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Lush is back, and better than ever for Mother's Day 2019.

Fresh from their Valentine's Day success; they're introducing gifts for your lovely mum with personalised messages included, for the perfect expression of your appreciation.

The cruelty-free, eco-friendly company are introducing an extensive and colourful collection of bath bombs with notes hidden in the bath bombs, little scrolls of love delivered straight to your mum. 

Lush are asking their customers to change the way they convey their love, and we are SO on board;

"You can tell your loved one how you feel by removing the scroll and writing a message in one these personalised bath bombs. They’ll discover your note as they take a well-deserved soak," their website reads.

They've got jasmine, chamomile, iris and Marigold flower bath bombs, at €7.95 each. As the bombs fizz away, the flower pattern gradually rises to the surface and expands, creating a gorgeous spectacle.

Next on offer are their Madame President and Incredible Mum bath bombs; we're floored by these.

Their Madame President products are priced at 6.50 each, and are formed petit-grain oil, grapefruit and cornstarch for soft skin, antiseptic properties and calm vibes. According to Lush; "No matter what you stand for, rest assured that you run the world."

We like the sound of that. The Incredible Mum bath bomb is priced at €5.95, and is created for being there when nobody else is, and knowing the right time to appear with chocolate;

"When she feels stretched thin, why not treat her to a hot bath of mood-brightening bergamot and ylang ylang oils. A splash of orange flower absolute will have her raring to go and back to full power in no time."

Their butterfly bath bombs are captivating with their colourful patterns and luscious scents; we want them ALL for our mums and ourselves too. Self-care, and all of that…

Priced at €6.50 each, Lush have Wild Butterfly, Rose Butterfly, and Lemon Butterfly bath bombs on offer. and each one smells like pure joy.

A cocktail of soothing and uplifting oils will make your mum's bath experience her best yet; allow her to cocoon herself in a sweet and fruity experience of indulgence;

"As this butterfly-shaped bath bomb floats on the water, shimmery orange and yellow tones combine and fizz, surrounding you in scents of citrusy sweet wild orange oil and herbaceous olive leaf absolute."

As if this wasn't enough beautiful-smelling perfection, Lush have also procured MORE luxurious treats;

More Tea and Sympathy bath bomb (€9.95), Floating Flower bath bomb (€7.95) and GrlPwr bubble badge (€7.95), Strawberry Hill shower bomb €2.95, Mamma Mia shower scrub (€14.95), Hunny Bear massage bar (€7.95), and Raspberry Milkshake soap (€9.95).

After long days of running the world, these gorgeous items are the LEAST your mum deserves. Soothing fizz and foam will give your mum a fragranced cleanse like never before.

If all of those stunning purchases haven't solidified your faith in Lush, why not create your own gift using one of their limited edition Mother's Day knot wraps.

They're basically a piece of ornately decorated fabric which replaces disposable wrapping paper or a carrier bag, so you're saving the environment and your Mother's Day gift guide.

Inspired by furoshiki, an ancient Japanese tradition which uses techniques akin to origami, you can literally wrap pretty much anything regardless of shape or size.

Just pick out a product (or 10) that you love, and choose a Knot Wrap in store or online, ranging between €5.50 and €6.75 and made from recycled PET plastic. Simply gorgeous.

If you're prepared to give your mum the all-time Lush experience, the gift packages are NEXT LEVEL amazing.

Consider them chocolate box-style gifts full of treats for the sole purpose of pampering.

The floral designs are printed on 100 percent recycled cardboard and inspired by coral; the indulgent products inside are ready for restful soaks.

Ranging from €17.95 to €64.95 depending on your budget, there's something for everyone in each special set.

These fresh and fruity eco-friendly beauty products will have your mum in the best mood she's ever been in, all thanks to you. Lush, of course, can take some of the credit. We heart them.

The Lush Mother's Day collection is now available online and in Lush stores nationwide as of last Friday, February 15.

Go forth and purchase, but don't forget to buy something for yourself too….*winks*



If things had gone differently, we'd know Gigi Hadid by a very different name these day.

She may have one of the most perfect supermodel monikers now, but Gigi actually grew up as Jelena Noura Hadid. 

Yeah, it doesn't quite roll off the tongue does it? 

According to Gigi: "A teacher asked my mom, 'If I needed to call Jelena a nickname, what would it be?' And my mom was like, 'I call her Gigi sometimes,' and the name stuck."

Thank goodness for that! 

It turns out that the majority of our favourite celebrities were not actually born with their rock star names. Check out this list of some mundane, some surprising and some ridiculous celebrity name changes. 

