signed roll of her famed purple Duct Tape!" the website reads, adding that fans could try to make their own bikini, or "maybe a dress!" 

However, it also comes with a warning: "Please be caution when using Duct Tape to construct your art. This is NOT a toy & NOT for children. Use at your own risk."

She furthermore shared captivating images via her Twitter account.

Ms Stodden made international headlines when, at the age of 16, she married 51-year-old Hollywood actor Doug Hutchison in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas.

Now aged 20 – and still with Doug despite several temporary break-ups along the way – the TV personality has overhauled her appearance. 

Indeed, she is a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe's style and appearance and often models her look on the screen icon.

Shortly after her marriage, the reality TV contestant denied that she'd had plastic surgery – insisting that she was entirely natural.

However, two years ago at the age of 18 she decided on a breast augmentation to further boost her bust.

Eventually opting for a DD cup – a significant increase given her petite height (she's 5ft 4in) and slight frame – her husband fully supported her decision.

She and Doug actually split after just two years of marriage, with Courtney reporting that she wanted to "experience other men," but they reconciled last year and have said that they plan to renew their vows shortly.


As anyone who has ever been for a wax can confirm, it’s unlikely to be the highlight of your week.

There you are, lying back half-starkers in front of a strange woman while she gets to work ripping out your hair – often from, ahem, sensitive regions.

So no, it’s hardly all that alluring.

However, most woman also admit that it’s a necessary evil – and one which at least leaves you smooth and hair-free for longer than two days (thanks, shaving).

There’s a lot to be said to a great waxist too – one that really knows that they’re doing and uses a decent product (we particularly love salons that stock the oh-so amazing Irish brand Waxperts).

Still – most of us have a least one waxing horror story: one that makes you shudder upon recollection.

And you’re probably not alone: indeed, Buzzfeed recently rounded up a selection of truly nasty tales… and here, SHEmazing! has selected the best for your, er, enjoyment.


1) “I work in a spa and heard an awkward shriek come from the waxing room. I asked my co-worker what happened.

“She told me she accidentally pulled the client’s tampon string, then tried to push it back in. Needless to say, that client never came back.”


2) “My legs had fallen asleep during the waxing. When I tried to get off the table, my legs gave out and I faceplanted half naked onto the floor while my waxer watched in horror.”

3) “At my salon I do all of the body waxing services. While in the middle of waxing a client’s backside, the woman farted and way more than just smelly air came out. It was a mess.”


4) “My first bikini wax was in high school. Two of my best friends waxed me while I laid on a coffee table in my basement.

“I guess you could say I was “surprised” by the pain, and I peed everywhere. I’m still embarrassed almost six years later.”

5) “Halfway through my bikini wax, the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate the building. Let’s just say fire drills are not fun when there’s wax all over your downstairs…”


6) “I recently got my very first Brazilian wax. The lady had put two wax strips on the lip. When she pulled one, I shut my legs in pain, causing the wax to basically glue my vagina shut.”

7) “When I went into the waxing room, I started making casual conversation with the aesthetician and I jokingly asked her, ‘Do I have a normal vagina?’ She looked at me and just laughed, ‘Haha no.’ We didn’t talk the rest of the time.”


8) “One time I got into the position where you pull your knees up to your chest and I farted loudly right into the waxer’s face. I immediately yelled ‘SORRY!’ and didn’t look her in the eyes for the rest of the session.”

9) I thought it would be genius to wax myself. I somehow managed to drop A LOT of hot wax all over the main hoo-ha area, as in NOT the bikini area.

“After a few seconds the wax had hardened and I realised I had basically sealed everything together. I attempted several pulls with zero success.

“So I did the only thing I could think of: I downed a bottle of wine, took a deep breath, and counted to three.”


10) “It hurt so bad, I started crying and having an anxiety attack. The aesthetician said, ‘Oh I’m so sorry! I’ve never had anyone cry on me before.’

“Literally the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear in that moment. Terrible first experience.”

11) “The woman doing my wax would first put the wax on me and then awkwardly blow on me to cool the wax down. She would look up and smile every time she did it. It was traumatising.”


