This cartoon-like handbag is REAL and it’s blowing our mind


If you are still reeling from the fact that a white and gold dress could actually be blue and black, then prepare to have your mind melted even further!

Accessories label Jump From Paper have released a line of rucksacks, handbags and satchels designed to look like they've jumped straight out of a kids' cartoon.

Can you believe they are real?!

The label, founded in Taiwan but available to order online, says its mission is to design "bags with boldness and playfulness, with an attempt to fulfill everyone’s childhood fantasy."

The brand "stands for the passion to make laughs, and encourages people to let their imagination go wild."

Jump from Paper bags have been a favourite with fashion bloggers for the last few years but this latest collection is really getting people talking.

With prices starting at €29 for a small wallet and going up to €100 for the rucksack above, they're not cheap, but if you're going to splash out it might as well be on something as downright cool as this!