1) Suki Waterhouse 

Suki is actually this British model's middle name. Her first name is actually Alice!

But apparently her ex beau Bradley Cooper used to use her real name and as you can imagine, people were a bit puzzled. 

"I told him that that was my name when we first met, and I called him something else, too. It was just something fun, but then I stopped and he didn't, so he introduced me to everyone as Alice. It confuses people sometimes… "

2) Blake Lively 

The lovely Blake's real name does not have quite the ring to it. Blake's real surname is Brown but her father opted to break the marital tradition and take the surname of Blake's Mum, Elaine instead. 

Blake Brown. Not so much. 

3) Jude Law 

Jude Law is actually not a Jude at all, but a David. He decided to use his middle name as his celebrity persona. 

It is quite amazing that the name Jude adds about ten times more sex appeal. 

4) Elizabeth Banks 

Elizabeth Irene Mitchell was the real name of this famous lady. As Elizabeth rose to fame, she was forced to change her name as there was another Elizabeth Mitchell working in the biz (you may recognise her from Lost). 

How did she choose her stage name? 

"I made a list and then alphabetised it, and Banks was the first one on the list. And I called [the Screen Actors Guild] and they said it was available, so I said, ‘I’ll take it!’ I just wanted it over with!”

5) Lily James 

Lily changed her surname from Thomson to James to honour her late father, James Thomson, who died in a car crash in 2008.

6) Calvin Harris

Calvin's real name is actually Adam Wiles. 

As for why he changed his perfectly normal name to another perfectly normal name, we have no idea. 

7) Katy Perry

Having a name that sounds too similar to another star sounds like a pretty common problem for celebrities.

Katy Perry changed her name from Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson because it was decided it sounded too similar to Kate Hudson. 

8) Olivia Wilde 

Olivia changed her surname from Cockburn in favour of adopting the surname of Oscar Wilde. 

Why you ask? To honour coming from a family full of writers (even though she has no relation to Oscar whatsoever). 

9) Joaquin Pheonix 

Joaquin's whole family changed their surname from Bottom to Pheonix after leaving a religious CULT. 

We can understand why they would have wanted to leave that past behind them, but we think changing the surname Bottom was a good idea in general. 

10) Helen Mirren

In perhaps the most shocking reason EVER for a name change, Helen Mirren was actually born Ilynea Lydia Mironoff.

The Oscar winning actress and her family were stranded in London during the Russian Revolution and her father decided to change her name to avoid being her being treated suspiciously during the Cold War! 

11) Nicolas Cage 

Did you know that Nicolas Cage was the nephew of legendary director Franics Ford Coppola?

Well as you can imagine that surname is pretty well know which is why he changed his surname to Cage so that people would not discover the link. We think it worked! 


We’ve all caught the whiff of sun tan lotion that bring us right back that amazing holiday with the girls, or a certain aftershave that makes us go weak at the knees.

Well, there’s a science behind it!

Our smelling response is directly linked to the emotional centre of our brain, causing a flood of warm and fuzzy feelings with a simple sniff.

But aside from their memory-inducing powers, certain scents can also do amazing things for our mind and body.

1. Lavender
As a go-to scent for relaxation, lavender can help calm the mind and body almost instantly. Next time you’re having trouble getting some shut-eye, try turning to the soothing scent for a little help.

2. Cinnamon
This cosy-smelling spice is great for boosting your brain power. Researchers found that those who took a whiff of cinnamon noticeably improved in brain functions like working memory and attention span.

3. Pine
There’s more than one reason why pine trees bring us cheer around Christmas. A pine scent could be decreasing our anxiety. In one study, participants who went on a walk through pine forests reported significantly lower depression and stress levels. Use that as an excuse the next time your family wants to get rid of the Christmas tree right away!

4. Freshly-cut grass
The fresh scent of cut grass may be making you happier. Scent researchers found that a chemical released by a newly-mowed lawn can make people feel joyful and relaxed. The aroma may also prevent mental decline as you grow older.

5. Citrus
Scents like lemon and orange are not only well-known for their Vitamin C properties, but simply sniffing the fruit can help boost energy and alertness.

6. Vanilla
Researchers found that taking a whiff of the vanilla bean elevated people’s feelings of joy and relaxation. The results were measured through mood mapping, which included emotions ranging from happiness and stimulation to apathy and irritation.

7. Peppermint
In addition to giving you sweet breath, peppermint may also do your brain a favour. Known for invigorating the mind, it’s even been used as an aid for students when taking tests.

8. Jasmine
This floral scent has serious mood perks. The jasmine is not only said to create a sense of alertness, it can also help when you’re feeling blue. Pretty powerful for such a tiny flower!