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As much as we wanted her to tell us she works out five days a week and only eats vegetables – we knew it wasn’t to be.

According to Michelle Keegan, junk food is the secret behind her stunning figure.

Michelle said: “I love Supernoodles … and McDonald’s … I love chips and mayonnaise, proper comfort food. If I cut it out, I don’t enjoy my life – I get grumpy. You only live once, what’s the point?

The former Coronation St. is famous for her lean and toned figure and it looks like it’s all good genes.

The actress, who is set to wed TOWIE‘s Mark Wright, also said that she received criticism for her figure and was branded too skinny: “I’ve seen Twitter comments saying that I’ve lost too much … I haven’t actually lost any weight. It’s just toning!”

Back to the Pilates with us, then.



Rita Ora landed herself in hot water with Italian trainer brand Superga – when she was snapped wearing shoes by a rival label.

The pop star, who inked a deal as the face of the shoe label, agreed not to wear trainers by rival companies during her time as the label’s ambassador.

She was reportedly paid £180,000 to stay loyal to Superga, taking over from Alexa Chung.

But last April, the Hot Right Now singer was spotted at a London nightclub wearing a pair of Converse, with celebrity pals Cara Delevingne and Ellie Goulding in tow.

This led to the Scottish firm who own Superga to withdraw her last two payments for breaching her contract.

The singer was caught up in a hefty legal battle with the brand as she demanded to be paid her fee and asked for £90,000 extra for her troubles.

The case has now been settled out of court, and while the outcome has been kept hush-hush, it seems both parties have moved on!

Rita is rumoured to be collaborating with Adidas, and Superga have snapped up model Suki Waterhouse as the new face of their brand.

RITA ORA - style



Model Chrissy Teigen is having some major regret about telling the whole world about her sex life with husband, John Legend.

The stunning model was telling Cosmopolitan magazine about the craziest place she and her husband have had sex when she said: “We were on our way to Thailand to see my parents, flying commercial first class. We were under a blanket. We weren’t even in one of those pod things. I feel like we should get a trophy for that.”

Following the rather shocking admission, it would seem Chrissy is wishing she could eat her words as she tweeted: “and yes my entire family now know I had sex on a plane and yes i want to die thank you for asking.”

Poor Chrissy – we’re turning red just thinking of it!




Ireland is blessed not only with some of the best musicians out there, but also with some very attractive ones. Guys who can play an instrument or sing have always had an easier route to the ladies.

Here are the Irish artists that the girls definitely want to see more of.

17. Damien Rice


This Celbridge singer-songwriter has been around for quite a while but still has some appeal with the girls. The 40-year-old won critical acclaim for his solo work after leaving the band Juniper during the nineties. Damien is widely known for his musical contributions to charity such as the Song for Tibet and the Freedom Campaign. We’re sure there’s some girls out there who still love a nice sensitive guy.

16. Mick Pyro


Intelligence is attractive! Double-whammy Mick Pyro has an MA in Renaissance Literature and is known for his unique singing style, with the ability to reach those super high notes! Having previously written for the Irish Independent, the Republic of Loose frontman also sports a lovely beard.

15. Paul Noonan


Lead singer for popular Irish band Bell X1, Paul is loved for his excellent vocals and soft tender tone. After all, is it not every girl’s dream to have a man serenade her? Well, maybe not… But still, you’d give Paul a go.

14. Alex Trimble


A cute and lovable frontman from Northern Ireland, we had to give ginger Alex a place in our list. His band Two Door Cinema Club have achieved huge success with their debut album.

13. Glen Hansard


Jack of all trades, Glen is one of the most recognisable faces among modern Irish musicians. Oscar-winner, musician and actor, he has tried his hand at several occupations and won success in them all. Often found busking on Grafton Street on Christmas Eve, with his red curly hair, blue eyes and freckled arms, Glen is one of the most Irish-looking men out there!

12. Daithí Ó Drónaí


This young Irishman drew many fans from his appearance on The All Ireland Talent Show and Sky1′s Must Be The Music. A multi-instrumental expert, Daithí has showed his tremendous skills with the fiddle and loop station to create a unique form of music. His debut album is due to be released this summer and with a new hairdo, the County Clare musician is sure to increase his popularity with the ladies.

11. James Vincent McMorrow


James is a late bloomer in terms of his musical career but has jumped onto the scene with his debut album Early in the Morning and has started making a big name for himself overseas. The folk singer released his album Cavalier last year and his track Higher Love has received over 10 million plays on Spotify. What a voice!

10. Kevin Baird


 Two Door Cinema Club bass-player and vocalist has a funny blog dedicated to his attractiveness at fuckyeahkevinbaird.tumblr.com.

9. Ronan Keating


Oh Ronan, you handsome devil. Needs no lengthy introduction, but we’re sure he got a lot of action when his solo track When You Say Nothing at All featured in the film Notting Hill. Ronan’s still a big hit with the ladies.

8. Nathan Connolly


This Belfast-born guitar player is best known for his work with Snow Patrol. It seems like they’ve been around for ages but you’ll be happy to hear that Nathan is still only 33!

