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The most glamorous awards in the business are scheduled for this Sunday, and excitement is building; mainly because we're GAGGIN' to see what's in the notorious goodie bags.

The annual Academy Awards are filled with prestigious Oscar statuettes and celebrities dressed to the nines, and the nominees famously receive ridiculously boujée gift bags.

Why, you ask? Apparently, they need trips to exotic countries and hand-made chocolate truffles as well as awards and haute couture red carpet looks.

Last year, apparently the swag bags were worth a whopping $40,000. 2019 seems a little bit more extra, and more 'down-with-the-kids.'

Apparently, the $100,000 goodie bags include chocolate truffles infused with cannabis this year, and are distributed to the 25 nominees in acting and directing. The speeches could be pretty loose…

California has recently legalised the drug for recreational use, so the nominees can calm their awards ceremony nerves.


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The 2019 swag bags also feature skin care products infused with the drug (cannabis facial moisturiser anyone?) and a free membership of the first cannabis-friendly social club in LA.

Private “phobia relief" sessions with "the world's number one phobia expert" are also on offer as a freebie for the Hollywood stars, according to The Telegraph.

They can also decide between a boat trip down the Amazon or to the Galapagos Islands, and a week in a California spa. Oh, and a holiday at luxury villas in Halkidiki, Greece, as well as an invitation to Flora Farms in Los Cabos, Mexico

A “Mister Poop" toilet plunger is also gifted, strangely, and up to $30,000 of treatments including fillers, botox and chemical peels at from Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich


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The company who manufactures the chocolates warns anyone who is unused to cannabis to start low and go slow, instead of wolfing down the entire pack at once.

That'll be a hard one, considering the celebs barely eat for the entire day of the Oscars. This years' nominees including Glenn Close, Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, and Richard E Grant.

A company called Distinctive Assets are putting together the cannabis gifts this year, with the founder saying they decided to include them after the drug was legalised.

Lash Fary said: "This year, we are so excited about the legalisation of cannabis in California so we will be including a number of items in that category." Gowan, Lash, you mad scone.


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Mr Fary added: "These are folks who have access to everything and can afford to buy anything they want, so we just want this to be fun for them. Hopefully we are also introducing them to some new brands and experiences they wouldn’t otherwise know about.”

Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon admitted in 2013 that she was high on cannabis at many Hollywood events; “I would say almost all, except the Oscars."

The 2019 Oscars ceremony is already facing controversy, after Kevin Hart dropped out as host.

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Award season is well and truly underway. The paparazzi are flocking to the red carpet, hoping to get the winning shot of this year’s nominees. The biggest names in Hollywood are sporting their finest suits and gowns.

And the public, who have been flocking to the cinema to catch this year’s biggest films, are eagerly waiting to see who will be crowned the winner, or when it comes to the Critics' Choice Awards– winners.


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There has been uproar following last night’s results when both Lady Gaga and Glenn Close, and Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette were tied in their respective categories.

It’s a rare occurrence and one that many stars would be extremely bothered by. Back in 1969, Bette Davis even said: “If someone gave me half an Oscar, I’d throw it back in their face.”


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SHEmazing writers Kat O'Connor and Kate Brayden go head-to-head to discuss whether tying for awards is a good or bad outcome, and it gets HEATED, let us tell you.

Just The Two of Us by Kat O' Connor

I understand that giving the award to both Amy and Patricia, and Gaga and Glenn is controversial, but the sight of both duos on stage outweighs the controversy.

For me, the moment when Amy and Patricia embraced on stage and when Glenn cheered for Gaga’s triumph symbolises the sisterhood we have developed and strengthened in recent years.

The tie acknowledged the incredibly moving, outstanding and remarkable work of four talented women in Hollywood.

It wasn’t about who wore the most on-trend lipstick or whose gown was the most eye-catching.

That moment was about female friendship, celebrating one another’s achievements and showing the world that the days of cat-fights and backstage bitchiness are no more.

Amy and Patricia tying for best actress doesn’t take away from their stellar performances in Sharp Objects and Escape at Dannemora.


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And the same goes for Gaga’s role in A Star Is Born and Glenn’s in The Wife.

I’ll leave you with the wise words of winner Amy Adams: “I actually can't think of a more beautiful thing than a tie because there really isn't a winner when we get to do such great work and we have such wonderful opportunities.”

Why Tying For Awards Is Entirely Pointless, by Kate Brayden

While I concur with the idea of supporting other women and acknowledging as much talent in female entertainment categories as possible, does giving two women out of seven in one category awards not dilute the entire notion of a winner in the first place? In that case, why don't each of the nominees get a trophy?

Giving two seems pointless, and also must have been frustrating for the five 'losers', so to speak. Other nominees in this category were the outstanding Olivia Colman, Emily Blunt, Toni Collette, Melissa McCarthy and Yalitza Aparicio, who each gave incredible performances in their own right.

So why give the same award to two women? Arguably, the statement says neither woman stood out enough to get the gong. Sharing ain't always caring, sorry kids.

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They were both above average, but didn't deserve the trophy. Yet because we have to celebrate women from these categories, we'll just hand both of them a statuette and everyone will be happy.

