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The most glamorous awards in the business are scheduled for this Sunday, and excitement is building; mainly because we're GAGGIN' to see what's in the notorious goodie bags.

The annual Academy Awards are filled with prestigious Oscar statuettes and celebrities dressed to the nines, and the nominees famously receive ridiculously boujée gift bags.

Why, you ask? Apparently, they need trips to exotic countries and hand-made chocolate truffles as well as awards and haute couture red carpet looks.

Last year, apparently the swag bags were worth a whopping $40,000. 2019 seems a little bit more extra, and more 'down-with-the-kids.'

Apparently, the $100,000 goodie bags include chocolate truffles infused with cannabis this year, and are distributed to the 25 nominees in acting and directing. The speeches could be pretty loose…

California has recently legalised the drug for recreational use, so the nominees can calm their awards ceremony nerves.


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The 2019 swag bags also feature skin care products infused with the drug (cannabis facial moisturiser anyone?) and a free membership of the first cannabis-friendly social club in LA.

Private “phobia relief" sessions with "the world's number one phobia expert" are also on offer as a freebie for the Hollywood stars, according to The Telegraph.

They can also decide between a boat trip down the Amazon or to the Galapagos Islands, and a week in a California spa. Oh, and a holiday at luxury villas in Halkidiki, Greece, as well as an invitation to Flora Farms in Los Cabos, Mexico

A “Mister Poop" toilet plunger is also gifted, strangely, and up to $30,000 of treatments including fillers, botox and chemical peels at from Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich


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The company who manufactures the chocolates warns anyone who is unused to cannabis to start low and go slow, instead of wolfing down the entire pack at once.

That'll be a hard one, considering the celebs barely eat for the entire day of the Oscars. This years' nominees including Glenn Close, Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, and Richard E Grant.

A company called Distinctive Assets are putting together the cannabis gifts this year, with the founder saying they decided to include them after the drug was legalised.

Lash Fary said: "This year, we are so excited about the legalisation of cannabis in California so we will be including a number of items in that category." Gowan, Lash, you mad scone.


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Mr Fary added: "These are folks who have access to everything and can afford to buy anything they want, so we just want this to be fun for them. Hopefully we are also introducing them to some new brands and experiences they wouldn’t otherwise know about.”

Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon admitted in 2013 that she was high on cannabis at many Hollywood events; “I would say almost all, except the Oscars."

The 2019 Oscars ceremony is already facing controversy, after Kevin Hart dropped out as host.

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Between Polly Pocket bags, Disney clutches and now Rugrat cross-bodies, we couldn't be more delighted with style trends these days.

It seems like everything we loved as kids/young teens are now coming back into fashion, and we are going to run with it.

Latest in the 90s fashion comeback is a collection of Rugrat bags, and we're living for the Reptar one.

American brand Danielle Nicole has launched an entire Rugrats collection. Have a look:



All the gang


Unfortunately, they're only available in the US for the time being, so if you know someone travelling over-seas make sure they grab one for you.



Remember those Polly Pocket bags that we obsessed over a few weeks ago? Well, the same online store is now selling Disney character bags, and they're absolutely divine.

Yep, online retailer Truffle Shuffle has announced that they will be selling a whole range of glitzy Disney bags, with Flounder and Cogsworth taking centre stage.

They verge on the pricey side, starting off at €72 and going up to nearly €80, but if you're a Disney fan, they're definitely going to be something you'll keep forever.

Our personal fave is Sebastian, but we're loving the brightly coloured, kitsch cartoon designs:


The Seven Dwarfs


Mrs Potts


The collection is expected to go on sale July 1, and you're in luck because Truffle Shuffle ship to Ireland.



We are very rarely rendered speechless, but when we discovered Rommydebommy and her Etsy store, we were lost for words.

When it comes to style, it is important to always wear what you love – and if you love cakes and desserts, then why not work them into your look?

Rommy, who is a designer from Rotterdam, creates amazingly detailed accessories that are inspired by some of our favourite foods (think pancakes, burgers and ice cream!)

According to The Nerdist, Rommy started making these delicious creations two years ago, and has since sold over 500 items online.

