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People have launched their 33rd sexist man alive and hold onto your horses – cause one silver fox has stolen the crown.

Heartthrob Idris Elba has been named as the ride of 2018.

It mightn't be on par with his title of Order of the British Empire for his contribution to drama – but we aren't complaining.


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However, the British actor did pen on Instagram that he was "honoured and thankful," for the title. 

Speaking to the publication, Idris reacted to the news by saying: “Looked in the mirror, I checked myself out. I was like, ‘Yeah, you are kind of sexy today'" – so basically, us every day…

"But to be honest, it was just a nice feeling. It was a nice surprise, an ego boost for sure,” he added. 


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However, the actor confessed that he wasn't always the absolute stud that audiences see on HBO's The Wire.

And believe it or not, the 46-year-old actually did go through an awkward phase – so there's hope for us all.

“I was very tall and skinny,” he explained, despite playing a range of sports in school. 


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“And my name was Idrissa Akuna Elba, okay? I got picked on a little bit."

But it was facial hair that came to the rescue and made this beaut blossom – thank you puberty. 

"As soon as I could grow a moustache, I was the coolest kid on the block. Grew a moustache, had some muscles, bonkers,” he said.


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His sexy credentials are just being a hotty, successful and talented – he also loves his kids and is a hands-on dad – SWOON.

He has two children, 16-year-old daughter, Isan, and four-year-old, Winston.  

“Being witness to the birth of my children is the biggest and best thing ever,” he confessed.

“I’m super doting, big hugs, kisses, lots of love-yous. I’m sure my daughter’s like, ‘All right Dad, chill out.’ My son is still at that age where he loves a cuddle.”


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If you're thinking you'd like to bag this beaut – think again.

He's off the market as he is due to say I do to 29-year-old model, Sabrina Dhowre.

I know, I know – we are devastated too, but they look totes adorable together. 



He's one of our fave actors, best known for playing Bunk in The Wire and lesser known for playing Rachel's dad in Suits.

That's why it pains us to say the actor has lost home, 11 years after he lost his childhood home due to Hurrikane Katrina.

Wendell revealed the news on Twitter, saying that the generous response reminded him off when he lost his parent's home more than a decade ago.

The actor wrote on Twitter: "My neighbours & I have flooded in Baton Rouge. I am reminded of the generosity given to my family during Katrina. Now we will care for you."

We hope he can get back on track.


No he can officially add record breaker to his impressive CV, twice.

The 42-year old actor Idris Elba has become the first ever make to appear solo on the cover of Maxim magazine.

Speaking about the news, editor-in-chief Kate Lanphear said “we’ve never in US Maxim history had a man on the cover solo.”

Previously men have appeared but alongside women so Idris’ cover makes it a first in the magazine’s 20 year history. We’re pretty pleased about this too.

According to the magazine they couldn’t think of anyone else in the world “more badass” than Idris to take the spot.

Describing the actor, musician and race car driver as “complex” and “sophisticated”, editors said “he was really the perfect embodiment of what I think the new Maximman is.”

Underneath the headline ‘Man Up’ the popular TV star is sporting his trademark beard and cuts quite the stylish figure in a black and grey animal print jacket.

'The guy broke the [British] land speed record which hasn't been touched since like 1928. He's sort of a living, breathing superhero,' said the magazine.

In May The Wire actor drove across the Pendine Sands in Wales at 180.361 mph to break the world land speed record. In a Bentley Continental GT, as you do.

He tells the magazine: “I just like the velocity, and I guess I’m slightly addicted to the risk of it.”

While there were plenty of rumours that got everyone's hopes up that he would take on the role spy James Bond, he admitted he doesn't think that will happen. He will however be on our screens in Star Trek Beyond



The gorgeous Idris Elba is coming to Dublin ladies and not just to see the sights, but to show off his DJ skills as well.

Apparently, Idris will be using his mixing skills at Dublin’s Buck’s Townhouse, this Saturday.

You may know Idris for his iconic role on The Wire and more recently, for his famous portrayal of Nelson Mandela.

But Elba will be hitting the DJ decks this weekend and we definitely can’t wait to see him in action.