7. Shane Filan


One of the lead singers of Irish band Westlife, Shane has been admired for years by Irish women AND Louis Walsh. Shane went missing from our radar for a short time after Westlife disbanded but thankfully stepped back into the limelight after he released his first solo album last year. Phew!

6. Pete Maguire


This young Irish producer has achieved so much on the Irish dance scene and at just 22, has a massive career ahead of him. Pete is the host of popular Spin 1038 radio show Resistance, which airs at 11:45pm on Friday nights. The young DJ has already played a number of sets ahead of high-profile stars such as Sander van Doorn, Nicky Romero and Mat Zo, as well as warming up for heavyweight stars Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki. Pity he’s on radio and not TV, but keep an eye on Pete!

5. Niall Horan


Okay, maybe one for the younger girls, but we couldn’t leave Niall outside the top 5 for fear of a viral backlash from his millions of fans! Although he looks like he’s still waiting for his first facial hair to emerge, Niall has got that cute country lad look about him and he’s a genuinely nice guy.

4. Danny O’Reilly


The Terenure guitarist and The Coronas frontman has made quite a name for himself over the years but was in a relationship with MTV presenter Laura Whitmore for a long time. The girls will be happy to know that Danny is now a free and single man. Line up!

3. Niall Breslin


A bit of an all-rounder, Niall aka “Bressie” won a Leinster U-21 Football Championship medal, represented Ireland in rugby at the U-21 World Cup and enjoyed a successful music career with The Blizzards. The Westmeath star can be caught mentoring on The Voice of Ireland.

2. Siva Kaneswaran


Siva was an early bloomer in Ireland as he started modeling at the age of 16, before signing a contract with Storm Model Management. He went on to achieve fame with English-Irish boy band The Wanted. The young singer is massively popular with the ladies and deserved his spot at number 2!

1. Danny O’Donoghue


The frontman of The Script is one of the hottest musicians to come out of Ireland. He achieved massive critical acclaim for his lyric-writing, singing ability and his energetic performances with his band. He was a judge on the first two series of The Voice UK, drawing more female fans and increasing both his and the band’s popularity. Danny takes the cake!

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3lb yorkie and his 30lb carry-on suitcase!


If you went a little overboard at the weekend, no doubt your liver is crying out for a detox. Give it some much needed TLC with these super cleansing foods.

No, it’s not good to eat this on a first date or before job interview, but it is pretty beneficial if you over indulged on the wine. It helps to flush out toxins and cleanse the liver.

Green tea
Green tea is getting a pretty good wrap lately and it is not surprising. It is full of antioxidants making it perfect after a night out.

Lemon in hot water is great for stimulating the liver, helping it to do its job right.

Avocado is another example of a pretty trendy ingredient. It helps the body get rid of toxins by helping it produce glutathione.

Chew on some carrots sticks to help detoxify the liver. Just like the avocado, the carrot contains glutathione, although it has the added benefits of vitamin C, B and potassium.



Nicola McLean has spoken out against Kym Marsh’s rumoured relationship with Dan Hooper.

Nicola’s friend, actress Stephanie Waring, was upset when her ex, Dan, was rumoured to be seeing the Coronation St. actress at the weekend.

Now it seems as if Nicola has gotten herself into a war of words over Twitter with Kym!

The two began spatting back and forth with Kym branding Nicole “bitter” until Nicola finally retired and said: “People really need to chill out. I won’t say sorry for having an opinion.”

Kym then proved that she was also over the row and wrote: “Never fails to surprise me what some people do for money. stopped reading crap ages ago. Gonna have a fab day with the fam #riseaboveit.”

However, now it seems that things have taken a more serious turn as Nicola’s most recent tweet reads: “Banter on twitter fine … Lies or statements with no facts i won’t put up with #legal.”

Woah, looks like things are about to get a lot worse in this messy Twitter war!








1. Staying Up Late
Gone are the days when we wished for no bed time – now we are stuck wishing for one lazy night in. With all the assignments due the next day, noisy neighbours and not to mention all the parties, we just HAVE to go to. There’s not enough time for sleep, ever.


 2. Getting our periods
Remember the days when we sat there wishing for our period so we could finally feel grown up? Boy, were we foolish!


3. Wearing a bra
Are you cringing just thinking back at the training bras you used to feel so grown up in? Now you can’t wait to get home just to take the damn thing off.


4. Going on Dates
I used to think Prince Charming was going to whisk me off into the sunset after a date. Now we realise it’s just awkward small talk for the whole night followed by an even more awkward goodnight kiss. Give us Netflix any day.


5. Wearing Heels
Parading in your mother’s shoes that were a few sizes too big was the past time of many young girls. Now that we have to buy our own shoes the pain sets in. The prettier the shoes, the more your feet will pay for them. Sure you’ll take them off halfway through the night anyways, but you might as well parade in them while you can!


6. Wearing makeup
It used to be a novelty. You wore makeup just because you could and it was amazing when your mum finally let you buy your first mascara! Now, you feel that you cant leave the house without any makeup and the time and effort it takes is so not worth it since it all rubs off by the middle of the day anyways.


