You may want to bring your favorite designer bag with you wherever you go, but when it comes to handbags, one type does NOT suit all occasions. Below are the basic bags that every girl should own:

The everyday bag
A big ‘carry as much as you can’ kind of bag. Look for a black or neutral bag that you can match with nearly everything in your wardrobe.

The overnight bag
This should be big enough for you to bring a change of clothes, as well as your toiletries with you.

The cute tote
A cute summer bag that can accompany you during a lunch time stroll or a meeting with friends.

The clutch
A clutch bag is perfect for a night out. It’s also a good way for you to pack up all your little must-haves in the most sensible way.

The statement bag
Let your personality shine with a statement bag. If you’re vibrant and full of energy, let it show through your bag.