Oooh… we have totally fallen in love with these Disney character bags


Remember those Polly Pocket bags that we obsessed over a few weeks ago? Well, the same online store is now selling Disney character bags, and they're absolutely divine.

Yep, online retailer Truffle Shuffle has announced that they will be selling a whole range of glitzy Disney bags, with Flounder and Cogsworth taking centre stage.

They verge on the pricey side, starting off at €72 and going up to nearly €80, but if you're a Disney fan, they're definitely going to be something you'll keep forever.

Our personal fave is Sebastian, but we're loving the brightly coloured, kitsch cartoon designs:


The Seven Dwarfs


Mrs Potts


The collection is expected to go on sale July 1, and you're in luck because Truffle Shuffle ship to Ireland.