 7. Going out at night
Not only does getting ready for a night out take half a day, but choosing what outfit to wear, what drink to buy and who will be there almost makes it not worth the effort. The drama, tears and drunken mess that ensues makes you vow to never go out again – until the next night.


8. Shaving our legs
Only now do we realise that our mams were right to stop us shaving our legs as tweens. The stress, cuts and razor burns, not to mention the fact they have to be done basically every day for fear of feeling like a cactus. Ugh.


 9. Living Alone
And having to buy your own groceries. This has resulted in so many college students living off 12c Tesco noodles for the few days before the grant comes in. And the STRESS of carrying all the bags back with no car. Those plastic bags are useless.


10. Eating what you want
When we were younger our parents stopped us from over indulging all the time – what a waste of that fast metabolism! Now we have to watch what we eat in fear of the already too-tight dress getting any harder to zip up.


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As freckle-faced, pigtail wearing youngsters, there were a few things we were in such a hurry to grow up for!

We desperately wanted to join the deadly world our big sister/cousin/the older girl next door with the super cute boyfriend, had exclusive membership of.

Now that we’ve finally arrived, we realised we’ve been totally duped!

Here are 10 of the most overrated things we couldn’t wait to do.

1. Wearing heels
We longed for the day we could strut around like Barbie in ‘grown-up’ heels but now, we usually can’t wait to kick them off after a night out. We took for granted as girls that Barbie didn’t actually have to walk anywhere. Major let down.

2. Staying up late
When we were younger, the hours after 9pm were shrouded in mystery. You couldn’t wait to set your own bedtime. Now we crave more sleep, and on weekdays – are probably slumped in front of Netflix/Corrie/boxset of choice by before 9pm anyway! The excitement of it all!


3. Drinking coffee
We longed to gab over a latte like Phoebe, Monica and Rachel in Friends and we were seriously excited about looking super sophisticated sipping a teeny tiny espresso. In reality, office or cafeteria coffee is kinda gross and the stronger stuff makes us jittery. As adults, we mostly drink coffee in a hurried panic to avoid a mid-morning slump.

4. Going on dates
As girls, we were led to believe we  would meet charming, cute guys every time we ran out for the coffee we couldn’t wait to drink. They would take us to dances, give us their jackets when we were cold and buy us fancy looking cocktails. Hmmmm….it hasn’t quite worked out that way!

5. Getting our periods
We were in such a hurry to enter into that magical land they called ‘womanhood’. When would it arrive? Which friend would we tell first?!  If we’d known about the cramps and moods swings we’re not sure we’d have been quite so pumped.

6. Eating whatever we wanted
The thrill of culinary freedom isn’t all that as it turns out. We no longer have the lightening-speed metabolism of a 9-year-old and eating too much chocolate gives us spots.

7. Wearing make-up
As we watched our mum spend hours in a cloud of perfume applying make-up, it always seemed super exciting. As an adult, make-up can be really fun – until it’s a total pain! Crisp white collars are covered in foundation stains. Mascara runs as soon as the brain transmits any emotion to your eyes.  We’re over it!

8. Shaving our legs
Those brightly-coloured Venus razors promised us smooth-legged, beach-frolicking bliss! Now, we know that leaping into ocean with freshly shorn shins is a terrible idea!

9. Wearing a bra

Is there any greater relief than throwing off the bra at the end of the day? And to think, we couldn’t wait for our first one. Disappointment of the century!

10. Carrying a purse
This was the ultimate sign of being grown-up and all the fanciest ladies on your street had one. That was before we knew they exist to transport make-up, bills, a pair of flats and yes, probably a bra! Our poor shoulders!


SHEmazing! TV offers you your daily 90 Second Update rounding up the showbiz news!

Today’s highlights include why Mark Wright will be crying soon, Momma Clooney’s reaction to George’s engagement & find out which Take That star is going to become a father again.

Watch the video for the full report.



We don’t think anybody could accuse Lily Allen of being fake – especially after this revelation!

The pop star, who is making her comeback into stardom with the release of her new album, Sheezus, has spoken about why she decided to make music again.

Was it because she just really missed writing music? Er, not really, no.

Lily spoke to Glamour magazine and said: “I wasn’t good at staying at home all day, it didn’t suit me. I’m creative, it’s just who I am … I missed the rush of performing. I missed the free clothes and handbags and the good tables in posh restaurants.”

We don’t think we can judge – free clothes and handbags sound good to us!



An amazing first-of-its-kind movie has captured the coming of age of a young boy, using the same actor over the course of 12 years.

Boyhood’s creator Richard Linklater chose seven-year-old Ellar Coltrane as his lead character, Mason, in 2002.

And the incredible experiment saw the group of actors, including Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette who play Mason’s parents, reunite every summer for more than a decade to tell the story of a child growing up – right up until he leaves for college.

Not only does the young actor turn into a man before the audience’s eyes, Hawke and Arquette age and change on screen over the years.

Boyhood premiered at Sundance in January and went down a storm at the Berlin Festival in February.

The trailer has just been released and the movie will hit cinemas in the summer.