Each of the seven women are amazing in their own right, but it doesn't reflect the reality of the entertainment industry to divide up the awards. Women are still competing in Hollywood for a tiny number of well-rounded roles and positions working behind the camera, so what's the point in pretending that 2019 is all about equality?

The point of an awards ceremony is to watch the competition, to see the reactions, the wins, the losses, the fashion, the tears, the joy; if the competition is diluted, arguably there's less entertainment factor. Don't get me wrong, I love gal bonding as much as the next feminist, but women are still allowed to compete against each other for the sake of art.

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All in all, both perspectives have valid points; lifting other women rather than pitting them against each other is something to cherish in today's harsh, still-patriarchal society which has a narrow idea of what a woman represents.

On the other hand, why not just give every woman in that category an award then, heck why not give US an award too while you're at it?

Will we just say we both won the debate? A trophy each? Sounds about right..

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Immy Waterhouse is enjoying her last few months of being unknown.

Of course, the teen has had a few cameras in her face over the years, but it's mostly been in the vein of have-you-met-Suki's-sister?

As Hollywood is going crazy over star sister duos lately, (Dakota and Elle, Beyoncé and Solange, Cara and Poppy), it'll be no surprise that Immy could be the next big thing… and she's just landed a huge film role.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, Immy told them all about her big break, and how she's feeling about it all.

"I'm moving to Los Angeles soon, because I've gotten a small role in Tom Ford's next film, Nocturnal Animals," she explained.

"I've never met him, but I loved his last movie [A Single Man]. It was so beautiful and so well done.

"I auditioned through video tape so I've actually not met him yet. Should I be nervous?" 

But despite any possible nerves, the blonde beauty said she has only heard good things.

"My friend Georgia [May Jagger] worked with him on a fragrance campaign and she said he was super nice."

Immy will appear alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams in the new flick – but before she was confirmed for the gig, she had to show Mr Ford her best American accent. 

"Do you know how all British actors learn how to speak American?" she asks.

"From Friends."

"If you listen to any British actor, even the really big ones, when they're playing American people, they probably sound like Rachel or Monica. 

"Friends is so huge over here that we just watch it all the time."

She finished the interview on a rather strange, but charming, note.

"I love facts and I love sharks. Like, did you know there's a really cool shark named the Greenland Shark?

"It lives its whole life with a parasite in its eye, and eventually, the parasite turns the shark completely blind. There you go. That's something I bet no other actress can tell you."

Something tells us we're going to be seeing a lot more of Immy Waterhouse… and her shark obsession.



Amy Adams is set to marry her long-term partner, Darren Le Gallo this weekend. 

They have been together for 14 years, and engaged for seven.

A source has told Page Six: "Amy and Darren are getting married this weekend in Los Angeles in a ceremony that will be intimate and genuine." The insider added that the guest list will be kept very small and that Amy "has kept the location very much under wraps."

Amy and Darren had not set a date before this year as the actress was extremely busy with her career, but she has now taken time out to focus on her family and get married, according to friends.

The pair met in 2002 at an acting class and have since had a daughter, Aviana, who is four.

Amy has spoken up about Darren and their wedding previously, saying she wanted a relaxed ceremony. "We both have a very specific idea of what we want to do with this [wedding ceremony] in spring or fall, like in those months, but every time I'm busy working. I want something very family-orientated and laid-back," she said in a recent interview.

We have no doubt she will look stunning so let's hope we get to see the pictures.



We'll never turn down an excuse to see more of Henry Cavill, and even though the actor is fully suited up in his Superman costume in this Ice Bucket Challenge video, he still makes us go weak at the knees!

Henry is joined by Amy Adams, his co-star in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

The actor proves he really IS a superhero by taking on a grand total of six buckets of water. We hope he made that many donations afterwards too!



We won’t lie – the oul shtyle wasn’t the best at this year’s SAG awards.

That said, we managed to put together what we think were the winning outfits of the evening, but we’re hoping for better at the Oscars.

Sofia Vergara looked as wonderful as the SAG award itself in a clinging silver number.

Kerry Washington had us humming and hawing but in the end we decided it was too darn cute to leave out.

Amy Adams was probably the favourite in a stunning navy-blue number with shoulder detailing.

We thought the colour of Lupita Nyong’o’s dress was beautiful and the ornamentation around the neck really helped to pull the whole thing together.




This year’s Golden Globes saw some impressive movies and TV shows go head-to-head for those shiny gongs.

There wasn’t too much surprise when it came to the main movie awards, with Best Drama going to 12 years a slave and American Hustle winning Best Comedy/Musical.

There was a murmur of recognition when it came to Best Actor in a Drama, won by Matthew McConnaughey for his powerful portrayal of Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyers Club.

Staying with the fellas, Leonardo Di Caprio won Best Actor for a Comedy/Musical for his role as corrupt and wild stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

Cate Blanchett won Best Actress for her role in Blue Jasmine, while Amy Adams was awarded a globe for her portrayal of con artist Sydney Prosser.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jared Leto were awarded Golden Globes for their supporting roles in American Hustle and Dallas Buyers Club respectively.

Gravity seemed to disappoint in its predictions of numerous awards however Alfonso Cuaron did walk away with the Best Director award for the 3D science-fiction thriller.

Finally, Disney’s newest contribution Frozen won the Golden Globe for Best Animation.