Rommy wanted to have a fun handbag, but she couldn’t find the right one – so, she started making dessert-themed clutches. 

We literally can't begin to cope with how real these foodie bags look – thankfully Rommy explained just how she achieves the life-like effect: 

"If I’m making a slice of cake, I make sure I use really soft sponge foam to get that cake effect,” she says. Rommy considers how the food actually looks, then intricately replicates the shapes, colours and textures.

The entire creation process can take up anywhere from a few days to a number weeks, due to all the details she creates by hand.

Rommy admits that she seeks a lot of information from beautiful and delicious-looking foods: "It sounds strange but I don’t get hungry looking at all those cakes, pizzas, cookies, and ice cream. If I see a gorgeous, delicious, huge birthday cake, I switch it into a purse!”

The designer has also created a line of men’s bow ties, which are SO hilarious.

Prices for Rommy's purses start at €35, which is actually very reasonable when you consider how much work goes into each creation. 



Spring has officially sprung, and although the weather might not have quite caught up with what should be some of the brightest months of the year, the high street certainly has.

It's not quite shorts and sunglasses season, but we're very much over the muted hues of winter.

Luckily, a cheery, colourful bag is just the thing to give your wardrobe an injection of spring style while it's still cold outside. 

Left to right: Parfois Exotic Cross Bag €24.99

Penneys Blue Handbag €12.00

Parfois Pink Bag €36.99

Penneys Polka-dot Bag €10.00

Left to right: Skinny Dip London shell bag €40.00

ASOS cactus clutch €16.00

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage bag €50.67

Missguided sheer backpack €29.33

Left to right: River Island Pink Snakeskin Bag €33.00

River Island Black Gingham Crossbody €35.00

River Island Pink Floral Backpack €43.00

River Island Pink Glitter Crossbody €24.00

Left to right: H&M Clutch €44.99

H&M Pastel Crossbody €19.99

H&M Mustard Bag €24.99

H&M Burgundy Chain Strap €9.99

Left to right: Boohoo Fluffy Crossbody € 16.00

Bershka Red Bucket Bag €17.99

Bershka Holographic Clutch €9.99

Boohoo Velvet Embroidered Bag €19.00



Ladies, we have discovered the most amazing online shop EVER. 

HA Designs is an online retailer that was set up by Hannah O'Neill, who is engaged to professional footballer Daniel Ayala.


The beautiful @chloelewis91 with her Saffiano Collection Bags 

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The brand specialises in chic phone cases, and lovely leather goods, that can be monogrammed for a personal touch. 


Gold Marble hanks for sharing @lauraallan88

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There are a wide range of products, such as wallets, passport covers, makeup bags and clutches, as well as a variety of phone cases.  

The best part is the fact that while these products may look really expensive, they are very reasonably priced. 

"I love anything personalised so I set out to design affordable goods without compromising on quality" Hannah recently said, in an interview with The Daily Mail

HA Designs has proven very popular among bloggers, influencers and celebs such as Chloe Lewis, Danni Armstrong, Katie Wright, and Denise Van Outen. 


This Rose Gold Case Is Everything 

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This may just be our new favourite brand… we want one of EVERYTHING! 



The mini backpack was a must have accessory in the 90s (bonus points if it was fluffy or faux quilted Chanel) and fashion's obsession with the 90s has yet to wane.

The mini backpack has made a triumphant return for the new season, and the smaller and more detailed the better. 

Penneys, €10

From metallic hues to heavy embroidery, there is a baby backpack to suit everyone (unless you need to carry loads of bits around, in that case stick with your hold-all tote).

While these bags are teeny they can definitely fit more than a clutch, so if you need a choice of lipsticks on a night out, a mini bag could be the way to go. 

Fjallraven Mini Kanken €69.95

While they might look dinky, the bags are pretty utilitarian.

This mini version of the trendy Fjallraven Kanken is sturdy while still being cute AF. 

New Look€24.99

Minimalist stylings will always be chic, so opting for a classic, streamlined mini backpack is the safest way to rock this trend.

Parfois, €29.99

If you thought the shade camel was gone the way of the camel coat, you'd be wrong.