12) “It was my first time. The waxer looked at me and said, ‘Oh my god. You didn’t trim beforehand?!’ She sighed and got an electric shaver. I was mortified.

“I was even more mortified when she said, ‘You’re so dry.’ I didn’t say another word until checkout… 45 minutes later.”



She's always been a serious hotty, granted, but wowsers has Vogue Williams upped her game in recent months.

The Dublin model and DJ, who sadly announced her separation from husband Brian McFadden in July, has clearly been hitting the gym hard in the midst of her heartbreak. 

And the results of which are certainly impressive.

Over the last two weeks, the 29-year-old has been spotted in a whole load of amazing bikinis: SHEmazing! counts a total of ten different ones, in fact.

Get ready to get inspired…


From Lipsy – those straps on the bum aren't easy to master, but Vogue aces it:


Looking flawless with a friend recently – wearing a bikini from Aussia brand, nookie.com.au:


Going for something brighter, Ms Williams proves that she looks great from the back too:


We really love this tankini-style top in black – from Australian brand, suboo.com.au:


NOT for the faint-hearted, this white swimsuit is from Lipsy:


So pretty! Vogue wearing a Boux Avenue number. Bonus point for the chic hat:


Beach-babe Vogue keeps things simple and elegant in a black bikini and a neon mani/pedi:


This bright bikini is from Calzedonia and flatters Vogue's toned shape perfectly:


Wearing a gold, frilly two-piece from Dublin designer Virginia Macari:


She pulls off a one-piece effortlessly – this black swimswuit is also from Virginia Macari:



After discovering she is lactose intolerant earlier this year, Kylie Jenner quit dairy and overhauled her eating regime.

The teenage reality TV star, who a few months ago admitted that overall she'd gained 15lbs since last year, told E!: "I didn't realise I was lactose intolerant." 

And at the same time, Ms Jenner – a self-confessed gym-phobe and former cheese-lover – kicked started a workout and exercise routine. 

"I need to just for health reasons!" she admitted. "I feel like all the food I eat is catching up to me though as I get older." 

Now, it certainly seems her hard-work has paid off. With less than two weeks to go until her 18th birthday bash – which takes place in Canada on August 16 – Ms Jenner is in incredible shape.

Indeed, taking to Instagram last night, Kylie showed off her abs in a tiny black bikini. 


"Kourt & Ky swim session," she captioned the image – the 'Kourt' of course being her eldest sibling, Kourtney Kardashian, 36, who recently split from long-term partner, Scott Disick. 

The shot has so far garnered 1.1million likes.

Both members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan live in the prestigious Oaks estate of Calabasas; it's where Kourtney has resided for 18months, and where Kylie just recently purchased her €2.4m home.

The enclave includes a total of 50 luxurious, ultra private residences, and boasts the likes of a 24-hour guarded entrance, as well as a large community park complete with an Olympic-sized pool and tennis courts.

Also yesterday, Kylie later shared an illustration of her chic, poolside look with her 31million followers.

On the same day, Ms Jenner had furthermore been happy to share a series of makeup-free Snapchat clips which featured her adorable dog, Norman.



A video posted by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on


She was at the receiving end of cruel internet taunts earlier this year when images of her in a bikini in Mexico surfaced.

Still, Selena Gomez is rightly proud of her figure – and has always steadfastly refused to let petty criticisms relating to her appearance get her down.

Indeed, one Instagram snap that Ms Gomez posted around that time of her Mexican jaunt included the defiant caption: "I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove".

The snap later garnered some 1.5million likes from her fans.

And this week, when asked to rate her hotness on a scale of one to ten, the singer remained refreshingly confident.

“I would say on a premiere day, I would be a good nine," Ms Gomez, who also celebrated her 23rd birthday on Wednesday, mused on Boston 103.3’s TJ Show.

Although she went on to admit that, much like the rest of us, she has her off days too.

"And then on my every day I feel like a six,” she explained, before quickly adding: “Gosh that sounds so bad. I feel like a six or a seven.”

In the end, Selena and the hosts settled that she was a spectacular 9.75.

We couldn’t agree more.

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