It looks like Jamie Oliver is feeling a little threatened by Harry Styles


It has been a few years now since Jamie Oliver was The Naked Chef, but it seems he is missing those heartthrob days!

The celebrity chef uploaded this hilarious image to his Instagram account of his wife’s screen saver.

It would appear that Jools Oliver has very similar taste to her daughters and Jamie admits that every woman in his house now has Harry Styles as their screensaver.

The only exception to the rule is little Petal, but that’s only because she doesn’t have a computer!

Jamie complained: “MY WIFE’S SCREEN SAVER!! I mean Harry That means you have 3 out of 4 screen savers in the whole Oliver girls family and its only not a full house because petal doesn’t have a computer … mmmmm I need to find a way to get me back on her screen saver. What can I do?? have a good night guys jamie #GirlsAreGrowingUpFast #WifesGoneFeral … #IsItBecauseMyScreenSaverIsABasketOfVeg.”

Poor Jamie!