Camel is a classic, and this faux suede bag from Parfois has festival season all over it thanks to it's versatile shade and the addition of that edgy chain detail. 


As long as their are flannel lovers out there, the grunge trend will never die.

This ring-pull and zipper embellished backpack will add edge to any outfit. 

ASOS €26.67

Leopard print has pretty much cemented itself as a fun but classic print, ideal to spice up your life with if your wardrobe consists exclusively of neutrals. 

Boohoo, €22.00

Pastel pink has become one of the most beloved shades for spring, so incorporating this pale rose piece into your new season wardrobe is one way to nail two trends at once.

Plus, this Boohoo bag definitely has room for all the essentials. 

 Skinny Dip London, €42.67

Opting for a novelty bag is one way to draw attention to your new accessory. 

This fluffy, furry piece from Skinny Dip London is absolutely gas, but in the best possible way. We love it. 

Parfois, €34.99

Another festival essential, this faux leather drawstring backpack is the perfect size for all of the essentials when heading into the main arena.

While festival season may be a while away, there's no harm in getting a head start on outfit planning. 

Juicy Couture€419.99

Feeling splurgey? This mini Juicy Couture piece literally has Cher Horowitz written all over it, and what's a 90s trend without a Clueless reference?

But as IF we've got the cash for this gorgeous bag at this stage of the financial month. 

There goes our social lives…. 



The round bag is huge right now.  Everyone wants one and anyone can have one.

From the budget to the high-end shopper, it’s definitely on everyone’s wish list. 

The perfect bag can jazz up any outfit. So, why not transform that tired black dress for spring with a statement bag for a completely different look?

Practical and versatile, the circle bag is small enough to look unique, but big enough for those all-important essentials.

There are plenty on offer, from the affordable high street names to the indulgent splurge-worthy brands.

Here are five we’ve rounded up for your shopping pleasure:

1. Elegant style

Vivienne Westwood is a style icon, so carrying this bag is sure to make a statement.

Derby round plaid print faux leather bag €150.00

2. On a budget:

Everyone can try this runway trend with this affordable Military style bag available from Romwe.

Green metal charm studded round bag €19.06

3. Sheer indulgence:

What gal hasn't dreamed of owning a Chanel number? Better start saving for this pricey number. It is a beauty though.

Chanel Vintage, Round vanity tote €6807.00

4. Practical and affordable:

This basic number from NastyGal is perfect for trialling the trend if you're not sure of it… 

Whip It Cross-body bag €37.00

5. Attainable chic:

This doll face leather bag is a style staple from Irish fashion designer Lulu Guinness.

Lulu round leather cross-body bag €180.00



Party season is officially here. And before you panic about your lack of suitably festive attire combined with your lack of funds, we have one word of advice: Heatons.

The budget-conscious department store has traditionally offered a mixed bag of merchandise, but if you haven't popped your head in recently – you definitely NEED to check out its shoe department. 

In fact, we've spotted a LOAD of style steals in there. With prices from just €14.40, everything that caught our eye came in at €25 or less. 

And if you're just not a stiletto kinda gal, fear not: Heatons also has some killer casual shoes too that can be jazzed up or played down as your social diary demands. 

Here, SHEmazing! brings you the best of what's on offer right now…

Cut-out ankle strap, €22.50 [also available in red]
Cut-out shoe boot, €22.40



Leopard loafter, €20
​Diamonte court, €25
Patent fringe loafer, €20



Pointed Chelsea, €22.40
Tassel ankle boot, €25
Snake Chelsea, €14.40



Glitter black boot, €22.40
Quilted hidden wedge in taupe, €25
Croc gold wedge, €22.40



PLUS… four €15 or less bags we couldn't resist

[clockwise] Cross-body buckle bag, €14; Structured lock bag in pink, €15; 
Chain cross-body bag in raspberry, €14; Printed clutch in leopard, €14



Look, we enjoy a pay-day splurge as much as the next gal. But there's a big different between dropping a cheeky €100 on a much coveted and considered piece… and parting with tens of thousands all for a single item. 

And while a well-nurtured handbag-obsession is the prerogative of any otherwise sound-minded individual, we just can't imagine – EVER! – forking out €40,000 on what ultimately amounts to a fancy sack. Even fashionist Kylie Jenner sticks to the likes of the Celine trapeze, which will set you back a more reasonable (in celebrity terms anyway) €3,000.

Still, this season pretty much every high-end designer has a range of luxury leather goods that cost eye-watering amounts.

There is, for example, a black crocodile backpack from The Row – the brand founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2006 – featuring a top handle, adjustable shoulder straps, and a drawstring fastening. The former child-actresses have previously defended their price-points, and their collections are selling: late last year in LA they opening their first store.

The Row crocodile backpack costs €39,550


Those in the market for something a little more affordable could opt for Gucci's grey tote, a steal at €28,000. Made from crocodile skin and calf leather, it is handcrafted in Italy and is described as "a true heirloom piece", as well as something that "looks chic with everything from tailoring to casual weekend outfits". Indeed. 

Snap up this Gucci totes for €28,000


Or what about another twist on crocodile skin: Bottega Veneta has its own Roma tote complete with three suede-lined compartments. It fastens with a stylish padlock and key, a feature which apparently is "perfect for keeping valuables safe and organised". The cost?  €25,800.

For €25,800, pick up this item from Bottega Veneta


Alternatively, inject a splash of colour into your wardrobe with a Saint Laurent 'sac du jour' in blush rose. For €23,500 you too can make this "timeless investment". Made from crocodile leather (what else) there is also a soft leather lining and subtle gold-toned branding and padlock.

Saint Laurent has this bag on offer for €23,500


Finally, check out Fendi's take on the crocodile tote (we're sensing a pattern here). Made in Italy, the cobalt blue shade is certainly striking. It has plenty of space for your daily essentials and an optional shoulder strap. The bag is finished with polished silver detail on the edges, and will set you back €22,000.

For €22,000, this Fendi bag can be yours




If you are still reeling from the fact that a white and gold dress could actually be blue and black, then prepare to have your mind melted even further!

Accessories label Jump From Paper have released a line of rucksacks, handbags and satchels designed to look like they've jumped straight out of a kids' cartoon.

Can you believe they are real?!

The label, founded in Taiwan but available to order online, says its mission is to design "bags with boldness and playfulness, with an attempt to fulfill everyone’s childhood fantasy."

The brand "stands for the passion to make laughs, and encourages people to let their imagination go wild."

Jump from Paper bags have been a favourite with fashion bloggers for the last few years but this latest collection is really getting people talking.

With prices starting at €29 for a small wallet and going up to €100 for the rucksack above, they're not cheap, but if you're going to splash out it might as well be on something as downright cool as this!



There’s always a lot of love for the “Swinging Sixties”, and one look at the fabulous fashion of the era is enough to explain why. Now, having dominated the catwalks at fashion week, the funky and feminine style of sixties is back!

Here are our top five tips for rocking the sixties trend this season.


Shift dress

The AW14 runways were jam-packed with the staple sixties shift dress, and it gives a playful and feminine nod to the trend. Take your look to the next level by backcombing your hair and painting on a kitten eye flick – very Bridget Bardot!


Knee-high boots

Sexy and sophisticated, your knee-highs will channel the classic sixties ‘go-go’ look to perfection. Opt for a platform or a comfy flat heel, layering some stockings underneath to add a funky edge to your look.


Box bags

This signature sixties arm-candy is having a major moment, and it’s just as well, because we’re sick of dragging those satchels and oversized totes around! Even if you do have to stuff everything into it, it’s worth it for that pretty retro look.


Shearling coat

Nothing says sixties like some funky shearling. From subtly-lined jackets to all-over-fluffy coats, pick a bright shade to really make a statement this season. While blush pink and cool mint hues are popping up all over the high street, nothing beats classic beige or tan.


Polos and Peter Pans

We’re talking collars, of course, with the high polo neck and sweet Peter Pan two trademarks of sixties fashion. Whether it’s a dress, a blouse or a coat you’re rocking, these minor details channel the sixties vibe perfectly.


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